A lovely blog award & an IB&C CASE!


Hello! 😀

Oooh! Just had to stop by for a minute (while the boys are watching “Monster Moves”). I just noticed an email from my special blog friend Lynda … and popped over to her blog to investigate! She has shared a lovely blog award with me! Thanks Lynda … for the lovely compliment! (Right back atcha!) 😉

So … while I am here I thought I would quickly share a card I created recently that is a CASE (copy and selectively edit / copy and share everything … will someone please let me know which is the “official” meaning???) from the new IB&C. If you haven’t got your copy yet … you are certainly missing out on some gorgeous inspiration! I have already used this handy resource to create a few cards … and I will show you them as I find the time! 😀 I seriously LOVE my new catty … and I reach for it whenever I need a little extra mojo. Some of the colour combinations are totally NOT what I would think to put together  … but they look stunning … and I can’t wait to try them out. And the layouts are wonderfully simple but ‘WOW’!!! I have my catty close at hand whenever I am stamping!

Love Love Love this new “Just Believe” set. I was so hanging for another silhouette set … with a larger image than “Pocket Silhouettes” … and this was absolutely perfect! I am soooooo going to love using this set! Funny how Vintage Vogue suddenly is not so In Vogue!!! But … it will always be a favourite … and I will be pulling it out again soon, I’m sure! 😉 I will find it hard to part with either of these sets if / when they are retired! LOVE this colour combo … too! Simple but sooooo effective! Will be using it again, too!

Before I forget … I have to pass this blog award onto 5 friends! That is the hardest thing … trying to cut it down to 5 … but here are a few of my favourite blogs … (I have tried to pass this onto blog friends that I haven’t awarded one before!)

The stormy weather today was very condusive to stamping … pity I had to spend all the day doing groceries & baking! But … hey … it’s what a mum has to do! 😀 Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend! I’m off to watch “The Guardian” with Kevy baby! (Kevin Costner!) 😀 😀  Have a good night! Stampin’ Hugs xxaxx






  1. Another stunning card. The crumb cake on white looks lovely. It looks like a very useful set, hoping mine arrives by wed! Thank you for the blog award, that is just lovely. Hoping to do some stamping tomorrow.
    Fi xox
    Andrea adds: If only I could take the credit for this one … cos I do love it! 😀 Hope you managed to get that stamping done! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Gabbi says:

    This card is so simple, yet so effective – just beautiful!!!
    I’ve been linked up with the I4U! site – had to fix up some sign-in issues, Madeline was so helpful! The tutorials are fantastic! Don’t have much time to be checking out blogs … with the school holidays – 4 kids and a hubby to keep amused!
    Have a great weekend!
    Andrea adds: Oooh! Ok … will look for you so we can be ‘friends’! 😀 I totally get the keeping family amused during the hols. thankfully mine are all pretty well occupied with work/uni/HSC study. Sandy is the only one needing occupying! 😀


  3. liamp says:

    Very beautiful card. I love the just believe set. and congrats on your blog award. You so deserve it.

    Andrea adds: Thanks Liam! I was thrilled to get it! Love this set too! Hugs xxaxx


  4. Lynda says:

    I’m still waiting for my real copy of the new catty….it’s kinda hard to get the same vibe fm the pdf download!!! This set is definitely growing on me by the viewing and I love your version of this card. Now that we have a CC ink and marker…I think I may finally get to using it!! The ripped/distressed corner is lovely.
    You are more than welcome for the award….well deserved. BTW…the just Jawing post is ‘offocially’ on the blog now….LOL. Also…ain’t it grand to stamp when it’s pouring o’side?? ooxx
    Andrea adds: Yes! I am LOVING having the crumb cake accessories! Stamping Heaven! 😉 I do hope you get your REAL COPY of the catty soon! Can’t be without it! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Sonia G says:

    Aaaw thanks Andrea for the lovely blog award!

    Ooooh I think I’ll be casing this too – not sure of the exact meaning, but I know that the ‘c’ is definitely ‘copy’… does that help much???? lol!

    Andrea adds: This one was hard to resist! There are so many in the IB&C that I love! Need to try and tweak them a bit … tho … and make them my own. But … sometimes it is hard to improve on perfect! Hugs xxaxx


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