INKspirations 4 U – Christmas Edition

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Hello everyone!

I am doing a little happy dance! And … I have an invitation to extend! I recently received an email asking if I would like to be a guest designer for the next edition of INKspiration4U!!! It is an understatement to say that I was totally surprised and very excited!!! 😀 I have never been asked to guest design before … so this was a huge thrill! 😀 (I do think a little birdie mentioned my name to Madeline!?- Thanks Sonia!)

You can find all the details about this exciting and fun class by clicking on the INKspirations 4 U banner (above) … here is a small excerpt to whet your appetite … 😉 …

You will have 10 projects with detailed full-color step-by-step instructions. Projects are easy to duplicate, practical, and functional. You will have fun making these projects and will be able to use them for your own personal use or to be given as gifts!

Unfortunately, the deadline has passed for the “early bird discount” for this class … BUT … I do have 2 FREE PASSES to give away to 2 special people who leave a comment on this post BY THE 24TH SEPT! I will draw the two winners early on Sept 25th. AND … even more exciting … there is also the opportunity to win a BIG SHOT if you are a PAYING class participant.

The class runs from 27th Sept to 8th October … and registration ends on Sept 25th. Yes! I know … that is very soon! So … check out the website today and make sure you register before the deadline! I hope a few of my blog fans will join me for this fun adventure!  And … I just hope I am able to live up to the expectations! I am a little nervous! 😀 You can pay by paypal … HERE -> INKspiration 4 U.


  1. Gabbi says:

    Congratulations – like you’re not already busy enough… but what a thrill!! All the best, -Gabbi
    Andrea adds: Yes! I know, Gabbi! What am I doing??? And … I have to have my projects done & the tutorial finished by the 27th … and I haven’t even started!!! (I do have the ideas in my head … just need to find some time to work on it!) But … I am kinda excited to enter the world of guest designing! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Paula Dobson says:

    Oh Andrea, I would love a free pass to see what this is all about! Congratulations on being on the Design Team. You deserve it, your projects are always gorgeous and inspirational! MWAH!
    Andrea adds: Thanks, Paula for your excitement for me! It is always nice to share adventures with friends … makes them all the more special. You are in the draw for sure! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Maryanne Johnston says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Congratulations on being a guest designer – i’m sure you’ll come out with some fantastic ideas.

    I love your site – always on my fav list to visit at least every other day.
    Andrea adds: Hello Maryanne! It is always nice to meet a new blog friend … and it is so lovely to know that you are a regular visitor! That has certainly put a smile on my face today. I hope you will pop in and leave some more comments when you feel comfortable to do so! Hugs Andrea xxx


  4. Lynda says:

    If Sonia DID whisper…then it is deservedly so….I think it is FANTASTIC and am wrapped to bits for you Andrea!!! (Just another accolade to add to your ever growing list!!) Nerves aside, I think you are very much able to meet the challenges ahead…I don’t think Sonia and Madeline bite too nastily….hee hee hee!! Congrats again. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride!!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: Thanks for the encouragement, hunny! Your comment felt like a warm “you can do it” hug! I am looking forward to it! Hugs xxaxx


    1. Sonia G says:

      Neither Madeline or I bite at all… thanks Lynda!
      Andrea adds: I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience. Hugs xxaxx


      1. Lynda says:

        All tongue-in-cheek Sonia…I know you are a placid talented pussy cat!! ooxx
        Andrea adds: giggle! I love that you girls have conversations via my comments!!! Keep it up … it is really amusing! 😉 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  5. Sally W says:

    Andrea Congrats on being a guest designer, how fabulous it would be to win a free pass.
    I love your projects.
    Thank you.
    Andrea adds: Hello Sally! So nice to meet you! I hope you pop by again … and make sure you say hi! Hugs xxaxx


  6. Congratulations Andrea! I won’t have access to my computer for the first week of October, but I’ll be wishing you all the best – hope you have a ball designing! I look forward to seeing your creations, if you are allowed to share them down the track 🙂
    Andrea adds: Ooooh! I hope I can share them down the track! 😉 Thanks, Genelle for the encouragement! Hugs xxaxx


  7. Simone says:

    Oooh how exciting! Congratulations Andrea. What a buzz being asked to be guest designer. I agree with Genelle, hopefully you can share your creations later.
    Andrea adds: LOL! Thanks heaps, Simone! I just hope they are worth showing! 😉 Hugs xxaxx


  8. Dee says:

    Oooh Andrea, how exciting is this? Congratulations you so deserve it. I love looking at your blog – your work is fab.
    Andrea adds: Hello Dee from NZ! So nice to have you stop by. It’s lovely to meet new blog friends! I hope you will pop by again … and say hi! Hugs xxaxx


  9. Sonia G says:

    Yes, I did encourage Madeline to check out your blog! You work rocks, so why not share it with more people? Can’t wait to see what you have prepared for us!

    Andrea adds: My project is finished … just need to do the tutorial. Fingers crossed it will be what Madeline is hoping for! And … I hope everyone enjoys trying it out! Hugs Andrea xxx


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