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100,000 hits – Blog Challenge Winner


Hello everyone!

I have all my bags packed and goodies organised for the INKY FINGERS LAUNCH FOR CANCER night tonight. It is going to be a FUN night … I can’t wait!!! Yes … I have been busy … hence the lack of posting. My other excuse is that Gav has finally organised our new internet … and we have been having a few teething problems … (mainly with email) … but I think we can finally “think positive”! Our speed is definitely not super quick … but compared to what we had for the last month or so (or even longer) … we are all doing little happy dances around here. 😀 So … I have a few minutes before Lonie arrives … and thought I should really let you all know who won the 100,000 hits BLOG CHALLENGE!

Firstly … this was such a tricky decision … with ALL of the entries worthy of winning … and all so different. So … I did the democratic thing (sorry … I know how sick of politics we all are at the moment!!!!)  … and asked each of my family to vote for a no. 1 & no. 2. I added up points for all the votes … and DRUMROLL ….. the winner is … SONIA!!!!! (With 2 firsts & 1 second votes).

Sonia G

I just wanted to give everyone who submitted a card … a HUGE HUG … and let you all know that I was so grateful that you took the time to participate. I would have had egg on my face if it weren’t for you all! 😀 🙄 😉  And … I also wanted you to know that … amongst the voting … EVERY entry had at least 1 vote. YES … EVERY ONE!!! So … that will tell you how close it was … and how gorgeously beautiful every entry was!

And … I also have a prize pack for our 2nd place winner … ALY!!! (Coordinated Bella Rose Pack!) Yayayayaya!

Aly A

But … don’t be disappointed if you missed out on 1st or 2nd … because I am such a softie … EVERY ONE GETS A PRIZE! All my other lovely entrants will receive a pack of 20 Whisper White Notecard + Envelopes! These are FAB for gift cards. I hope you enjoy them! I promise to get these prizes in the mail (or via kiddy mail at school) asap!

Oh … and by the way … I have a new email address:   enchantink@optusnet.com.au  .   I needed to change it because we have a new service provider … so …  I decided a 48 yr old should grow up … and get rid of the “giggles08” addy!!! 😀 😉 I will try and get to all your lovely comments & recent emails before I go … but if not … I will C U tomorrow! Stampin’ Hugs xxx


4 thoughts on “100,000 hits – Blog Challenge Winner

  1. Hi Andrea!

    Thanks for posting your new email address up. I have added you to my contacts now.
    Love the entries you had for your challenge. I had every intention of joining in myself, but just never got there. The girls will be thirlled with their prize packs! How wonderful they each get a little something as a Thank You.
    Andrea adds: Yes! It was a fun challenge … and I was so glad that the girls enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by so regularly … it always makes me smile! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Woo Hoo Sonia, Congrats!!! (and Aly as well). I loved doing the challenge adn how sweet are you to provide something for us all??? Wrapped that u have at least a TAD more speed and e-grunt. you won’t know yourself!!! As always look so v v much fwd to seeing what you have come up with. Here’s to getting down and inky!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: I am off to the post office today … but just need to find out Sonia’s new address! Must do that asap! Glad you enjoyed being part of the fun! Hugs xxaxx


  3. OMG… I am truly humbled. Thank you to the Lowcock family. Obviously you like your mum’s style ’cause that’s what I tried to case! I just CASEd the banner and couldn’t help but put the ruffled ribbon and easy bow, just like you’ve showed me!

    I just wanted to support you, as I love your blog and you’re a pretty special person too!

    I didn’t envy you having to choose a winner as each card entry is so special.

    Thank you once again!

    Andrea adds: Yes … it was a winner! And … all done without anyone knowing anyone else’s vote … so all “above board” and accurate! I did notice the ruffled ribbon and easy bow … and was tickled you used these wow factors! Truly an “X-Factor” card! Congrats hunny! I just need your new snail mail address now … can you send it to me … please!!!??? 😀 Hope your big move is going smoothly! I still can’t believe that you stopped to do a card for my blog challenge in the middle of moving house! Amazing! That in itself deserves a prize! Hugs Andrea xxx


  4. oh My Gosh!!! Congratulations Sonia!!! and huge thank you to your family Andrea, for voting for my card too 😀 It was a huge surprise when I saw the results, as all the cards were completely gorgeous! Thanks for issuing the challenge 🙂

    Good luck with “new” puter .. hopefully that means we’ll get to chat more often lol.
    Andrea adds: LOL! Fingers crossed … but AAAARRRGGGGHHHH … my emails just stopped “sending” again. I can receive but not send!!!!! I am ready to chuck this thing out the window! Enjoy your prize! I look forward to seeing some gorgeous creations with the pack! 😉 Hugs Andrea xxx