Pastel Christmas!


I am soooo glad to be home! I spent the day at Sandy’s athletics carnival … it was FREEZING!!! There was a brisk wind … but if you could stand in the sun … at least there was a measure of warmth! Trouble is … I was “chief recorder” … on the computer … and we had to sit in the shade … to be able see the computer screen without any glare! So … I came home with a cold butt … cold feet … cold fingers … cold ears!!! This was my LAST EVER primary athletics carnival (for the record — my 20th!!!) … and I am sooo hoping that the secondary PE teacher does not find out that I know the athletics / swimming computer programme backwards … and rope me into doing recording next year!!!!! I might actually get to watch Sandy in his various events! He had a great day … 6 firsts & 2 seconds … which probably means 12 Yr boy age champion (still to be confirmed). And … he had lots of fun with his mates!

Anyway … I have a heap of things to catch up on … and still haven’t done those card recipes … so I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel … to find something to show you! I discovered a Chrissy Card (from last year) that I haven’t yet shared with you all!

Isn’t this pretty? You can see at the top of the post … I made these in 4 different pastel colours! These were super quick & easy! Off to try and catch up a little … but Thursday is Gav’s stock webinar night … which slows our computers down so incredibly … that it totally drives me insane! I don’t even try to do blog hopping or posting … on Thursday nights! I hope to catch up on some of my favourite blogs tomorrow or Saturday! Have a great evening … see you tomorrow! Stampin’ Hugs xxx



  1. Donna Zammit says:

    Love, love, love these cards. Simple yet oh so effective! May have to CASE for this chrissy. Enjoy your weekend. I hope you have thawed out by then Andrea!!! Cheers Donna Zammit
    Andrea adds: LOL! Yes … I am home today … so good chance I will be a little warmer today! I know relative to so many other places our “COLD” is very mild … but I think just sitting around for 6 hours in the cold breeze was the killer!!! 😀 And … This is a great card for a Stamp-a-stack … really Q&E … so make sure you CASE this one! You will be happy with the results! xxAxx


  2. Paula Dobson says:

    Funny Andrea! I have just done a class using Lovely as A Tree and I showed how to do three different Xmas cards with the one set. LOVE your take, mind if I CASE it?
    Andrea adds: Oooooh! I can’t wait to check out your blog … to see your samples. And … I am always flattered when someone CASES my work!!! Feel free! I’m sure I will be returning the compliment when I see yours! 😀 Hugs xxAxx


  3. Lynda says:

    Andrea…these are soooooo PURDY…even the pink one.. 😉 . What an elegant and simple design for a Chrissy card. LOVE IT!! The bling just adds that perfect final touch. So beautiful!!
    I sincerely hope you have thawed out somewhat. The wind was bad enuf here y’day…so I can only imagine what it was like at ur end of the world. Please pass on my (unofficial) congrats to Sandy…that sthletic Lowcock DNA is coming to the fore (again!!) 🙂
    Oh yeah….and if this is the ‘bottom’ of the barrel….damn fine barrel darl!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: LOL! You are always so encouraging, Lynda! I am smiling again! Can you see it??? 😀 The bling is embossed on … so it doesn’t dust off the card too easily. All the details are on my recipe! Definitely Lowcock DNA … not from my side of the family!!! 😀 Hugs to you hunny … for another smile for the day! xxAxx


  4. Sonia G says:

    These are very cute!

    I would never have thought to turn that tree on it’s side for a branch! It’s a stunning set! Got it but don’t use it enough.

    Any chance you’ve got something without dazzling diamonds on it? LOL!

    Andrea adds: LOL! Giggle! I knew you would comment on the bling!!!! 😀 (My second smile for the day!) But … truly … this card just would not be the same without it!!! And … I probably got the “branch” idea from someone else … haven’t a clue where or when … but I am sure I am not that clever!!! 😉 Get your set out for Christmas … and google “Lovely as a Tree – Christmas” … see what comes up! It is such an easy set to use! Hugs xxAxx


  5. Absolutely stunning Andrea, such a great idea, will definitely CASE these! Might be good for my Christmas in July Class with my regular group.

    Congrats to Sandy, that is fantastic, what a super little athlete!

    By the way, my first class went well last week, just about to update my blog with some pics! Thanks for the great sweet treat cups tutorial!!!

    Andrea adds: LOL … I notice you gave me your blog addy this time! Did you see I found your blog anyway??? I left you a comment!!! Welcome to blog land … try not to get too addicted!!! I am so glad your class went well! It is always the hardest … and now you can relax a little! Hugs xxAxx


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