Happiness is stamping with friends!

Best Blog Friends Forever!


Hi there my wonderfully supportive and special blog friends!

What an amazing response I have had to all my recent posts! I am not sure if you all know how much I appreciate it every time I click on comments and see that there are some waiting for me. 😀  I have always endeavoured to reply to EVERY comment that arrives on my blog. This is because I am soooo thankful that my blog friends take the time to encourage me and I want you to know that if you stop by and say hi … then I want to say “hi” right back! I have been racking my brains how I might say thank you … but somehow words don’t always express the depth of feeling that is behind them.

So … in honour of ALL those who have taken the time to share a conversation with me … or stopped to encourage me in my creativity … or taken the time to commiserate with some struggle … or giggled over a silly joke or circumstance … or even shed a little sympathetic tear … I have created my own very special EnchantINK Blog Award. This is a blog award that isn’t strictly for stampers … and I hope it will be shared FAR AND WIDE! I hope if you receive this award anytime during your blogging adventures … that you will know that it comes with much love, thankfulness and appreciation! This award is to acknowledge those who are the “BEST BLOG FRIENDS FOREVER!” (Andrea’s version of “BFF”!) 😉

Now … because this is MY award creation … I am entitled to send it out WHENEVER I choose!!! 😀 (Such power!!! 😉 ) So … even though I am going to limit the number of recipients … I will be back sometime to award this to some more friends out there in blog land! In the meantime … I do hope that those who receive it … will truly understand how special they are … and will want to send it on to their extra special encouraging blog friends. I am excited to think that this might travel all around the world! I wonder …….?????

So … my first batch of BBFFs (limit of 8 – because it is just toooo hard to limit it to 5! ) are …

Thank you to all these girls who are here constantly to support, encourage, advise, share & pick me up when I am feeling a little blue! We have shared many giggles … and stamping projects … and memorable life moments together. And … I hope that we will be “BBFF”!!! Enjoy your special award … and I hope you will share it with some of your own lovely blog friends!

Stampin’ Hugs xxxxxxx



8 thoughts on “Best Blog Friends Forever!

  1. Andrea…thank you so v v much for this magnificent honour. What a cherished honour…..thank you so v v much. I so love having you as a buddy/pal/and general all round good influence!!! I love the way (even tho we have never met) you share so much of ur life with me…highs and lows….warts and all. I can only hope that the crafting gods will shine on us and we can meet in person one day. Thank you again you beautiful soul. ooxx
    Andrea adds: YVW … (you’re very welcome) … and this is a thank you to you … it’s not about me!!! 😉 But … thanks (again) for your lovely thoughts! Hugs xxaxx


  2. WOW Andrea – this is such a special honour. To be amongst these other amazing bloggers to be one of the first recipients – I’m deeply touched. I too am blessed by some very special blogging friends and I’m sooo glad to count you amongst those too.
    Thanx sweetie!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Debbie … I always enjoy popping by your blog …and I so appreciate that amongst all the busy-ness of your design commitments … you still have time to stop by and encourage me! This is a thank you to you! Hugs xxaxx


  3. What an honour to be the first to receive your blog award and What a beautiful surprise. You are the sweetest person and you are such a talented crafter. Congrats to all the other bloggers too. Oh I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your comments on my blog too you are such a sweetheart. What an effective blog award. I will definitely have to post this on my blog. 8 ONLY!! O my goodness who will I choose. I know 1. Andrea,,,, 2 Andrea,,,, 3 Andrea and maybe 4 Andrea ….and so on.What do you think? LOL. I will have to think really hard now…. maybe Andrea. Thank you so much.
    inky hugs
    Andrea adds: Giggle … this WAS NOT meant to be about me … it was meant to be about YOU!!!! But … thanks so much for the sweet compliments!!! Always encouraging! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  4. Oh Thank you Andrea! The feeling is mutual. I feel very hooured to be on the list of freinds receiving this award for the first time! I will put it up on my blog with pride and share the love!

    Hugs to you my friend!! Paula xoxo
    Andrea adds: I am so glad that everyone is excited about their award … It makes it doubly special to me! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Oh, that is just gorgeous, and incredibly clever graphically. I’m in awe. Will post it on my blog when I’ve had some sleep 🙂
    I feel very honoured,
    Love Fi xox
    Andrea adds: Thanks Fi! I just ask … when you post it on your blog … it is about YOU … OK … NOT about ME!!! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  6. Awwwww, thanks girl! 🙂 {{hugs}}
    Andrea adds: YVW!!!! 😀 thanks for the hugs! xxaxx


  7. Andrea, thank you so very much for this. You honestly have no idea how much this meant when I saw your blog post come through to my email last night. I was having a pretty horrible afternoon, and this put such a smile on my face. That you would take the time to make this and share it is so wonderful, thankyou so very much.
    You are very special to me, God has blessed me with amazing friends and I am thankful to call you one of them. It is my dream to come to Sydney and see you in person and I hope that day is not too far away.
    Thanks again, sweet friend. Have an amazing day. I will pop this on my blog over the weekend, I’m feeling a bit off colour today.
    Love and hugs
    Lee-Anne Xox
    Andrea adds: God’s timing is always perfect, hunny, isn’t it! 😀 I am so glad your award was a “pick-me-up” … and I hope that your weekend is a little better for you. I do hope we can catch up … one day … but just be warned. It is about 1 1/2 hours drive from the centre of Sydney to get to our place. (We are south of Wollongong which is south of Sydney!) But … am happy to help make it happen. 😀 Take care … and be kind to yourself! Hugs xxaxx


    • Hi Andrea
      I know you’re a while away from Sydney, but I figure once I’m in Sydney you’re definitely a lot closer than you are now. I think Perth is about 3500km away 🙂 So once I get to Sydney, believe me I will hire a car or something to come see you. Nothing will stop me. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.
      Lee-Anne Xox
      Andrea adds: Now … that is GREAT to hear! I am sure we will work something out! Would love to catch up with one of my BBFF’s!!! 😀 Hugs xxaxx