Distressed Card Class

Hello everyone!

Well … first day of the holidays is tomorrow … and do you imagine that I am taking it easy??? NUP! 😉 Sheree is dragging me up to Sydney  (Miranda) to begin our Christmas Shopping! Yes! You did read that right … I am officially starting my Christmas Shopping! Sheree has this week off from uni … but has to work a couple of days … so TOMORROW is the day! Sssshhh! Just between you and me … I was hanging for a quiet day at home … BUT … Ree is such a great shopper that there was no way I was going to pass up on her offer of help! So … I thought I would pop by tonight … because I probably won’t make it tomorrow … and I did promise to show you the Distressed Card that we created at our last Twilight Stamp Club Class on Friday night! I actually am thrilled with this one … and the girls seemed pleased with the final result! 😀

Funny story … two of my club girls … found it extremely hard to scrunch their top note card piece. I tried to explain that this is one of the distressing techniques that makes the card look “vintage” … but they just couldn’t bring themselves to scrunch that lovely stamped centre piece! Finally … Catherine felt a little brave and did a very slight scrunch … declaring … “My card is not distressed … it is just a little anxious!” We all thought that was such a hoot and had a good giggle! 😀 Maree just couldn’t scrunch … and went home with a pretty (but not totally distressed) neat card! 😀

I’m not sure if you can see it in the photos … but the Top Note has some lovely layering of stamped images on it (Elements of Style – Flowers & Flourishes) … AND … the final step for this card is to sponge some of the GORGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL Champagne Mist Shimmer Paint over the top of the card. This is such a pretty finishing touch to the card. It’s a shame you can’t see how sparkly this is in the photos!

Now … I do have to give FULL CREDIT for this card to Angie Kennedy Juda who has done a FAB video tutorial that was an inspiration to me. I loved this card as soon as I saw it and it was perfect to share with my club girls. I did use a different stamp set … as I didn’t have the one that Angie used … but it did work beautifully just the same! Angie has so many fantastic video projects … you just have to check out her website! 😀  I have also included a step by step “how to” on the card recipe. I hope that is a help.  A BIG thank you, too, to Lynda who found this tutorial for me! – thanks for being a lifesaver, Lynda! 😉 I hope … if your kids are also on holidays … that you can also have a few days of de-stressing … and perhaps try a di-stressed card while you are at it!!! giggle! Aren’t I a hoot!!! 😉 Stampin’ Hugs xxx







  1. Lynda says:

    Ur more than welcome darl….that’s what we do as crafters….help each other out!!! I love the way your card turned out…it looks quite magical!! Got a big giggle fm the story of the 2 gals who cldn’t scrunch….those sort of people balance the world out!!! I thought the bird was fm Elements of style…but i read the recipe and it’s diff!!! I think you have done a ripper (scruncher/distressing) job darl!! Brilliant.
    Yes my 2 sproggets are now on hols for the next 2 weeks and I have 1 extra day off this week…but am working usually for the rest. Dunno how much stamping is gunna get done. Still behind on the b’day roundabout!! 🙂 Take care and again…well done. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Ooooh! Yes! I did have the wrong stamp set on my card recipe … but that is now corrected! Thanks for picking that up … you are on the ball! Hope you have fun with the kiddlies this week! Hugs Andrea xxx


  2. Sonia G says:

    Lovely distressing… still not sure I could do it!

    I was going to go Christmas shopping yesterday… but ended up getting a pedicure instead… have nice feet now, but no gifts…lol!

    Andrea adds: I would have taken the pedicure any day!!! 😀 So glad your feet are nice! 😀 Hugs xxax


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