25 Days of Christmas – Card #12

The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing other’s loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas.

Hi there!

Phew! Almost half way through our countdown to Christmas. But … panic … that means there are only 13 more days until Christmas! I REALLY NEED to finish addressing my Christmas Cards … and get them posted! 😉 Some of the cards I have created for Christmas I have been really happy with … others are a little disappointing. Dare I show you???? 😉

This was a challenge card for Stamping 411 … that I didn’t end up posting … because I wasn’t too happy with it! I think it might be the colour combo??? Not sure … can’t put my finger on it … perhaps you can help??? 😀

I really must get my Season of Joy out again … and stamp! I have hardly used it this Christmas season! Last year it was my “go to” Christmas stamp set. It must be feeling rather neglected this year! 😦

I have been wanting to say thank you to these two very special blog friends who have shared a lovely blog award with me! Thank you to Jess & Sandra … for thinking of me when you passed this on. I am always touched & excited to be included in these awards!


Now … in the spirit of the award … you need to hear 8 things about me. So … I am gonna make this quick. (And I will try to think of things I haven’t told you before!) So … 8 NEW things about Andrea …

  1. I don’t like oysters, any of the “organ” type food, apple juice or chokkos!
  2. The Blood Bank has said “no thankyou” to me. The last two times I tried to give blood … they got 50ml & ZIP!!!
  3. I am allergic to Victoria! (Just newly discovered!)
  4. I cry in ads on the TV!
  5. My favourite thing to do is to go out for dinner (with friends or family or my dh).
  6. I have hardly touched tea (as in the cuppa) since being pregnant with Sandy. (Too many “yuk” memories!)
  7. I have never in my life … ever felt pretty! (I just heard all your collective “ohhhh’s” 😀 )
  8. I would LOVE to be on a design team … for real! … 😀 giggle!

And … now to share this award with 8 special people! (Again … I am trying to share this with some different … and some newly discovered … blog friends!)

  1. Monika
  2. Karen
  3. Kim
  4. Connie
  5. Donna
  6. Lee
  7. Kristin
  8. Kerin

Hope you are all having a great weekend. Take care … I will be back tomorrow. Hugs xxaxx


  1. Gabbi says:

    I think this is another beautiful card – and I can see all the extra time you have taken for the finishing touches (sponging, snipping, punching, stamping etc). I really like this tree too.
    I’m shattered for you that you have never felt pretty – but I know what you mean … luckily for us that “pretty” doesn’t count, but being beautiful in God’s eyes and our darling husbands eyes is all that counts! Even with imperfections, we are only called to be what God has planned for us and to use what gifts he has given us! (And I believe you got your fair dose of creativity & such a gorgeous family!) Even the “pretty” women see themselves as falling short, because they are the ones that go under the knife to fix whatever it is that they are unhappy with. I am sure glad that I, for one, got blessed with so much more that just feeling ‘pretty’, because I think if I had to choose, being “pretty” was rank fairly low.
    Thanks for sharing – your cards and your thoughts.
    (from one ‘ordinary’ chick (doing ‘extraordinary’ things through the grace of God) to another. xoxo)
    Andrea adds: Oh Gabbi! Thanks for taking the time to encourage me in such a beautiful way! Thanks for reminding me of the things that are important … and I agree with all that you said! God has blessed me in so many MUCH MORE wonderful ways … and “pretty” is so not important! You are what God calls a true friend … someone who picks us up when we feel a bit flat … and reminds us to be thankful and content! 😀 Thanks hunny … truly appreciated! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Lynda says:

    Darl….you need a tad more confidence in urself. isn’t the idea of a challenge to get urself to try something that ur perhaps not comfortable with??? (someone wise once told me that!!) I love the eccentric curve…how??? It looks MAD (in a really good way) SOJ has been neglected by me as well this year, but It is one that will never date. I think the colours are brilliant too.
    Congrats on the blog award…I am always amazed at how much I learn abt you fm 1 blog entry!!! We are kindred in the oysters…but mine is more a nursing comparison!! I also hear you on the pretty thing….thankfully we have rockin’ senses of humour to fall back on!!! Besides……pretty i think is over-rated. Congrats on nearly 1/2 way!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: Yes … where would we be without our “rockin’ senses of humour”. You always make me giggle, girl! 😀 And … like Gabbi … you have reminded me … “pretty” is so not important! Thanks for popping by (as usual!) Hugs xxaxx


  3. Oh Andrea, you are so sweet, gf! Thank you for thinking of me while sharing this blog award :] I truly am humbled whenever someone thinks my or my blog are worthy of an award! I’ll post it proudly.

    As for you never having thought you are pretty, I cannot for the life of me see why! As soon as I read that, I went back to your photo with my confused look and got even more confused! You are very pretty, my dear. Don’t let anyone make you think different. I have to add that I sincerely believe beauty is on the inside, so don’t ever lose who you are either…that’s what will matter in the end when we’re wrinkly, and sagging :O)
    Andrea adds: Giggle. Who would have thought that comment would have caused such a response! It’s almost like I was begging for compliments (which I wasn’t … for the record!) But … I am so grateful for the encouragement I have had from my blog friends! It has been so sweet to read all the lovely comments … and realise that I truly need to concentrate on the important things … like being healthy & happy … my lovely family … my special friends (bloggers, incl!) and ALL my wonderful blessings from God! 😀 Thanks Kristin! xxaxx


  4. oh this is gorgeous! I know what you mean…. i have TWO of these sets for using them in classes.. 😀 I really like the colors..
    Andrea adds: I love this set … easy to use for quick cards! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Monika/buzsy says:

    Thanks so much for the award Andrea! You are so sweet. I will try pass it along during my vacation time. :o)
    Andrea adds: YW Monika! Glad you enjoyed it. It is a nice way to let people know how much you like visiting their blog! Hugs xxaxx


  6. Sonia G says:

    I am loving the funky ‘cut’ on the card! Have checked out your recipe and can only assume you cut two peices of cardstock at once. Am I right?

    Congrats on the award! Love to learn new things about friends! You wanna be on a DT huh????? You certainly deserve to be;-)

    Andrea adds: Yes … cut both together … held them with a little dotto while I cut! 😀 Aren’t you clever! Giggle … yep! All my innermost thoughts! I am a little toooo sharing … aren’t I! 😉 hugs xxaxx


  7. Kasey says:

    How on earth did you discover you’re allergic to Victoria….I do have to ask though, is victoria the state or a person? I hope that you always feel special, pretty is fairly ordinary and ‘a dime a dozen’ but to be someone special…..being talented, generous, caring and beautiful now that far out weighs pretty in my book any day! Cheers, Kasey
    Andrea adds: Thanks Kasey for popping by again! Hhhmmm … I guess that was a little ambiguous! Victoria – the state! 😀 I discovered because the last two times I have visited … I have suffered really badly with allergies … sneezing … runny/itchy/stinging eyes … etc! 😀 Giggle! Plus they have mozzies “big enough to carry a grown man away” (I heard that on Sunrise the other day!) … and I am really allergic to the Victorian mozzie! Huge welts! Thanks for the lovely words of encouragement! Greatly appreciated! Hugs xxaxx


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