Danielle’s Project!

Hi there!

Isn’t it a gorgeous morning! But … from my window … I can see some clouds building up over the escarpment. Again! 🙄 Not that I mind the rain … but I am thinking of my kids camping at the beach! 😀 They are 2 1/2 hours from here … so perhaps it isn’t too grey there? Have only had 1 phone call … so I am missing them heaps! Perhaps I need to do some stamping to distract me???? But … first … I have a coffee date with my mum & sis! (My mum is craving time at the moment … and taking advantage of Christine being on holidays.)

Today I wanted to show you a project that I have completed from the latest UStamp session of tutorials. This was a “goodie” bag & card designed by Danielle Daws. (You can see her original project by following the link to her page! It is gorgeous … go take a look!) The bag is created from a 12″ x 12″ piece of DSP/cardstock and is a great size for a gift bag. I saw this bag on Jess’ blog, too … and she had filled her bag with a cellophane bag of cookies! What a great idea for a thank you gift … and that is what I plan to do with this gorgeous bag! Thanks for the idea, Jess. 😀

Danielle had designed a matching card … perfect for that thank you note to go with the gift bag! 😀 I am having HEAPS OF FUN checking out all the gorgeous projects on offer at UStamp with Dawn & Friends! I can’t wait to get back to my desk this afternoon to create a few! It should be fun! You will notice that there are limited details on my card recipe today. If you would like to know how to make this gorgeous project the full PDF tutorial is available for you to download at UStamp! Click on the pic below to join in the fun! 😀

Ok … better get going … Chrissie will be here any minute! 😀 See you all soon. Hugs xxaxx


  1. lisa808 says:

    Great bag & card. Pretty colors.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Lisa! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Gabbi says:

    So cute!

    Very beautiful creations – both yours & Danielles. (FYI – The link to Jess’ sent me to Danielles too, so I couldn’t find hers).

    These colours are very soft, and I agree – great for a ‘Thank You’ gift.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Andrea adds: Thanks for the heads up about the link … have fixed it … if you want to have a look now!? 😀 Thanks for all your lovely encouragement! Hugs xxaxx


    1. Gabbi says:

      Yes, I like Jess’ too! (…and the sound of those yummy cookies!)
      Very, very cute! – especially with the matching card that you made.
      Thanks for fixing the link – I have had time to “waste” on the computer today, and have found all kinds of cool things!!!
      Andrea adds: LOL! So glad you can “veg” in front of the computer, Gabbi! Would love some time to blog hop … around my fav’s … but lots of distractions here today! 😀 Enjoy! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Sam says:

    Such a beautiful gift set Andrea! I especially love your colour combo.

    You have inspired me to try and make one of Danielle’s purses later today too (after the washing though…no more clothes to wear here…:-(

    Best wishes, and I hope the rain doesn’t catch your kids.

    Andrea adds: Well … I just brought my washing in (managed to get it dry before it started looking really dark & gloomy again!) … but have no inclination at all to fold it … so might stamp instead!!! 😉 Hugs xxaxx


  4. Absolutely beautiful! 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks Danielle! I had wonderful inspiration! Thanks for popping by to see my sample of YOUR design! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Denise M. says:

    Oh how I LOOOOOVE purple and blue as a color combo on cards. BEAUTIFULLY done, girlie!
    Andrea adds: Yes … it seems to be a colour combo I am reaching for a bit lately! Hugs xxaxx


  6. Sonia G says:

    Ooh this is so cute! Would make great ‘lolly’ bags for Miss 8’s next birthday.

    Andrea adds: It is really easy to make. Would take a lot of lollies to fill though! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


    1. Sonia G says:

      I’d shrink it! Or maybe buy shares in a lolly factory! LOL!
      Andrea adds: I vote … buy shares in a lolly factory! Hugs xxaxx


  7. Lynda says:

    Too purdy for words Andrea. I have seen some magical projects done by folk that have joined UStamp…maybe one day…see how I cope with I4U!! (lol!!) The CC/BB combo is devine and I love the shape of the bag. Gotta save up for some more CC CS (used the multi pkt – boo hoo). I’ll leave the cookies to you and the commenters to indulge in!!
    Hope you have recharged after your late night. It bucketed down here till lunch time…but then got v v humid. Hope the kids are OK and that you had a great coffee!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: I thought I would have too many distractions today … but I actually did manage to do some stamping! I can’t wait for you to join in the fun at I4U! It will be nice to have a friend there! (& Sonia too!) (& Gemma & Kim) I think I4U is a little more easy to navigate … and a little more interactive than UStamp. But … definitely more (as in number of) gorgeous projects at UStamp. I4U also has challenges to participate in … so both a little different … and both have advantages! Perhaps a bag of nuts or dried fruit might be good for you. Or … you could use it for a “socks & undies” gift. At least the gift wrapping would be exciting! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


    1. Lynda says:

      Looking v much fwd to I4U….awaiting e mail fm Sonia or a power higher up the crafting food chain with dets!! So glad you got some stamping done!! Nuts are always a good option…but I wld definitely find something unique to pop in this if I made it for someone!! Massive day today (dad’s 70th)…and (of course) gotta finish the card!! Made 2 and can’t decide…and Miss 6 has to glue her speccy one together!! HAve a great day…and thanks for all the GORJUS comments on my blog. Luv n hugs. ooxx
      Andrea adds: I think I owe you … oh … about a thousand comments!!! 😉 But … happy to make you smile! 🙂 Have a lovely day with your dad … and hope you get that card sorted! I can understand … it is a speccy one! Hope you also looking after yourself … and have “everything” under control. How is your new “friend” going? Hugs xxaxx


  8. Kim S says:

    I feel a little bit like I am stalking you (don’t be scared!). I found UStamp for the first time a few days ago on another blog when they showed the project they had created for one of the tutorials. Then I was commenting this morning on somebody else’s blog and you were the comment right before me. Hmmm…we must both have the same (good) taste!
    Andrea adds: Hhhmmm … giggle! Happy to be stalked by someone so nice as you … anyday! (Which blog was it?) 😀 and … yes … I think that is why I was drawn to your blog … I do love your style! I have two more UStamp projects completed … so keep watching! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  9. Monika/buzsy says:

    Hope you had a great coffee date. :o) Lovely project. Great colors and I just heart that bird image. :o)
    Andrea adds: Yes! I love it too … but haven’t succumbed to the punch yet! (Borrowed from a friend for this one!) The coffee was great! Hugs xxaxx


  10. bronheslop says:

    This is gorgeous, Andrea. Cool project, eh?
    Andrea adds: Yep! And … quite quick & easy! Lots of uses for this one! Hugs xxaxx


  11. Jess says:

    Hi Andrea!
    Thanks for linking to my blog! 🙂
    I love your UStamp project! it is so perfect…
    Andrea adds: YW, Jess! Thanks for the lovely compliment! Hugs xxaxx


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