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Ooooh! I’ve gotta be quick!


Hello everyone!

Even though it is holidays … it is still FAR TOO BUSY!!! (Does anyone else find that???) I am off to visit Grandy with the kids … and their cousins & aunt. It is always a lovely day out … but … just at the moment … I would rather be STAMPING!!! Being the “unselfish” person that I am … I will do the holiday thing with the kids … and just pretend that I will actually find time to stamp today! I know … I know … I really shouldn’t complain after the wonderfully relaxing two weeks I have just had. (Feel free to smack me!) It just feels a distant memory already!!! 😉 😀

I remembered that I hadn’t shared the 2nd project from my last stamp club class … PHEW! … I have something to show you!!! 😀 You will remember that we did the polished stone technique … so … here is the 2nd sample …

I just love this stamp set … it is fab for silhouette type stamping … but I am afraid it might not make it to the next catty. I don’t think I will be able to part with it, though … those tulips are just too gorgeous! I have added a quick ‘polished stone’ tutorial on my card recipe … I hope you can try it for yourself. A little hint … I find it works much better on glossy card stock … the colour “bleeds” better than on plain cardstock.  You can see that this technique is slightly different than the 1st sample. Instead of putting drops of ink for all 3 colours onto the same cotton ball … I used a separate cotton ball for each colour and daubed them in sections. Just a different spin on a lovely technique! Well … I have to fly! C U Soon! Stampin’ Hugs xxx





2 thoughts on “Ooooh! I’ve gotta be quick!

  1. What a striking card Andrea (and there’s that hue again…hee hee hee). I too LURVE Garden Whimsy and it is a great go-to set. (along with Pocket Silhouettes etc). This card almost has a vibrant sunset feel to it.
    Totally hear you on the “holiday’ thing. ALWAYS busier than non-holiday life. Hope you stamp soon!!! i can’t EVER imagine you to be selfish. I reallyappreciate all the time you spent at my blog too. True and Fab blog friend indeed. Ink up soon darl. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Perhaps tomorrow??? But … have other g’ma to visit with kids tomorrow … so not sure it will happen! Hope you are taking care of yourself! xxaxx


  2. Just playing catch-up – looks like you had a great holiday – and your latest craft offerings are fabulous eye candy too! I really need to find some more hours in my day to try some of these techniques out!
    Andrea adds: And I need to find some more hours just to stamp!!! Trying not to whinge … so … perhaps I should say how much I do enjoy having the kids home from school. Love the company & happy voices around the house! xxaxx