Hello! Back from Melbourne & all “shopped out”!!!

Hi there!

I thought I would share some of my trip with you … BUT … feel free to “pass” on this post … if you are here for some stamping inspiration! 😀 I won’t take it personally! 😉 I do want to share a lovely card I received in the mail this week … so keep watching for my 2nd post … a little later today … if you like! 😀

Well … I am a tad tired today! 😯 Giggle! I can’t even begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our break in Melbourne. It was sooooo special to have my 3 girls with me … and to share in this special time! This trip is part of our family tradition. Instead of our kids cruising up to the Gold Coast for “schoolies” … they have all chosen to go somewhere special … with either Gav or I. Gav & Shane spent 3 days in Canberra doing all the boy stuff … like go-carting / golf / lazer skirmish etc etc etc. And … I have had a treat with each of my girls shopping and enjoying a nice break in a lovely hotel. Stacey & I went to Melbourne with her best friend & mum. Sheree & I went to the Gold Coast (not during “schoolies”) with Jono’s (son-i-l) mum & sis. And … this last trip … was really special because Skye wanted her two sisters to come with us. It was such a treat to enjoy this time and create some wonderful memories.  It probably won’t be possible for many years to come … now that Stacey is about to be a mum. And … I think that helped to make it really special. I just wish I could share all the little memories & moments with you … but there are far too many to recount. So … I will just give a brief run down.

Thankfully, Stace left her camera in Skye’s handbag … so I do have some photos to share … I stole them off Stace’s memory card! 😉 I’m sure she won’t mind. (My camera is still out of action!)

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Highlights (in brief) …

  • The hotel!  The girls loved having a little (okay … A LOT of)  luxury … can’t imagine them ever camping again after this! 😉 They are all 5 star girls now!!! 😀
  • The shopping! We spent time at DFO South Wharf & Harbourtown Docklands … and it was just as well we allowed for room in our bags! 😀 I can tell you … by 3pm day 3 we were all “shopped out”. Totally exhausted! But … then … we did manage another hour or so to finish after recharging with a coffee.
  • Mary Poppins! Our major treat to celebrate Skye’ finishing school. It was magical … musical … exciting! Matt Lee was BRILLIANT as Bert (the smile on his face was such a delight!) … and Verity Hunt-Ballard was “practically perfect in every way” as Mary! The casting was fantastic … and the songs were so spectacular. We loved the tap dancing chimney sweeps … and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious act was amazing! We even had an hilarious ‘malfunction’ … when Mary Poppins came up onto the roof to meet Bert … and got stuck in the chimney!!!!!!! She was “bottom down” with her leg in the air … and still managed to powder her nose with a straight face and pretend that she was supposed to be standing!!!! The theatre laughed and laughed … and there was a 10 min break … before they got started again. Mary got a huge roar of applause … when she arrived up the chimney in one piece the second time! 😀
  • Maze Grill. Our fine dining experience … that was lotsa fun! If only we had allowed enough time to enjoy this Gordon Ramsay restaurant … but with a deadline (theatre) … we were a little too rushed to really take it all in properly. We had the best waiter who was very understanding and organised our meals really quickly … but … we did feel a little “out of our depth”! I’m sure we would have relished the challenge of this ritzy experience … if we could have spent a little more time there. Best salmon I have ever tasted … and Skye is still saying “oooooh … that chicken!!!” Everytime she thinks about that meal … she says that same phrase! So … it is a pity we didn’t have  a little more time to enjoy!
  • The pool! Again … if only we had a little more time to indulge … but this was still a FAB experience. Beautiful temperature … wonderful ambience … comfortable day beds! Just not enough time! (Perhaps we should have done a little less shopping … and a little more relaxing!) Yep! … we DID swim!
  • In room movie – “Killers” (Skye hadn’t seen this before … and it was a great choice on Tues night!)

Lowlights: (almost not worth mentioning … ‘cos we just didn’t let them spoil anything … in fact … they actually gave us a good giggle and added to the memories!)

  • Hayfever! Yes! According to the radio … the worst hayfever season in Melbourne in 20 years … and Sheree & I suffered greatly with runny eyes … itchy eyes & throat … and constant sneezing! Our asthma flared up (and neither of us have had probs for ages with our asthma!). It really did make us feel miserable at times. I felt “old, haggard & horrible” (a family joke) … because within minutes the make up was gone … and the eyelids were rubbed raw!!!! I am still recovering today … but it is a lot better.
  • Taxi break down!!! The concierge at the hotel flagged a cab for us to take downtown to the theatre. It took the cabbie about 5 mins to get the car started … and it did cross my mind that I hoped it didn’t break down at a traffic light on the way. Perhaps I should have insisted on another cab … ‘cos that’s exactly what happened! 😯 Thankfully we had almost completed our trip … but we did have to walk about 4 blocks up Exhibition Street to the Theatre … in high heels!!! 😦
  • Rain! We came out of the theatre to find it was raining … and struggled through the crowd and over to the centre of the road … where (on the way to the theatre) we had noticed a cab rank just up the road a little. So … there we were … huddled under two umbrellas in the middle of the street … getting splashed by passing cars … but NO CABS!!! They weren’t even taking the time to stop in the rank … they were picking up from directly outside the theatre! (DUH!!!) 🙄 So … we giggled back to the theatre and managed to flag down a cab. The cabbie was lovely … and made our trip back very pleasant! 😀
  • An hour wait on the tarmac … for our plane to leave Melbourne! We boarded … and then sat there for an hour!!! Apparently the rain was causing delays and traffic control kept bumping us back in the queue! So … we arrived home after midnight!!! Poor Gav had travelled up to Sydney an hour early … cos he didn’t get my message until after he was already on his way.
  • The bills! Yes … we did spend a little!!!!!! 😉 But … it was so nice for Gav to remind me … that the memories were “worth every cent”! Isn’t he just the best!!!

So … even though I could tell you lots of funny stories (like when Stace spilt her smoothie on her lap) 😉 … I will spare you from any more ramblings! 😀 We did have lots of laughs and … I have had the best 3 days with my best 3 girls! Keep watching for a 2nd post … with a lovely card that I received from Trish on Monday! Hugs xxaxx


  1. Lynda says:

    Andrea, I am so v v glad that you made so many memories and relished every opportunity to make them. The photos are FAB. I am not surprised that the 4 of u are all shopped out…..all those bags wld represent 5 yrs of clothes shopping for me!!! It’s something I don’t enjoy, but u gals obviously balance out the other end of the bell curve. The pool DOES look beautiful. Thank you so v v much for this insight into your trip and sharing your FAB girls with us. ooxx
    Andrea adds: I have to admit … the older I get the less I enjoy shopping! But … the girls don’t get much of a chance to do it together … and I think that is what made it so special! 😀 It is nice to get a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) opinion. Glad you enjoyed reading about it. Hugs xxaxx


  2. So glad you had such a wonderful time with your girls Andrea. It will be such special memories! Looks very flash accomodation! Bit better than our convention standard!!!

    Glad your back safely. I hope you feel refreshed.

    Jenny xx
    Andrea adds: We did have such a special time. Lots of giggles … and wonderful memories. Hugs xxaxx


  3. Sounds like you had a BALL!!!! What a wonderful treat for you all – and NEXT TIME you’re in Melbourne I expect a call – LOL. Am hoping to see Mary Poppins soon – I took Sarah to see Hairspray and THAT was AWESOME!!!
    Andrea adds: I know … I know! Seems each time I visit Melbourne … there is just not enough time! One day … 😀
    hugs xxaxx


  4. DearAndrea,

    I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful. special time with your girls. What a treat for all of yo, and a blessing that you can laugh at the difficulties while loving the good times. I can’t wait to see Melbourne next may, better get saving I think :-)’Fi x
    Andrea adds: Hhhmmm … not sure I will make it next May! We have to go & visit Gav’s sis & family in July who are doing missionary work in Vanuatu … and so … all spare cash will be going to saving for that trip! Wish I could catch up with you somehow … though! Hugs xxaxx


    1. Major bummer! I think the best thing about Convention is meeting up with friends, especially on my 2nd Convention (& hopefully no fire evacuations!). Will have to pray in a windfall for you!
      Fi xox
      Andrea adds: I know … but sometimes … it gets to the point that you DO have to be responsible! We don’t have a money tree … and as much as I would just love to say “to heck with the money” … I do have to realise that it isn’t a bottomless pit! I know you will understand. I will hate to hear about everyone going off to Convention … but I am okay … I will be fine! 😀


  5. Alison says:

    I love the idea of taking your son/daughter on a special trip after they finish school. My eldest starts kindergarten this year, so we’re a long way off, but I’m filing the idea for the right time. What a great relationship you have with your girls. Thanks for sharing the non-stamping stuff as well as your wonderful creations.
    Andrea adds: Hi Alison! So nice to hear from you! Hope you are still enjoying your stamping! It is also nice to know that you enjoy reading my ramblings! Sometimes I worry that my life is not really that interesting to other people! But … I figure … they can always “skip” the chatter bits … if they want! Thanks for taking the time to stop and encourage … it really has put a smile on my face today! Hugs xxaxx


    1. I love the ‘chatter bits’ 🙂
      Andrea adds: Giggle! That is sooo good to know! Me too! Hugs xxaxx


  6. Sonia G says:

    Well it appears that you had a wonderful time in each others company! I think I would have spent more time in the pool and less time shopping myself…. again it’s the same old wish of wanting more hours in the day! And more energy!

    I am sorry to hear that Sheree and you were snuffling your way through the trip!

    You sound energised after a couple of days away, which is wonderful.

    Andrea adds: Yes … definitely with you on that … more swimming … less shopping would have suited me fine! But … the girls had been saving up for ages for to do some shopping … and it was about them (particularly Skye) … so I was happy to go with the flow! And … I managed to pick up a couple of things for myself, too! hugs xxaxx


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