Manhattan Flower Brayering

Hi there!

Dragging my feet a little today … and I have to make this quick (AGAIN! 🙄 ). I have been at school all morning helping with the “Survive Past Five” fundraiser that Sandy’s class was running. The money raised will help children in Africa … survive past five! (As in 5 yrs old). I was on Nachos duty … and I also spent some time yesterday making up 90 cups of jelly to take for the class to sell! Phew! So … as per usual … I am now running well behind with the school newsletter! Somehow … I always find the time to stop and pop up a quick post! I do spoil you … don’t I! 😀

This was a sample that I showed the Twilight Stamp Club girls last month … for our brayering class. The girls didn’t actually make this … but it was another example of how you can use your brayer for a bit of WOW on a card. Just pop your card piece through the big shot and brayer across the “reverse” side – ie. the side that has the indented impression … not the raised impression side. So simple … but so effective! 🙂 This brayering was just done with one colour – pretty in pink. Super quick! You could add a darker or contrast  colour on the bottom if you wish … but I just wanted the one soft graduated colour for this one!

Skye has her yr 12 graduation assembly on Wednesday morning. She is feeling a little sad that this is her last official week at school. Then she has 3 weeks study leave … then her HSC begins! Sandy is off to the bigger state carnival (Combined Independent Schools) at Homebush tomorrow for discus. (This is the first time he has got this far … he usually just gets to the first state level carnival.) So … with a morning volunteering at the school today … and newsletter this afternoon + assemblies & carnivals … this week is ANOTHER doozy!!! 😀 Better go tackle that newsletter … the last one for the term. Then YAYAYAYA … two weeks school holidays … and a nice breack from this responsibility! Have a nice day everyone! Stampin’ Hugs xxx






  1. Lynda says:

    Even in pink this is so soft and feminine Andrea…hee hee hee. SOOOOOOO have to get my brayer out for it’s 1st use too!! Reading ur posts I always feel so slothenly and lazy. I don’t however envy the 90cups of jelly!!!! Sending lotsa hugs to Skye. Let her know that whilst sad….there are so many wonderful things in the big wide world to grasp, that at times (sadly) school is a distant memory, but always fondly recalled. Fingers crossed that Sandy is fleet of foot and super-human in his events tomorrow. I know he’ll be great. Remember to take time for u too….OK!!!!! 🙂 ooxx
    Andrea adds: I am so hanging out for the holidays … to take some time for me! Hopefully Sandy will be satisfied to spend some time at home chilling out … and won’t need to be running all over the place! I am hoping for some days by the pool … but Spring is so slow this year! Will it ever get warm??? I will pass on your message to Skye. Thanks for the thumbs up for the PINK card!!! 😉 Hugs xxaxx


  2. You are crazy busy!!! Thanks for taking time out to share that gorgeous card, might have to have a go at that. Need to make some more cards tonight, must get some motivation.
    Have a good week,
    Cheers, Fi xox
    Andrea adds: Yes! That is such a perfect phrase! Crazy busy!!! Definitely me at the moment! But … I do like to get here if I possibly can! 😀 I hate to disappoint! (But … that is assuming that there are those who will be disappointed! 😀 giggle … Don’t I have tickets on myself! 🙄 ) Hugs Andrea xxx


  3. Christine T says:

    All I can say is WOW, this is just stunning Andrea! We did some similar things at our catalogue launch, but this is just brilliant! Love the fading, its great!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Christine … it was such an easy one to do! Hope to see you soon. Hugs Andrea xxx


  4. Sonia G says:

    Ooh I love this. I’d case it if I could find my Manhattan Flower embossing folder. Maybe when the move is over, I will. Fingers crossed.

    I hope you enjoy the peace that holidays are supposed to bring. LOL!

    Andrea adds: Hi Sonia! Thanks for taking the time out from your holidays to say hi! I wonder where you are … obviously you have access to internet at the moment! I hope you find your embossing folder, too. Hey … you still didn’t tell me your new address!!! Don’t forget! xxaxx


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