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Well … it has been a busy time these past few days. I am keen to pop by my favourite blogs for a visit … but there are a few things that I need to get done first! One of them is to share a few happenings here at the Lowcocks! I want to say thank you to my blog friends who show so much interest in what is going on in my life! You bring a smile to my day … when you take the time to comment and encourage!

My latest exciting moment was on Friday at Sandy’s Yr 6 graduation. You may remember I said “Sandy will get his little certificate” … but it ended up being a little more of a thrill. The year 6 teachers take the opportunity to share some thoughts about each of the kids when they get their certificate … and it was so lovely to hear about how Sandy takes the time to help others in the class room with their work … has stepped up in leadership … and not only does he know what God wants him to do … he seeks to put this into practice. Wow! I was so proud! After all the graduation certificates were handed out … there were a few certificate awards for “reliability” or “service” or “Christian Life”. But … imagine my surprise … when Sandy won the Rotary Award for “Selfless Acts of Service” (the BIG one)!

This was voted by the teachers … and included his name on a perpetual trophy … a $25 gift award (from Rotary) for Angus & Roberston … and a lovely certificate. I think my intake of breath when his name was announced was quite “loud” … and then I couldn’t help it … but a few tears escaped and rolled down my cheeks! Aren’t I just pathetic! 🙄 I was just so surprised! There were probably 5 or 6 other kids that had been mentioned during the grad certificate presentation for their kind service to others … so I was imagining one of these would get this award! It was such a special moment! And … I think Sandy was quite surprised,  too! It was a huge encouragement to me as a mum … to know that he is does think of people other than himself!

Another exciting piece of news … I was voted in the “Stamping 411 Showcase” (top 5) for the last challenge! I was thrilled … totally excited … and this is my 2nd Stamping 411 win! A BIG thank you to the Stamping 411 Operators for choosing my card! I was so happy to arrive back from our weekend away to discover this FAB news! (Click on pic to view the other top 5 winners!) I can’t wait to play along with the new sketch challenge … and I also noticed that there is a gorgeous colour challenge happening over at Stamping 411 too!


Yes … the boys we visited are typical boys!

Our weekend was simply lovely. We had such a wonderful time with our friends (2 families who used to belong to our church here in Wollongong). One family had moved down there 3 1/2 yrs ago (and Rick is now the pastor in the church there) … and the other family moved about 2 years ago. They are both lovely young families … and it was so nice to catch up … even if it was just for a short amount of time. Rick & Rachel have 4 boys under 7! Yes! It was a busy and noisy weekend … but the boys just LOVE our Sandy … and he was very tolerant with all their antics! It was pretty full on for him for the whole weekend!



Submarine at Holbrook – Skye, Shane, Murray & Sandy

The 4 older kids (my 3 + Murray – Ree’s boyfriend) stayed with the other family who also have 2 boys (3 & 3 mths) and Sandy, Gav & I stayed with R&R. Wang was hot and muggy. They have also had lots of rain … and we did see heaps of “lakes” on the trip there & back! The flood waters from Wagga did stretch almost to the freeway … but we had no trouble getting through. It was really lovely just to spend time catching up with these special long-time friends! And … we did see a little of Wang … a picnic in the park … church on Sunday morning … and a lovely BBQ tea altogether! It just went all too quickly.

Well … I think that is all my latest news! Yes … I have been naughty … and done this post before even starting the newsletter!!!!! (I am hopeless!) I was trying to distract myself … a legacy of the weekend – 34 HUGE mossie bites which are driving me insane today … they are sooooooo itchy! 😯 And … I also suffered again with hayfever  on the weekend (almost from the time I hit the Victorian border) … to the point that my right eye got really swollen with an infection from rubbing it so frequently.  (It is a little improved today!) I still have to show you the pic of my tree (as promised) … but I also want to share some of the traditions that everyone has mentioned in their comments recently … so will do that separately either today or tomorrow! Make sure you leave your comment to share your Christmas tradition on THIS POST … so I can add them to my next post!

Anyway … I can’t keep procrastinating! 😀 Off to do the  newsletter NOW!!!!! Yippeeeeee! Last one for 2010!!! 😉 😀 Stampin’ hugs xxaxx PS … DON’T FORGET to check out the latest “25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS” card that I added earlier today … (SCROLL DOWN!)



  1. Lynda says:

    Yes u are such a slacker Andrea…was only just thinking that to myself….NOT!!!!! Thanks so v v much for sharing all that news. I had a tear in my eye reading abt Sandy’s achievements, a mother cld not wish for more!!!
    CONGRATS with the 411 card…I knew that card was speccy and now you have the accolade to go with it. I am so v v wrapped for you!!! Am now gunna venture down to the next post and see what other mischief you have been up to!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: ME??? Mischief??? NEVER!!! 😉 grin! Thanks for sharing my proud mum moment with me! Joys shared are doubled … aren’t they!? Hugs xxaxx


  2. sharna says:

    wow big congratulations to Sandy what an honour for him, and as a proud mum of course your allowed tears i know i would have. and also congrats to you on your 411 win
    Andrea adds: You are so sweet … thanks for sharing my mum moment … and understanding the tears! Thanks for the congrats too! xxaxx


  3. Sonia G says:

    Firstly Congrats to Sandy! Obviously the world is a better place with him in it! And just a few tears… well done! I’d have been a blubbering mess! I bawled for the whole ten minutes that my daughter did her first cross country! And she didn’t win or lose… I just cried cause she was out there giving it a go! Winning is definitely worthy of a LOT of proud tears! And well done to yourself and Gav, as this just goes to show that your hard work is paying off!

    Well done to you for being Showcased on Stamping 411 – you deserve it!

    34 mozzie bites – you must be SWEET!

    I am beginning to think that you may be allergic to Victoria – the last two times you’ve gone there, you’ve suffered from hayfever! I hope you are feeling better now!

    Andrea adds: I said EXACTLY the same thing! I think I am allergic to Victoria! Good to know … in case I ever consider moving there! And … it is so worth sharing my mum stories … with friends who are sooooooooo encouraging and love to be in the moment with me! Thanks for the lovely comments! I remember I used to cry when Shane competed at the athletics carnival … he had such a BIG heart … went in EVERY event … and came last every time. But … he kept running and smiling! They were tear moments, too! Big hugs, Sonia! xxaxx


  4. Monika/buzsy says:

    Congreats to you son. Warms any mother’s heart. :o)
    Andrea adds: Always … it was really special! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Julie R says:

    Congrats to Sandy on winning the Rotary Award. What an amazing accolade. You must be very proud!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Julie! Yes! It was a very proud “mum moment”! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  6. Lee-Anne says:

    Wow, this is such a great post Andrea, with lots of wonderful news. Congratulations on the very proud mummy moment you had. How wonderful that Sandy received such a special award, I think that is such a great award to get and you’re right as a mum to know your children are “other” minded is a wonderful thing.
    Awesome news!!
    I am so feeling for you about the mozzie bites, I hope it’s a bit settled now. Another thing we have in common, those things love me too. It drives me insane. Such a shame that after an amazing weekend you came home with that. You know this probably sounds weird, but mozzies and headlice are just one thing I’m going to ask God about when I get to heaven. What is the purpose, except to drive us crazy?? I’m so glad you had a great time away though, and so great so many of your family were with you, such precious memories.
    And last, but never least congrats on the top 5 for your gorgeous card. Very well deserved 🙂
    Okay, off to the next post now. Seeya in a bit.
    Andrea adds: Noticed you have left 6 lovely comments … can’t wait to read them all. It is so nice to “hear” your voice … and know that you are having a good week. I agree about the mozzies & head lice! As a mother of 3 girls with long hair … I so relate to the head lice question! Thanks for sharing the joy of my mummy moments! Hugs xxaxx


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