Mum’s Birthday Card

Hello everyone!

Notice anything different???? Giggle 🙂 … You must all think that I am obsessive compulsive!!! 😯 But … you can be sure that I am NOT going to change my blog design every week!!! Yes … I know … I have only had the last theme for less than a month … but truly … I DIDN’T LIKE IT!!! Somehow it looked better on my design doc … than it did on the blog! So … after being grossed out 😛 every time I opened my blog recently … I finally found some time to re-do it … YET AGAIN!!! 🙄 I actually was trying to prepare the newsletter and do the blog design at the same time. Needless to say I was not very efficient with either … but I am pleased with the final result here … and the newsletter is well on the way to being finished! 😀 I thought I would take another minute to post the card I promised earlier! 😉

I have to give some credit to Liam for the inspiration for this card. Yes! She created the most gorgeous card … that I couldn’t resist CASE-ing!  Here is my mum’s birthday card …

The “sponged colour” look on these cards is actually done with a brayer. What a FAB effect, Liam! I am soooo going to use this idea again! I love it! So … I have also used different colours than Liam … but my mum is definitely a blue girl … so I wanted to do something special for her! She did love it! I actually did two slightly different versions of Liam’s card … but I will show you the other sometime soon! My other one at the moment … is winging its way to a friend. I doooo hope she likes it too!

Please take the time to scroll down to read my earlier post from today … about “Helping Hudson”. You can find the link to the official website in my sidebar. Enjoy your visit! Stampin’ Hugs xx






  1. Aly says:

    Oh! Love the new look Andrea … very swish!! And the card is gorgeous. Shall have to try that one myself 🙂
    Andrea adds: LOL! Swish … a good positive encouraging response! I like this look much better than the last! Off to see if you have fixed that comment prob on your blog! Hugs Andrea xx


  2. Lynda says:

    LURVE the new look darl….first think I noticed popping by!! I think it suits you more than astral sparkles. Hearts and b’flies is definitely 2 words that I wld use to describe you!!
    The card is soooooooo perfect and what Mum wld not love a heartfelt card like this?? I love the brayering and the flowers look sooooooooo good. Beautiful and elegant. Too good. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Thanks for the thumbs up for the new look! Definitely more my style! Isn’t this a great card … but I have to credit Liam for the beautiful inspiration! Hugs xxaxx


    1. Lynda says:

      Make that first THING I noticed….doh!! ooxx
      Andrea adds: GIGGLE!!! 😀


  3. Sonia G says:

    Oh this is gorgeous! I really must pull my brayer out more than I do.

    Andrea adds: Yes! I feel exactly the same! Thanks Sonia! And … thanks for the gorgeous blog award! I was trying to get into comment on your blog last night … but was having huge broadband speed issues!!! Will pop by again asap! Hugs xxaxx


  4. liamp says:

    wow!!!!! Love the blue colour with vintage vogue. It is such a gorgeous card love it. I love the brayered background and I love the no tie bow at the corner just perfect. thanks for the link.

    Andrea adds: You’re welcome, Liam! Thanks for the help with such gorgeous inspiration! Will pop by your blog asap! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Paula Dobson says:

    Love the new site colours Andrea!

    Your card is lovely. Like the dual blues and the no tie bow. Got to get my brayer out after seeing this too 😉
    Andrea adds: I know! I have a few tools that are totally under utilised! My brayer … my crimper … my colour spritzer … my embossing tools! I just need a couple of extra hours every day! thanks for popping by Paula! Hugs xxaxx


  6. Tanya Kitto says:

    LOVE your new blog look 🙂 It’s very PRETTY & very YOU!!!!!
    Your card is GORGEOUS too, hmmm not being a ‘blue girl’ it really doesn’t matter because it is just so GORGEOUS 🙂 Well done sweets. You have so totally inspired me today, now I just need to stop doing bookwork & start stamping…..LIFE ***grrrrr****
    Tan xox
    Andrea adds: Giggle … Seems that we are all growling at “life” at the moment. Why is it so hard to find the time to do the things we love to do??? Soooo glad to give you some inspiration … and I do hope you managed to stamp. I am not really a blue girl either … but Chrissie (sis) is … and my mum is, too! 😀


  7. chrissieah says:

    This is my kind of card and it reminded me to remind you to have another brayer lesson some time at one of our classes. This brayering looks like “less is best” and I’d love to know how to do it without having to end up going over and over to get things looking even! Love the colours and everything else about this card. Have been tempted by this stamp set but waiting to see what’s in the new catalogue!! Love the new design on your blog. These colours are definitely more you… the other colours were more me!! 🙂
    Andrea adds: Yes! Definitely more me! And … a little more “sophisticated” (kinda) than the theme (that I had for about 2 years) before the blue theme (which only lasted 3 weeks). This is absolutely my “go to” stamp set at the moment … I have to make myself use something else or you would all be bored! Definitely a “keeper” … even when it retires! Can’t wait for you to see the new catty!


  8. Monika/buzsy says:

    My kind of card Andrea! Shabby, and blue! Love the flowers (one of my fav sets these days). :o)
    Andrea adds: I love shabby … and yes … my “go to” stamp set, too! 😀


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