Just Surfing – 2 samples

Hi there girls!

I have an unexpected day at home today … Sandy is quite unwell … temperatures & fluey symptoms. He is not one to want to stay in bed but seems quite content lying on the lounge watching “Smallville” at the moment. He was determined to go to school yesterday … as it was the school “Jump Rope for Heart” … and he was a star jumper for his class. They would have missed him from the routines. But … he is pretty miserable today and seeing it is cool and rainy … I “caved” and let him stay snuggly warm at home! It does mean that I have a day at home … and I am happy to be able to catch up a little! I might even get to do some blurfing today!!! That would be a happy day!!! 😀 Seeing I have a little extra time … I am going to spoil you and give you 2 cards, today! Both are usig the simple little set “Just Surfing” … which is BACK in the IB&C again this year! Woo hoo! And ONLY $24.95!!! It is a SUPER set for male cards! The first card is from our last STAMPnGIGGLE class. You might remember we did a Male / Father’s Day Class.

This card was inspired by some invitations that I saw on Petronela’s blog. These really caught my eye … so I just tweaked the design a little to make it into a card. Isn’t it a FABULOUS idea! I hope you pop by Petronela’s blog to check out some of her great designs!

Here is my second card for today … another from our Twilight Stamp Club Brayering Class … this one is done using the Landscape Brayering technique …

Step by Step details for the brayering can be found on the card recipe below. This is really a lot easier than it looks!

So … a bonus card today … and you have no idea the pain that went with creating this post!!! I am ready to do a HUGE dummy spit. My computer is a DUD!!! Everyone else in the house is enjoying the new beaut broadband … the quick access … EXCEPT ME!!! For some reason there is a clash with something on my puter … and the internet signal keeps dropping out … EVEN THOUGH I am still connected to the same network that everyone else is!!! The network connection seems to be ok … but where does the internet go??? I can tell you … the keyboard is actually a bit damp … cos I just couldn’t help it … but the tears of frustration were flowing! I have resorted to plugging in the old “3” internet (that Gav hasn’t disconnected yet) … and using the dinosaur internet instead. Will this ever be fixed???? So … I am now going to quit while I am ahead! And … maybe that blurfing WON’T happen today … because I don’t think I could stand another few hours of slow internet. I hope at least YOU are having a happy day! Stampin’ Hugs xxx 

Oooh … I forgot to mention … I did add Leonie’s Christmas Card to my Catalogue Launch M&T post. Click pic to view details.





  1. Sonia G says:

    Great cards! Not a stamp set on my wishlist, but love what you’ve done with it!

    Thanks for perservering with the old dinosaur computer to let us see them.

    If I had any IT sense, I’d try and help you with your issues, but I am afraid it would be the blind leading the blind.

    I hope Sandy takes the rest he needs to get better!

    Andrea adds: I just wish I could work it out too … I felt like chucking my puter out the window this morning. And … it’s not like it is an old dinosaur … it just works like one! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Petronela says:

    Andrea, these both look great, love the brayering.
    p.s hope your computor issues are sorted real soon,
    Andrea adds: Thanks Petronela … I hope so soon! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Lynda says:

    hi Chook…..I have some ‘puter’ advice fm hubby (aka my techno support guy) he says to run a viral scal cause u cld have a virus that is taking up ur b’band width on ur computer….OR poor signal quality on ur wireless connection OR Microwave/mobile signal cld interfere with signal….basically endless possibilities….but they are common places to start. As for Sandy……I hope he is OK…like his MUM he has had a lot late (soccer GF’s, Athletics, late nights out with the family and the like). Lotsa rest and Mumma luvin’…always good.!! 🙂
    LURVE the cards to bits….for the narly, rad and boho Dad’s out there….they’re cool man!!! The brayering is brilliant. Also love the simplicity of the cut out waves on the 1st card. Please take care of you. ooxx STAY DRY!!! 😉
    Andrea adds: You are such a hunny to be concerned enough to ask your hubby about my puter probs! Thanks for the suggestions … I will ask Gav when he gets home. Sandy is improving … back to school today … not 100% … but ok! Thanks for the warm hugs that I can feel in your message! Hugs Andrea xxx


  4. Denise M. says:

    Oh gosh, so sorry to hear that Sandy had a fever. No fun! My daughter had to come home early on Friday from school because she had nausea and a fever.

    Absolutely STUNNING cards, gf! I just LOVE beachy cards and these are fantastic!
    Andrea adds: Oh … that’s a shame … when she has only just started school, too! I hope she is feeling better. I love beachy cards, too! Actually … I just loooooove the beach!!! Thanks for stopping by Denise! Hugs Andrea xx


  5. Paula Dobson says:

    WOW!! Love them both, but especially the brayered one Andrea. I have just discovered my brayer after being very afraid of it for a long time! I am going to have to have a go at this gorgeous one! Well done you!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Paula! It is so nice to have you pop by … and flatter me with wonderful compliments! I saw a neat idea on a blog yesterday … they had used the biggest clear mount block and stuck several Christmas tag stamps onto the big block … then inked them by rolling a brayer over the top with ink. What a super idea! Hope you get to play soon! Hugs Andrea xxx


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