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I didn’t imagine I would have any time to pop back today … but I did want to pop a quick pic of Skye at her graduation … to satisfy those who have been asking to see a photo. (And to satisfy ME … the proud mum who wants to “show off” AGAIN!!!) 😀 😉 We were so proud of Skye … she has grown into a very mature and responsible young woman … and has worked so hard to do well with her HSC. She had a wonderful time last night … and received several awards including a cash award for “commitment”. Her reference is amazing … when you stop and read about the way she contributed to school life … it does make you realise how commited she really was! But … she would be the first to thank God for the opportunities to serve … and the gifts He has given to her. (This photo was taken in our front yard! Aren’t we soooo blessed!) Click on pics to enlarge if you wish! 😀

Her partner (No … NOT her boyfriend … as she doesn’t have one!) … was her long time friend  & class mate, Steve. They have known each other since they were babies … as we attend the same church as Steve’s family. Steve’s dad was also one of Skye’s roll call teachers … who actually was their roll call teacher for the whole way through secondary school … and he has a very special bond with the class after 6 years of nuturing and encouraging. It was also Steve’s 18th birthday yesterday … so I thought I really should share a photo of Steve! Didn’t they look “glamourous” together! Steve very kindly chose his “attire” to go with Skye’s dress.


The evening started with a ‘wandering entreé’ outside the function centre that was situated right on the beach at Shellharbour. It is a lovely setting … it was just a pity that it was quite grey & cool. But … at least the rain held off! 😀 The graduation ceremony started at 6.30pm. Parents / grandparents & siblings are invited to the entree/ceremony part of the evening. Then dinner follows for the students, teachers & parents. Yes! We get to celebrate too! It is lovely to be able to share this time with the kids … because  … after all … we have encouraged and supported them all through their 13 years of school!




All the girls looked stunning. I honestly didn’t look at any of them and think “oooh … my … a little over the top or doesn’t suit or bad choice.” Seriously … they all looked beautiful! It was lovely to see them all so happy and enjoying each other’s company.  This is Skye’s “group” … her 5 closest friends … Lil (Elizabeth), Nat (Natalie), Bri (Brianna), Skye, Emma & Rhi (Rhiannon).

Dinner followed the ceremony … and of course … dancing! The kids had a FAB time … although the power kept going off … I think the DJ had too much plugged in … and it was overloading the circuit! Brendon’s (one of Skye’s class mates) mum & dad very kindly hosted the after party at the local leagues club. They hired a room … and had very strict rules about ID for drinking … and bouncers (their friends) … at the door only allowing those on the list to get in. So … Skye found it all really pleasant … and had a lovely quiet chat with her friends before arriving home (early hours of the morning … but quite a respectable time!!) She has lots of happy memories to savour.

Now … most of you probably don’t really care … how our spring clean went … so WARNING … you can stop reading now … if you wish. I just thought I would share the reply to Lynda’s comment … when she said she hoped Gav & I managed to get a bit done today … Well … I have done it … after 20 odd years of gradually collecting and crafting … all my “country” collectibles and deco items have GONE!!! :shock: I have a huge basketful (the size of a REALLY BIG dirty laundry basket) of knick knacks / wooden signs / hearts / teddies / dolls / needleworks – etc etc + a collection of lovely wooden shelves / shadow boxes / CD holders / tinware etc etc … all together to do “something” with! Now I just need to work out what!!! And … we got rid of some coffee tables / computer desks / lamp tables / baby change cupboard (going to S&J) … and relocated the treadmill / piano / drum kit … and WOW!!!!! I am happy happy happy! We achieved alot … even with Skye only at half pace … and all other kids out of action. We cleaned walls / vacuumed through / mopped floors … and we have a HUGE TRAILER full of STUFF to take to the tip! After a reasonably late night … I am proud of what we achieved! :D

Doesn’t that hamster (is that what it is???) make you giggle! 😀 Ok … so now I am really “past it”. I am starting to ramble! 😉 Ready just to have a shower and veg! I feel a night in front of the tv is a GREAT option. All the kids (incl Sandy) will be out at the movies … so a quiet night for us tonight! 😀 Hope  you are all having a great weekend. xxaxx



  1. Sonia G says:

    Wow – You live in paradise…. the background in all these photo’s is divine!

    Anyway I know I am not supposed to be looking at the background, so here goes…. Skye looks absolutely stunning and relaxed and happy and perfect and I could go on, but I am not her mother…lol!

    Only one picture missing though – where are the proud parents?

    Now that you’ve spring cleaned your house, can you come and do mine?… I feel so guilty if I throw things out… I need someone ruthless…. I bet you feel so much better, well aside from the normal physical pains for sooooo much work!

    Enjoy your quiet night.

    Andrea adds: Now … I don’t want to sound like a “mother” or anything … but I imagine a good time to be ruthless would be when you are moving house! Packing up is the perfect time to “cull”. Oh … yeah! Sonia DID just move house, didn’t she?????? 😉 I’m guessing you made good use of that opportunity??????? 😉 Hugs xxaxx
    PS This very proud parent … didn’t want to spoil the overall beautiful moment … with a fat mamma picture! 😀 😀


  2. Skye looked gorgeous, what a wonderful night, and a fab memory to have forever. Congrats on the clean out too, big job!
    Fi xox
    Andrea adds: Yes! She did have a wonderful end to her school career! Very special moments! Hugs xxaxx


  3. lisa808 says:

    Skye is lovely.
    Andrea adds: Thanks, Lisa! Hugs xxaxx


  4. Sally says:

    Wow what an amazing graduation for Skye. You are obviously so proud of her and rightly so.

    Well done Skye. I’m sure you will do well with whatever you do in the future.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Andrea adds: Thanks Sally! It is so nice to share a proud mum moment … and for my blog friends to actually be interested enough to respond! Thanks (everyone!) for caring … and sharing in my moment! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  5. Lynda says:

    Thanks you you beautiful lass for granting my request and letting us share in Skye’s beautiful moment…..the Lowcok DNA, sass and savvy all aligned the night that pic was taken. She looks STUNNING!!! Her beaming smile conveys so much without a word being uttered. Where is the pic of the proud parents with the gal of the hour?? (joking) LURVE the dancing shot….reminiscent of a lot of memories for us all!!
    Congrats again on your massive achievement with the Spring clean….I am applauding….and yes typing at the same time!! It must feel so good having the punching hamster on ur side driving you forward. Brilliant job. ooxx
    PS thanks for the kind comment you left re my speccy bubba diary. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Are you and Sonia partners in crime? (See response to request for parent photo … on Sonia’s comment!) 😀 I was thrilled that you (someone) was interested to know how Skye’s evening was! So … thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to brag a little! 😉 Have you got any big milestones this year? Sandy is graduating primary school on 3rd Dec. How about your little rug rats??? Make sure you share too! 😉 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  6. Wowwww, she looked BEAUTIFUL!! What great photos….and awesome scenery too.
    Andrea adds: Yes! We live in a little piece of paradise in a pretty valley … and are only 15mins from another piece of paradise at our closest beach (where the dinner was!). Aren’t we sooooo blessed! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  7. Kay Kalthoff says:

    What a beautiful girl and so accomplished! Congrats to Skye and hugs to the proud mum!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Kay! It was a special night! Hugs xxaxx


  8. chrissieah says:

    It was a lovely night and Skye looked gorgeous. So glad she had a great time. I will have to pop up and take a look at your spring clean! Your house must look very different.
    Andrea adds: LOL! Yep! I said to Ree last night … the house has that “just moved in” feel … but most things are still the same … just got rid of all the clutter! Hugs xxaxx


  9. SKYE!!!!!! you look Beautiful 🙂 Congratulaitons on your Graduation & all you acheivements 🙂 xxxxxxx

    ANDREA I am very proud of your SPRING CLEAN UP yayayayaya 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks Lonie! And … thanks for not going on and on about regionals … and making me feel really sad all over again! 😀 So glad you had such a lovely time! Can’t wait to hear all about it … but that will have to wait until after Melbourne! Hugs xxaxx


  10. Sandra A says:

    Skye looks absolutely beautiful! So glad to hear that she had a great night with her friends
    Andrea adds: Thanks Sandra! It was very special! Hugs xxaxx


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