“Dress up Christmas” Promotion

Hi girls … just had to stop by to let you all know the LATEST AND GREATEST from Stampin’ Up! This is a FAB PROMO … so I hope you will all get your orders  in quickly … because the products are only available while stocks last!!! Click on the Promo Pic to view all the details!

And … here is a lovely sample from our website … showing some of these gorgeously Christmassy products available during this promotion! (One of the samples from the flyer pic!) 😀 I will show you a couple more next time!

So … Gav left this morning at 5.30am to go to Sydney for a morning doing “Paintball” with his best mate Andrew and his two brothers. He was reminiscing about how he used to go and hang out with the 3 boys when he was a kid. They lived on a pig farm just outside Toowoomba … and he spent many fab holidays with these boys! It is Andrew’s 50th birthday … and … PAINTBALL??? … well … I guess some boys just never grow up … do they!!! 🙄 I am training it up to Sydney later today … and we are going onto Andrew’s 50th party … at West Pymble! Crikey! 😯 That is a lot of driving in one day!! We worked out if Gav drove to Paintball at Windsor … back to Tongarra to pick me up … up to Pymble … and home again … he would be driving 7 hours today! So … if I meet him at his sister’s at Heathcote … that at least cuts 2 hours off! I will try and remember to get a photo of us in our 60’s gear to show you all!  I hope you all have a fun weekend! Stampin’ hugs xxaxx


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  1. Lynda says:

    Man that is a LOT of driving in one day Andrea…hope all was safe and well. I LOVE paintball….sooooooooooo much fun…esp playing with the boys…cause GIRL tactics are SOOOOOOOOOOOO diff to boy ones…ie NO tactics and just shoot the heck outa everything that moves…LOL!!! Have not done it for a bit…but had a great time when I did!! Wld dearly love to see some pics of you guys all 60’d up….puullleeeaassseee??? Hope it was a blast!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: Gav had a ball with the boys … and I think you are right about the boys tactics! They came home with so many welts … but those on their backs were “friendly fire”!!!! So much for friendship! 😀 Goes out the window when playing paintball! I will pop back later with a pic … my camera is playing up at the moment … so I will need to get that fixed. But … I didn’t get many photos at all! Have a nice day! Hugs xxaxx


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