I Stamped!

Hello again!

We are off to lunch with my mum, sis & our kids (well … I actually only have 2 at home today … so perhaps I should say “some” of our kids!) But … I dragged myself out of bed this morning (literally) … so that I could at least stamp 1 card!!! And … I did!!! Yippee! Would love to do a little happy dance … but today my back is misbehaving … so I am refraining!!! 😀 😀 Being short on time … I popped by my trusty “Clean & Simple” blog for a Q&E sketch idea … and over to Stamping 411 to look for some colour inspiration!


Here is what transpired …

I was quite tickled with the result! There is only a touch of the Tempting Turquoise … but … it is just enough! 😉 I am so longing to do some blog hopping over to my fav blogs … and that was the plan last night … but for some reason my back decided to go on strike … and I ended up in bed with a heat pack … and couldn’t get comfortable enough to put my puter on my lap … so I had to give up and accept that the blurfing wasn’t going to happen. I am not one to have a lot of back trouble … but just occasionally I find suddenly it starts as a dull stiffness … and gets progressively more stiff and sore all day. It is feeling marginally better this morning … so hopefully I am bouncing back??? So … blog surfing … maybe tonight??? See you all next time! Stampin’ Hugs xx






  1. Lynda says:

    Don’t tell me u and gav swapped backs???? Or…did u get it leaping tall buildings in a single bound???me thingst I may have an idea which on it was!!!! I am so v v happy tho that you have (finally) stamped….at least realigning your creative spirit. I love what you have done with the sketch. You are so v v clever (even when a tad rusty)! The brads on the ribbon are v v cool. Awesome card darl’n. Watch ur back ok!!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: Thanks for taking care of me … and I am trying to get to answering your email … thanks for sharing … what must have been very distressing! Catch up soon! xx


  2. That is so cute, love the ribbon detail!!! Hope you are feeling better,
    Fi x
    Andrea adds: Thanks for taking the time to say hi, Fi! I don’t know what I would do without my loyal blog friends! I had 630 hits on my blog yesterday!!!! (I guess they all came via the 2 challenge sites?) This was a record for me … but instead of celebrating … I am feeling a little sad … because there were ONLY 3 COMMENTS!!! 😦 😦 😦 And … all 3 were my faithful blog friends! Not 1 new friend at all!!!! What do I read from that??????? So … thank you thank you thank you … for saying hi! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Sonia G says:


    If this is what you can do with an aching back – well the skies the limit!

    I hope your pain has subsided!

    Andrea adds: Hi Sonia! Thanks for your thoughts … my back is feeling MUCH better today! And … thanks for being here so often to encourage and support me with my stamping efforts! Your friendship is very much appreciated! (See my response to Fi’s comment, too!) Hugs xxaxx


  4. Liz S. says:

    Sorry that I did not tell you that I LOVED this card – saved a copy of it! I subscribe to your blog and read every post. Thanks for sharing your great work!
    Andrea adds: LOL! I am feeling a little foolish … nothing like a little self-indulgent pity to get some attention!!! Thanks so much Liz for subscribing to my blog! I am doing a happy dance now!!! I love blogging almost as much as I love stamping … so even if I don’t get feedback … I still am happy putting my thoughts and creations somewhere to keep them safe! But … it is ever so nice to know that you pop by each day! Thanks heaps! Hugs Andrea xxx
    PS Do you have a blog I could check out???


  5. I ‘love’ the simplicity of this card – I also ‘love’ this set – another stunning Andrea creation 🙂
    Andrea adds: Hey gi-gi … a girl can always count on her great g’ma to feed the ego!!! Thanks Onie! Hugs xxaxx


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