Twilight Stamp Club – Kissing Technique

Hello again!

Another quickie today … have to fly! How excitement! I am off to Onie’s (Leonie S’s) with Leonie N & Jenny to visit with Lisa, Onie AND TANYA FROM WA!!! Yippee!!! I finally get to meet a special blog friend … and I am really looking forward to giving her a REAL HUG!!! SU! has brought some very special people into my life … and I often am amazed at how my friendship circle has grown since I have become a demo! Tanya lives on a VERY BIG farm in WA … and it isn’t easy for her to get away … but it is so lovely that we can share this time with her! I am sooooo looking forward to seeing her. 😀 Happy dancing! And … I am looking forward to meeting Lisa too … another very kind blog friend who has helped me out with different blog probs from time to time!

This card was our second project at the last Stamp Club night. Another great technique … “Kissing”! Look at those FAB hearts! Want to know how I did that stamping? Then … check out the card recipe at end of post! (Click to enlarge & print using browser printer!)

We have had some WILD weather here overnight. I heard on the radio 139km winds “just south of Sydney” (which is us) at 1.30am this morning. I can tell you I WAS awake!!! We had a tree come down … and our basketball hoop is totally bent backwards and the board is on the ground!!! Yes! It was VERY WINDY!!! I was worried that the new little lambs in our paddock would be picked up and carried down the hill into the dam!!! They just weigh nothing … so I hope their mummies were keeping them safe! The wind was ferocious! So … not a lot of sleep last night … 😀 Well … off to pack up some stamping supplies … and some yummies! See you later! Stampin’ Hugs xxxxx





  1. Hi Andrea,
    Hope the lambs are ok! The wind was crazy enough here, I have a huge gum tree in my backyard (crazy for a suburban duplex) and every time the wind is wild I worry that it will end up in my roof, let alone actually having damage occur. Hope it all settles down quickly.

    Onto the card, the hearts look so cute, & I love the ribbon technique too.

    Love Fi xox
    Hi Fi! It was a scary night … wasn’t it! We have 3 trees down on our place … one is HUGE … but thankfully no where near the house! But … it does seem to be calmer this evening! Stay safe, hunny! xxaxx


  2. Lynda says:

    I TOTALLY hear u on the wild weather thing Andrea. You however were far worse than us. I was driving hm fm n’ball at 10PM in the wind dodging debris…but 3 trees down is serious!!!
    PLEASE give Tanya a MASSIVE hug fm me. I can’t wait to see a pic of all ur adventures. I know u don’t do pics…but not even with a long travelled blog pal????
    Oh yeah….the card…so v v pretty. Another lovely Lowcock masterpiece. I have not tried the techy u have featured, but I love the effect. I hope all the gals have had a wonderful time at your gathering of Continental Creative Minds! ooxx
    Andrea adds: Oooh! We are fine, Lynda! We have plenty of room for falling trees here … although 1 did land on the container that Gav’s sister has here … storing their stuff while they are in Vanuatu on a mission stay. But … no damage … just will take time to cut up the trees and remove them. One is in front of the house … and just missed my b-i-l’s car where it was parked. But … we are all a-okay! 😀 I was so happy to meet Tanya … and just wish we could have had more time! It was all a bit rushed. Hugs xxaxx


  3. Denise M. says:

    Love the ribbon treatment!!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Denise! It is rather funky … isn’t it! Hugs xxaxx


  4. Sonia G says:

    Wow – You’ve made the kissing technique look LOVERLY! Might just have to try it!

    Andrea adds: LOL! You know what else would be LOVERLY??? “Lots of chocolate for me to eat … ” (from My Fair Lady) 😀 😉 giggle xxx


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