Another Challenge! Inkspirations Sketch #47!

Hi there blog buddies!

A few of my sweet friends have asked how Sandy got on with his “Chocolate Masterchef” yesterday. Well … there were 3 prizes awarded ~ 1st place & 2 highly commendeds. He got a “highly commended”!!! Yay!!! I actually think it might have been the bitter taste of the “Fair Trade” chocolate that lost the comp for him. I have made this recipe before and it is deliciously sweet … but using the FT chocolate definitely wasn’t as nice. But … that’s ok … he was thrilled! 😀 Sandy has a new girl in his class this year … you know the type … GOOD AT EVERYTHING!!! She is so super smart … so sporty … so musical … so arty … and so funny! Well … apparently she is also so good at cooking! 😉 Yep … you guessed it … SHE WON!!! But … I have to tell you … Sandy thinks she is great … they have really “clicked” as friends (NO NOT ROMANTICALLY 😉 !!!) … they just get on really well. So … I don’t think he was too bothered to come 2nd behind this girl!!! 😀

Before I get going to visit Gav’s mum & sister today … here is another of the cards that I created on Saturday during my relaxed stamping afternoon. It was such a nice play time! And … for once … the mojo was flowing freely! (Very unusual for me!) This was Keesh’s latest sketch challenge … and I was so glad to find the time to play. Make sure you pop over to Keesh’s blog … she has created a brand new separate blog for her challenges … so everything is together in the one place .. . and she has some new design team members to share in the fun! (One is my special friend Lee-Anne … so make sure you go and give her some encouragement!) 😀  Here is the link -> Inkspirations Challenges.

You can see that I have turned the sketch on its side … but it is pretty much the same apart from that! The colour combination is FAB … isn’t it! Cherry Cobbler, Chocolate Chip & Bashful Blue. Sorry … the watermark is a little annoying on this pic! I do hope you can see the lovely detail.  I have worked out how to make my watermarks a little transparent … so will try that on the next batch of photos! 😀 I just love those “No Tie Brad Bows” to finish off a card. It is so easy to “tie” the perfect bow! Hope you all have a happy day! We had some huge storms yesterday afternoon and evening. They rumbled through for hours … and I could even see the glass in the windows was shaking & vibrating … with some of the loud thunder! But … finally the weather is starting to feel like spring here! A lovely sunshiny day, today! More storms predicted later but at least it is a little warmer. 😀

Gotta fly … Skye is signing out of school today … taking all her text books back … and finalising all the paperwork! 😦 She is feeling a little sad!) Talk about feeling sad … are you watching “Packed to the Rafters” tonight??? It is going to be “gut wrenching” (as Kochie mentioned on Sunrise this morning!) My girls are going to be a blubbering mess!  😥 😥 😥  … C U all soon! xxaxx


  1. Renée says:

    very pretty! Love your colours and the stamping behind the sentiment 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks Renee! It was fun to play along! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Sandra A says:

    Just like Renee I love the colours (would never have thought to put those three colours together) and how you have stamped behind the sentiment. Got to love those easy bows too 🙂 Congratulations to Sandy! Highly commended is a wonderful achievement!
    Andrea adds: Thanks for your lovely thoughts, Sandra! Will pass them onto Sandy! And … it is so nice to get such fab feedback on my challenge card, too! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  3. Lynda says:

    Yet another magical card Andrea…..looks like that stamp for the heck of it time cranked your MOJO beyond the outer limits. The results are beautiful!! I love this set mor and more every time I see it. The subtle stamp behing the sentiment is lovely and of course the famous bow…woo hoo!!
    Hope Skye got thru the sad day (as I hope you did too). I do not watch “Rafters” (prob one of the only few in Syd who don’t) but it’s not hard to catch up with what’s going on with all the coverage at the mo. Load up the tissues and enjoy. Love and hugs. ooxx
    PS…congrats to Sandy on his Highly Commended!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: 😥 What a sad episode! My girls were blubbering even before it started! (The preview ad set them off!) Sheree was watching with her boyfriend … He had just silently handed her the tissue box … and she was wondering this morning … what goes through the male mind at such a time. Do they NOT feel anything??? Do they feel sad??? Why is it only the girls that get emotional about these things! So … she asked her big brother this morning! “Nope! Didn’t feel sad”! 😯 I guess that is just the simple difference between male & female. Yes … we are 2 different types of people … no matter how many try to tell you that it is a result of your environment!!! 😀 Thnx for the lovely comments about my latest card! Big hugs, hunny! xxaxx


  4. Just a quick bit of blurfing before 8.30 when I too will be watching Rafters – have the tissues all ready to go!

    Congrats to Sandy for his Highly Commended – awesome job!

    Skye is in for a big year of changes ahead – exciting AND sad – wish her all the best!

    Now your card – you are on a roll Missy – this is FABULOUS yet again!

    Andrea adds: Were you sad??? I wasn’t too bad … but did lose it in the funeral! Just some silent tears rolling down my face! My girls were dreadfully sad! (see my reply to Lynda!) Thanks for the thumbs up, again! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Lee-Anne says:

    Hey lovely lady. I just finished reading all your comments on my blog, you always put such a smile on my face. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on each and every one, you are so special.

    You are so clever with this card, I love that you turned the sketch on it’s side. Love the colours too, they look so great together. And what a perfect bow, with the cute rhinestone brad….just gorgeous.

    And yes, will be watching Packed to the Rafters tonight. I think it will be worse than last week, as the whole show will be about it. It reminds me of when Claire died on McLeods Daughters…, so sad…. I think I went through a whole box of tissues.

    Talk soon, have a great week.
    Love and hugs
    Lee-Anne Xox
    Andrea adds: You know what … I love the way this show has brought people together! I know it is ridiculous to get so “involved” in a TV show … but it has meant that people have something to share … and that we are feeling sympathetic to our friends who are feeling sad with us! (Does that make sense!?) (see reply to Lynda & Debbie!) Thanks for enjoying my challenge card! Hugs xxaxx


  6. Sonia G says:

    Hey Andrea,

    I finally got the net back on… what a lonely place it’s been. I see I have some heavy duty blog surfing to do to catch up.

    Not much time for creating at the moment… still need to unpack my cardstock….lol!

    Anyway Congrats to Sandie on his Jnr MC place! It must feel official now with Skye handing in all her school paraphernalia!

    And it goes without saying your card is excellent! Can’t wait to unwrap my Cherry Cobbler.


    P.S. Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement during my time out!
    Andrea adds: So excited to see you back! Glad you are finally online again! Hope that unpacking is going well. Thanks for filling my inbox with all these lovely comments! Off to read some more! Hugs xxaxx


  7. Marisa says:

    Love how you flipped the sketch. Lovely mix of colours and love that big bow. Thanks for playing along with us this week 🙂
    Andrea adds: It is so nice to finally have some time to play! It has been a busy year … but I am a little freer now … with no more classes before the end of the year! Hugs xxaxx


  8. Gabbi says:

    Love the colours in this. It seems so simple but is so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Gabbi! It is a great colour combo … isn’t it! Works really well! Hugs xxaxx


  9. You’ve done a beautiful card with the challenge! I love the big blue bow!

    Thanks for playing!!

    Andrea adds: And … thanks for the wonderful inspiration that all the DT girls gave for this challenge! Hugs xxaxx


  10. Felicity H says:

    This card is stunning, l love all the elements on this card, beautiful.
    Andrea adds: Thanks so much Felicity! I really appreciate the feedback! Hugs xxaxx


  11. Maryanne Johnston says:

    Love the card… are there any directions for the “No tie brad bows?” I’ve seen it on a few blogs – tried it out but bow fell apart – obviously missing something – i’m sure it’s simple-
    Andrea adds: Just sent the instructions via email … hope it is a help! Will add it here too … for those who need a “refresher”! 😉 Hugs xxaxx



  12. This is just lovely. I think this colour combo is fantastic and I love all the little details you’ve added in the ribbon, brad, etc. Beauty!
    Andrea adds: Thanks heaps for the lovely comments! Hugs xxaxx


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