Clean & Simple Sketch Challenge – FTL 111

Hello poppets! (Is that g’ma talk??? I am practising being a g’ma but I think that sounds more like Mary Poppins!!) 😉

I was doing a little blurfing yesterday … just a “tad” … and… I was so excited when I saw Teneale‘s latest creation for the A CASE Study Challenge Blog … that I just HAD to stop and stamp. Thankfully, being first week back, the newsletter was a small one … so I did end up with a little time on my hands! 😀 😉 I just loved what Teneale did with the heart image from the new Punch Potpourri Stamp Set (level 1 hostess). But … even though I CASED Teneale’s heart … the rest of the card is MY creation!!!! 😉

Isn’t it a pretty colour combo??? I got this from my Colour Coach … a “must have” when using the new colours! It is giving me heaps of ideas and inspiration! I am kinda wishing I had stamped something on the pink background … or even embossed it … I think it looks a little plain. But … I was also going for C&S and the plain frame means the main focus is on the images in the centre! Just look at that gorgeous layered heart! Isn’t it pretty! The flower stamp is also from the Punch Potpourri set and the phrase is from the Level 3 hostess set called “Occasional Quotes”. I have inked them up using my markers to continue the multi colour image “theme”! Can you see I have “popped” two of the flowers from the heart image up on top of the heart and added a little pearl to the centre of each? (A la Teneale!)

So … this is based on the latest C&S Sketch – FTL 111 … you will have to go and check out all the lovely entries for this challenge!  (Click on pic) It is a beautiful sketch! Soooooo easy!

Ok … so are you paying attention … or have I lost you already??? I need SOME MORE HELP! I am going to a friend’s 50th birthday (yes … they are older than me!!! 😉 ) … and we are supposed to wear something 60’s!!!!! I’ve gotta tell you … I am not a FAN of dress up parties. Half the guests won’t make any effort … (that the Aussie way) … but we probably will “do the right thing” … so Andrew is not disappointed … but I will be wishing the whole time that I was one of the ones who went “cas”. (casual) So … I need some “DIY” ideas for what Gav or I should wear!!! (DIY: Do It Yourself – aka INEXPENSIVE!!! 😀 ) Let me know any FAB ideas you might have! Stampin’ Hugs xxaxx








  1. Gabbi says:

    *”Poppets” reminds me of Mrs Doubtfire!
    *Lovely card – I love pink! (does that come from living in a house full of girls?)
    *When I think of the 60S – I think of the”fonz” from Happy Days – wide skirts, scarf around the neck, leather jacket, or college cardigan with the big letter on the bottom front corner.
    Have a great day!
    (P.S. I hate dress up too – takes me out of my “comfort zone”! – Perhaps you could dress up like you were in your 60’s (ie – a “senior”, being sixty-something) -taking that spin would be cheeky, but probably more comfortable!)
    Andrea adds: How kind to try and help me out with my dress up prob! Thanks Gabbi! Being a senior would be more comfortable … but I am already a little perturbed that our best man from our wedding is turning 50 … so I don’t really need any more reason to feel OLD!!! And … on top of that … I am going to be a g’ma! My calf muscles are so tight … and my arthritis finger is bothering me … so … perhaps I need a good dose of feeling young! 😉 Oh … who am I trying to kid??? But … the Fonzie idea is a good one. Gav will be pleased with that! Hugs xxaxx


  2. I loved Teneale’s card too, she is so inspiring. I don’t own this set but want to eventually. You’ve done a great CASE,
    love Fi x
    Andrea adds: Pity I gave away the three flower punch to my sis … but … at least I can still use that stamp … even if it isn’t punched!!! Thanks Fi! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Lee-Anne says:

    Another great card Andrea, the colours are definitely perfect together, you have done an amazing job with the sketch. As it was a clean and simple sketch I think it works really well without doing anything to the pink background. And that sentiment is so lovely and so very true.
    I’m afraid I’m not much help regarding costume parties…I’m not a fan myself. I find it hard enough coming up with something general to wear, let alone a costume idea. Hope you figure something out 🙂
    Have a fabulous day!!!
    Love and hugs
    Lee-Anne Xox
    Andrea adds: Thanks for the encouragement Lee-Anne! You are such a kind soul! 😀 And … I guess this costume thingy is my prob. Gabbi suggested the Fonz (great idea!) … which I suggested to Gav. He thought that was a great idea. Now … just got to raid my cupboard … and see what I can come up with! Does anyone own size 7 white GoGo Boots???


  4. Lynda says:

    I know ur the queen of Google, but check ur inbox for some suggestions!!
    Gabbi stole my fire with the Mrs Doubtfire call!!!
    LURVE the card…thought abt this lvl1 hosty set but got the silhouette sentiments!! So pretty the way you have coloured and layered it. It is definitely CAS. Glad to hear that ur all clean and dry now,,,,and BTW…there was some GENUINE sympathy amongst the sniggers….hee hee hee. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Just noticed your email … and toddling off now to click on some of those links! Thanks hunny! You are soooooooo thoughtful! Oh … and I know that you would have felt sorry for me … even if you were chuckling! 😉 No need to explain!!! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  5. I wish I had those boots. You need a long tunic top in garish colours over flared pants and a hairband with flowers. What fun. I went to a 70’s party years ago and found a lime green mini and some platform heels. If only my legs would look as good in a mini now as they did then!
    Re stamping at 2am, afraid the secret is to work permanent night duty for 4 years and then be able to stamp at stupid hours at night but be woeful at waking up in the day 😦
    Fi xox
    Andrea adds: Yikes! Permanent??? I didn’t realise you were doing permanent night duty! I guess your body clock is all out of whack!!! 😉 Thanks for the suggestions … if only I had a long tunic top in garish colours with flared pants and a hairband with flowers!!!!! But … thanks for trying!!! If we do go dress up … I will make sure I post a photo here! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  6. liamp says:

    How funny we must have been on the same wavelength I had to use Teneale’s idea too. Just love what you have created. Looks just perfect.

    Andrea adds: I think Teneale’s heart inspiration is going to start popping up all over the place! It is a lovely way to use that stamp! I popped over to see yours! So dark & Parisian & mysterious! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


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