Exciting News!

Stacey at 9 1/2 mths! (1986) Seems like only yesterday!

Hi there friends!

I just had to make this post a priority this morning … cos I have something special to share! (And … I just didn’t have the time last night to do this news justice!)  Back on Sept 6th in my post I commented … “Oh! I could rabbit on all day … and I have heaps more to share … but that will have to wait until another day!” Well … there was a cryptic message in that comment! I bet you didn’t even notice!!! I have been dying to tell you all for a FULL MONTH …. I am going to be a GRANDMA!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Yes … I know … I definitely don’t look old enough … (or so I like to kid myself!!! 😉 ) But … it is true! My eldest daughter Stacey & her hubby Jono are expecting a baby … due in April 2011! To say I was surprised would be an understatement … I had told them they were NOT to do this to me until I was 50! (And I am not there yet!) But … we are all thrilled and happy for them just the same!! Now I just have to get used to the idea of starting a new phase in my life … and try not to feel too old at the same time! 😯  It kinda still feels unreal … but I am starting to really like this idea and am getting pretty excited! I just HAD to go shopping last week … and buy something for “Chuck”. (Jono has nicknamed the baby “Chuck” after Chuck Finley – Sam’s alter ego on Burn Notice!) Stacey decided better to call it Chuck NOW than after it is born!!! 😉  (especially if it is a girl!) Hhhmmm …  I wonder what we will get???:D

Stacey the uni grad! Where did that time go?

Now … before I go any further … I am trying to think of a good name. I just don’t want to be grandma! (Sounds too old!) but I do want something that sounds g’ma-ish. So … I NEED YOUR HELP! My sis has suggested “Nandy” (short for Nanna Andy) … and I kinda like that but wonder if it is too close to “Nanny” (which is what Julie, Jono’s mum has decided on!) 😀 Gav is going to be “G-Dad” (gee-dad). Giggle … he is kinda chuffed about the whole idea! 😀 So … anyway … please please please leave a comment with your suggestion for a name! It would be nice to settle on one … but I do still have a few months I guess!!! 😀

So … there it is! My well-kept secret is out! I am VERY proud of myself that I was able to keep this to myself (as requested) for so long. That truly is remarkable! 😉 I am one happy g’ma to be!!! Bring on April!!!

I am going to try and settle now to get some prep done for my StampNGiggle class … and I will also try and get back with a card post! (I have heaps to share! – cards that is!!! 😉 ) Have a happy day, everyone & don’t forget to suggest a g’ma name!! Stampin’ Hugs xxaxx


  1. Cookie says:

    Well congratulations… Grandkids are sooooo much fun and when they need changing, time to go to mom & dad….lol.

    My given name is Karen but my granddaughter calls me Grandma Cookie and my hubby is called Papa….

    Good luck on the names & again, congratulations….
    Andrea adds: G’ma Cookie is sooooo cute! Perhaps Nanna Andy isn’t too much of a mouthful??? Thanks for the lovely congrats! Hugs xxaxx


  2. paper2paper says:

    Congrats!!!!!! we are the grandparents of a 10 year old~Seth ~ a 1 1/2 year old Isaac ~ and #3 on the way in about 5 weeks! So so so much fun!!!!!!!! So my thoughts are if Gav is G-Dad, then maybe G-Mom 😀 Congrats again and have a wonderful day!
    Andrea adds: Thanks for stopping by to say hi … and share in my excitement! It is always nice to have new friends take the time to comment! G-Mum (AUS version) is a good back up … if I can’t think of anything else! 😀 Thanks for the hint! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Rene Stansell says:

    Congratulations, I didn’t want to be called Grandma but when the Callum arrived I wanted to be ‘Grandma’
    The baby could call you Sugie, for as…sweet as sugar
    Rene from OZ xo
    Andrea adds: It’s so lovely that this news has prompted some first time “commenters”! Thanks Rene for your congrats! And … did you know … Stacey’s middle name is Renee!!! 😀 How special! Thanks for the suggestion … will add that one to the list! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  4. Gabbi says:

    You could still be “NAN”.
    Kids are smart – they know the difference between Nan, Nanna, and Nanny!
    Otherwise, how about Nandrea?
    Congratulations, and all the best!
    P.S – I’m really hoping that naming a bump “Chuck” doesn’t jinx Stacey into the most terrible morning sickness!!!
    Andrea adds: Giggle … hadn’t thought of that … but it is pretty funny, Gabbi! So far … she has had only mild nausea … and she is nearly 12 weeks. (Much to her mother’s disgust … as I had 9 mths of every day “chucking” with her!!! – Good for the weight gain (or lack of) … but rather distressing!) Thanks for the suggestion … Nandrea … hhhmmm … that might work! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Maryanne Johnston says:

    Hi Andrea,

    My congrats to your family too!!! I know that my kids call my mum Nana Nina.

    Maybe “Grandi”= grandma + andi. As I’m sure you’l be a “Grand” grandma.

    Rubber hugs
    Andrea adds: You are all clever girls! A great idea … but gav’s mum is a “grandy” … and both his sisters intend on being a grandy … so perhaps I will try and find something different??? 😀 Thanks Maryanne! Hugs xxaxx


  6. Silke Ledlow says:

    Hey sweet friend…what fabulous news you have to share!!! CONGRATS to the new parents to be and of course to you!!!

    My favorite names for *grandma* are *Mimi* or *Nana*…can’t wait to see what you will choose…and yes you are looking way toooooo young to be a grandma..giggle!!! Hugs to ya!!! ~S~
    Andrea addds: Thanks Silke for sharing my joy! It is so nice to have you stop by (again!). It is rather fabulous, isn’t it! Mimi is kinda nice! And … I don’t mind Nana! Thanks for the ideas! Hugs xxaxx


  7. sharna says:

    Hi, A big congratulations to you and your family,
    with having an extended family we all had different names for our grandparents, there was nana, gran, grandad, pop, poppy and ma, Ma came from my M.I.L who didnt want to be known as grandma, so she shortened it ma.

    But im sure you will find a name that is just right for you, but whatever you choose it will be spoken with lots of love
    Andrea adds: Thanks for the reminder Sharna! Such a nice thought … it will be spoken with love! It has been so nice to have so many stop by today. Sharing exciting news is so much nicer with so many friends! xxaxx


  8. Paula Dobson says:

    Oh Andrea!! That is wonderful news – CONGRATULATIONS! I hate to say it, but baby will call you whatever THEY want. I am a firstborn grandy and everyone tried to teach me to say grandpa. I kept coming up with Granta – it stuck and all my cousins called my grandfather that! My Dad has been a proud Granta for the last 16yrs too 🙂
    Andrea adds: How lovely to have that family name … and how cute that you created it! Yes … I realise sometimes that happens! It is kinda nice to have all these wonderful thoughts … will that happen to me too??!! Thanks for sharing in my joy! Hugs xxaxx


  9. Lisa says:

    Hi Andrea
    I am known as Grandma & Grandad seaside as we lived the nearest to the beach and always took the grandchildren there.
    They do have 4 sets of Grandparents.
    Who are known as
    Nutty Nanny ( Don’t ask )
    Nanny & Grandad Bang bang ( Noisey car )
    Nanny & Grandad Bobo ( their dogs name )

    So as you can see we got of lightly
    Andrea adds: LOL! Lisa … you made me giggle with this list! Thanks for sharing! Hugs xxaxx


  10. Lynda says:

    I love G-dad and Grandy (or Grandea!!)…..a blend of Grandma and a shortened verson of Andrea…which may be hard for a little’un to wrap their tongues around. I had a wee giggle at “Chuck” our girl (now Ms 6) had that name for a short time to….but for not QUITE the same reason!!! Was a tad off colour with her and although I never did (Chuck) she got me so darn close at times it wasn’t funny!!! As I said in my prev e mail…I am so v v wrapped for all of you and am sending a bucket loads of hugs and joy to you all. Stace was a cutey-to-bootie bubba…and bloomed!! Enjoy, embrace and love all it brings….ooxx
    Andrea adds: I am so loving all these G’ma stories … and suggestions for names. It has put a smile on my face to ready all the lovely excited comments! I should have called Stacey “chuck” … because that is all I did when I was pregnant with her for the whole 9 months! She is getting off very lightly … only some “mild nausea”! Thanks for the enthusiastic encouragement. I do feel a little overwhelmed by the whole idea … but someone told me that there is no feeling like holding your own grandbaby in your arms! I can’t wait! 😀 Hugs Andrea xxx


  11. OMGoodness Andrea – that is AWESOME news – I’m soooooo happy for you all! You are going to be an AWESOME Grandmother!
    Now onto names….Gammy, Nan???? My family has always used Nana – my Great Grandmother was Little Nana as she was soo short! No differentiation with the others though – and we managed – LOL
    Andrea adds: My grandma (kids great grandma) was GiGi … short for great grandma! That was kinda cute … so I think my mum is going to be called that one! I really like Gammie … and did suggest that … but the kids just replied “gummy”! Perhaps not???? 😀 So many fab suggestions … but I am no closer to being sure! 😉 What is wrong with me … this shouldn’t be a big deal, girl! Just make a decision!!! (That was to me!) Hugs xxaxx


  12. Congrats, that is awesome news. My aunt goes by Grammy which is cute. I’m sure you’ll come up with a good name, you could have Grandy, short for Grandma Andy, but it sounds a bit lie a grandad’s title,
    Love fo xox
    Andrea adds: LOL … another version of Gammie … cute! Grandy is crossed off (see previous comment for reason!) And … hhhhmmmmm I feel like I am going around in circles! For goodness sake … it is just a name! I would rather name the baby … that would be easier! Hugs xxaxx


  13. liamp says:

    Congratulations Andrea I am so excited for you. I hope all travels well for your daughter and no nausea along the way. yeah right!!! I remember that well. Oh but it will all be worth it in the end. As for names I can’t say I know my son’s grandmothers wanted the nanna and nanny but I know of a friend that the mum didn’t want to be called grandmother or nanny and the kids call her mamma and her surname for example mamma pucher. It is different but maybe when I get to that stage I might have some idea. You will know when the time comes. Sometime even the child can make up a name too and that usually becomes your permanant name from then on. Hope you get some ideas.

    inky hugs

    Andrea adds: Everyone has been so kind with all their suggestions … and I am making a list. Perhaps I will end up drawing it out of a hat!!! 😉 Thanks for the congrats! I am so glad to be able to share my happy news with all my blog friends! Hugs xxaxx


  14. Sonia G says:

    Congratulations Jono and Stace! And Gav and Andrea! How super exciting for you!

    Good to hear that Stace hasn’t been suffering too much! She’ll start glowing soon. Gotta love the 2nd trimester!

    Wish I could help with picking a name for you, but it appears everyone else has that under wraps.

    Andrea adds: Feel free to add to the list, Sonia! I am still uuummm-ing & aaaaahhhh-ing! 😀 It is great news! So glad you didn’t have to wait too long to find out! Hugs xxaxx


  15. Oh, Andrea, this is WONDERFUL news!! There are many people (who you don’t even know!) who will share in your excitement, and that of your family. Now, I hope you don’t mind that I join in the ‘name’ discussion, seeing as we know each other only vaguely through blogland, but I couldn’t help but think you should incorporate “ink” somewhere in your name. Perhaps you could be “Ninky” (Nana Inky) or “Ginky” (Grandma Inky)??? LOL. For the record, my eldest son named one of his sets of grandparents “Nana and Poppa Fozzie”, after their dog! Fozzie is long gone, but both boys still call their grandparents by that name! Try not to agonise too much over what you want to be called – it will either come to you one day, or bubby will decide! Hugs to you, Christine xx
    Andrea adds: What a lovely warm and beautiful comment, Christine! And … I am so glad you stopped by to say hi! I did have to giggle at your name suggestions. I think they are cute … but I think my family will snort at the suggestion I add something about my stamping to my name! Love the Nana & Poppa Fozzie story! Thanks so much for sharing … off to visit your blog to see where you are! Hugs xxaxx


  16. Monika/buzsy says:

    Congratulations to you and your daughter! How wxciting! I am a ‘step’ grandmother… and because I am a very young one, I coudn’t be Grammy… I am Mimi. :o)
    Andrea adds: LOL … another to add to the list! Thanks for the suggestion! Hugs xxaxx


  17. Wow! Congrats on the huge news! You’re the same age as me and I just can’t wait until I get to spoil some grandchildren of my own one day! My 20 year old son just needs a girlfriend first!! … then the ‘ring’ of course!! Have you got any other younger daughters!!!! 😉
    Andrea adds: Giggle … yep … I have two more! (18 & 20) 😉 But … I’m not sure I am ready to give them away just yet! 😉 Hugs xxaxx


  18. PS: I actually think that ‘Nandy’ is kind of cool!
    Andrea adds: Yes … I think that is the one I am leaning towards!!! 😀 xxaxx


  19. Congratulations Andrea, that is such exciting news, lots of scrapping will be happening in the future…
    Andrea adds: hhhmmmm … not much scrapping … if there is lots of babysitting!!! 😀 😉 Hugs xxaxx


  20. Melissa says:

    Congrats Andrea, you are going to love being a grandparent I am sure. I reckon your grandchild will choose your name – my mum was determined NOT to be nanny, and guess what she is lol. I being the first grandchild called my grandad grumpy one day and it stuck, ALL grandkids call him grumpy to this day lol. hope you end up with a name you will like, but i reckon whatever they decide to call you, you wont care, you will just love to hear it.
    Melissa 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks Melissa for your encouragement (& funny story) … I’m sure you are right! Hugs xxaxx


  21. Congradulations it ‘s a special time for you and your daughter. I think Nanny sounds good.
    Andrea adds: Yes … but that is what Jono’s mum has picked … so I have to come up with something different! It will come to me … I’m sure! 😀 xxaxx


  22. Leonie says:

    yayyayayaya wahoooooooooooooooooooo what FANTAZMAGORICAL News this is !!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):)

    you are going to be the most wonderful G’Ma honey .. you are such a nurturer & this little one will be part of a very beautiful family xxx
    what to call you mmmmmmmm my girlfriend is called “Ninny”
    i am so happy for you all xxxxxx

    Andrea adds: This has been such a wonderful sharing thread! Thank you to everyone who has contributed! I love all the suggestions … and have giggled at all the stories … and chuckled at some of the names! But … this has got to take the cake! NINNY!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! 😀 Can’t see me convincing anyone else … but this is hilarious! Thanks for sharing my excitement, hunny! Hugs xxaxx


  23. Julie R says:

    Omgosh Andrea, that is wonderful news. Congrats to Stacey and Jono and of course all the grandparents to be. Lovely news!!
    Andrea adds: LOL! Thanks Julie! It is pretty exciting! Thanks for popping by! Hugs xxaxx


  24. Erin says:

    Hi Andrea

    Congratulations to you and Gavin and Stacey and Jono that is wanderful and exciting news. Sorry this comment is a little over due have been off line for a while I finally got a laptop and it had internet security trial for 2 months which expired a couple of weeks ago so have been watching what I log onto anyway will catch up soon. Congratulations again…

    Hugs Erin
    Andrea adds: Hi Erin … so nice to see you! I have missed you! Hope that new job is going well.


  25. Sylvia Buist says:

    Congratulations to all your family. I’m not a grandmother or never likely to be, but my grandparents were always nanna to me and if it needed clarification we used their surname, then we had Poppa and Granddad. I remember when my mother became a grandmother and she always wondered what she wanted to be called but if I remebered correctly I don’t think she had much choice, it was a matter of what the daughters, or daughter in law called her when handing them the baby to nurse, and that was the name that stuck. My neices and nephews call my parents nanna and pop, the in-laws are grandma and granddad.
    I think simplicity is the best Cheers
    Andrea adds: Yes … I am probably shouldn’t worry about this (not that I am!) because it will all just happen naturally! Thanks for stopping by to say hi … I love getting comments! Hugs xxaxx 😀


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