Another birthday … and a funny (sort of) story!

Hi there everyone!! It has been an exhausting 24 hours!

I might start today with the “sort of” funny story. Do you all remember “10 sec Tom” from the movie “50 First Dates”???? Well … we experienced that first hand yesterday! (And … still ongoing!) Shane & Sandy went out yesterday afternoon for a motor bike ride. (We have 100 wonderful acres here … perfect for bike riding.) Sandy came over a jump and landed awkwardly … and had a “stack”! He was lying there winded … and realised he could hear Shane coming after him … and had to scramble out of the way … but he wasn’t quick enough. Shane came over the jump and realised he was going to land on top of Sandy (BIG HEAVY BIKE!!!!!) and made a desperate effort to push the bike away. He landed heavily … and the bike spun off and hit Sandy in the hip (not excessively hard … but he has a doozy bruise on his hip!). Sandy was in a hurry to get out of the way so didn’t actually see Shane hit the ground. He seemed instinctively to know that Shane wasn’t ok … even though after a few mins he was up on his feet. Sandy had to walk up the paddock past the dam … and up the hill to the house to let us know what had happened. He came up saying “Shane ran over me with his bike … fell off … and now he doesn’t have a clue where he is!”. Ok … now that was a slight concern! Gav went down to check on him … and after the 4th time of being asked “what happened … I don’t have a clue what happened” he realised that Shane must have hit his head really hard … because he was repeating the same question over and over … even though Gav had answered him several times. He couldn’t remember the fall … but kept asking about Sandy … as if that was the last memory that he had! By the time they got back up to the house, Gav was really concerned. Shane really was very confused. I sent him into his room to get out of his motor bike gear … and he came out … cos he couldn’t remember why he went in there. Between our house & the hospital (about 15 min trip) he asked Gav the same question 65 times … that is NOT an exagerration – Gav started counting at the bottom of our driveway!) Long story short … he is now home again … after 6 hours at the hospital … a cat scan … blood & urine tests … and plenty of observation. The doc said he definitely has amnesia & must have been knocked out momentarily with the fall. He has a haematoma on the back of his head … but obviously the knock was hard enough to “rattle” his brain a little … we are very thankful for BIKE HELMETS! 😀 He is still quite confused … and still repeating himself.

He still has no memory of the fall … or his trip to the hospital … or the condition of the bikes … or whether he hurt Sandy … or the nurse in Triage etc etc. He is still asking the same questions … but the frequency has eased significantly. He is very stiff and sore … and a bad headache … but hopefully a couple of days and he will be himself once again. The doc did say that sometimes it can take weeks before the amnesia is competely restored! He has to be really careful for about 6 weeks … to make sure he doesn’t knock his head again. So … that was our excitement yesterday. God is so good … this could have been so much worse … but we are so thankful that He had his hand protecting both our boys! 😀 There are so many hilarious conversations we have had with Shane … but there is just no time to share them all.  😀 Our new nickname  is “7 second Shane”. We have been having a good giggle now that we know he is going to be ok. So … I guess it is a bit of an anti-climax … after that story … but I did want to show you a special card, today!

It is Sheree’s birthday today and she is turning 21. We are having a small celebration tonight  (dinner out) … just family … and then are planning a “square dance” party early in March. (Due to family & friends’ holidays … the date can’t be organised until then!!!!!!!) I was really happy with this card … and Sheree loved it! Her fav colour is green … but I wanted it to be an elegant card … so the green is just a touch here and there! Isn’t the Pinking Heart frame gorgeous? If you need help with sizing for this corner/border punch combination … then check this out -> Gretchen Barron. I am a little “obsessed” with my new “Modern Label” punch, too & the gorgeous “Scalloped Heart of Hearts” Embosslits Die that fits perfectly inside the Sweethearts stamp! Just noticed that I didn’t include that stamp on my recipe! (Sorry!) 😀 All the phrases are embossed with silver. Anyway … I think I have lingered enough. People to see … places to be! I have a stamping day at Julie’s in Sydney tomorrow. (Son-i-l’s mum & my 1st downline.) Lots fun … I am hoping to get some INK4U projects done. But … there might be more chatting than stamping done! 😀 So … perhaps I will see you again on Friday. (If I don’t manage to get here tomorrow!) Have a nice day, bloggies. C U Soon! Hugs xxaxx



  1. Andrea, Glad everything is ok now? Bit of a fright though. Thinking of you all and BIG hugs!
    This is a gorgeous card for Sheree. Have a lovely day together.
    Love and Hugs,
    Jenny xx
    Andrea adds: Yes … all is ok. Shane is still getting blurred vision today … and has a bad headache … but the repeating seems to have settled down. Hugs xxaxx


  2. Wow, what a scary day. I’m glad you’re on the other side of it and able to see the humour! Hope Shane recovers fully and quickly!
    Fi xox
    Andrea adds: Yes! It was quite worrying at the time … but such a giggle later! 😀 He is definitely on the mend although still some remaining symptoms. He will be fine. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Hugs xxaxx


  3. Sonia G says:

    Happy Birthday Sheree!

    I wonder how many times 7 second Shane will say that today????

    Glad to hear that both boys are okay!

    It’s a lovely card you made for Sheree and it’s definitely elegant!

    Andrea adds: LOL! Thanks for the giggle! We had a nice time this morning spending Ree’s gift vouchers at “Forever New” … her fav shop. Both boys going ok. Hugs xxaxx


  4. Donna Zammit says:

    Love the card Andrea, very elegant! Glad to hear the boys are OK…talk about lucky. TFS Cheers Donna Zammit
    Andrea adds: Hi Donna! So nice to see you! Thanks for stopping by! We are very thankful that the accident wasn’t worse. God was watching over them. Thanks for taking the time to say hi! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Denise says:….what a story. I hope he recovers quickly….oye…..dirt bikes, four-wheelers…they’re all fun, but oh how fast accidents can happen. He’s in my thoughts and prayers. Happy birthday to Sheree!….my word, she’s such a pretty girl.

    Hugs to you, Andrea….you’re right, you’ve had a very busy 24 hours.

    Gorgeous card as always. I love all the bling around the heart.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Denise for all the lovely thoughts & for your prayers! I really appreciate your love and concern. Thanks for the hugs! Much needed and much appreciated! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  6. chrissieah says:

    Just love this card! Why do mine look so amateurish compared to yours?! Glad to hear Shane is doing a bit better this morning.
    Andrea adds: Amateurish??? Pffft! Your’s are so sweet! Sheree loved hers! Gorgeous colours. Thanks for the effort and love that goes into your cards. Thanks for popping by today, too. Hugs xxaxx


  7. Lynda says:

    Lordy girlfriend…when your family DOES it…they really do DO it properly!! I am so happy that shane and Sandy are OK. The other possible scenarios are too horrid to contemplate. I read the story to my 2 kids and emphasized the HELMETS bit….so u have also done a fine community service. I did have a wry giggle abt the nickname but am also reminded abt the fact that goldfish are also famous for short memories!!
    The card is stunning. I love the bling and of course ur splash of green. It refects the love and passion you have for ur daughter. She’ll cherish it always I am sure. You lined up the pinking frame PERFECTLY…and 1st go no doubt!! Congrats on a stunning card. Sad that SU don’t have that many number sets avail. I am alsways looking for a nice stamped number to go with my cards….and have to go another option.
    Please take care of you and have fun in Syd today. Sending out lots of love, hugs and healing wished to you all. ooxx
    Andrea adds: As usual … you have given me a lovely “pick me up” today! We are having a lovely time with Ree … but I am feeling a little flat after all the happenings of yesterday. But … tonight will be nice … to have dinner out together! Thanks hunny! Hugs xxaxx


    1. Lynda says:

      Reading some of ur replies….and pls make sure you eep an eye on Shane…..continuing headaches and blurred vision cld mean that he has a slow bleed to his brain fm his injury. I fhis demeanour of behaviour changes…or pain relief does not relieve the headaches…seek medical advice without hesitation!! I sincerely hope tonight has been good for you all. Thinking of all of you. ooxx
      Andrea adds: How kind, Lynda! I made Gav read this comment … so he would keep an eye on Shane today. (He is a pharmacist … so is aware of these things … but it is always helpful to have another perspective and a reminder!) Thanks so much for the advice. Shane is definitely on the improve and seems to be recovering quite quickly now. He is still forgetting some conversations … but I am sure that will also settle soon, too! Hugs xxaxx


  8. Kim S says:

    Oh my gosh…I haven’t been following your blog (or your life) to know if your kids supply this kind of “excitement” on a regular basis – but… are YOU doing? You will all be in my prayers!

    Andrea adds: Oh Kim … when you said you didn’t know if this was a regular event … I just couldn’t resist! Here are some funny stories ……..

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers … I really appreciate them all! You are so kind! Hugs xxaxx


  9. Gabbi says:

    This is so pretty. 😉 I love the heart and the bling, and the bow – with the crisp white!!!

    I hope you have a lovely day celebrating the 21st birthday with your family. What a wonderful celebration! 😉

    Hope your boys are recovery from such an ordeal! It must have been very scarey!! 8-0

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations! 😛
    Love Gabbi 🙂
    Andrea adds: It was funny … then it was scary … then afterwards it was funny all over again! 😀 But … he is improving slowly! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! Hugs xxaxx


  10. Hi Andrea, boy what a day you had, im so glad of the outcome.
    I bet you all had fun with Shane once you realised he was going to be ok, i know i would.

    I love this card i have placed it on my CASed list
    Andrea adds: Thanks Sharna! It has been so nice to have the lovely support from all my friends. Hugs xxaxx


  11. Helen H says:

    Goodness Andrea, what a scare! What a relief for you that both your boys are okay. Maybe you should record Shane while he is still saying funny stuff, so you can play it back to him once his amnesia is gone. Otherwise he will be able to legitimately brush it off by saying “I don’t remember that!”. *wink*

    Sheree’s card is gorgeous! You’ve pulled all those special elements together beautifully. Love the die-cut heart in the stamped heart border. 🙂
    Andrea adds: Hi Helen! Yes … it was certainly a little scary. It is good to have him home again … and recovering well. We are so wishing we had thought to video the after effects of the accident. It certainly was funny … especially in hindsight! 😀 And … don’t worry … he is already playing the “I don’t remember that” card! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  12. Paula Dobson says:

    I love that movie!!! But 7 seconds – that would drive me crazy!! I am so relieved and thankful that your boy will be ok. Scary stuff Andrea, you wouldn’t want to go thru that too often!!

    Lovely card too. Monotones always look so elegant and this is no exception!
    Andrea adds: It WAS driving Gav insane … sitting next to the hospital bed trying to catch up on work on his puter. He tried telling Shane that he would answer all his questions … once he was remembering better. But … Shane forgot immediately that Gav had said that to him, too! 😉 Giggle! Thanks for the lovely comments! So nice to have you pop by! UStamp is keeping you busy … isn’t it! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  13. Jess Doyle says:

    Wow! what a story! Good to hear that both boys are okay. Best wishes, and prayers that Shanes memory loss clears up soon.
    Andrea adds: Yes … quite a story for sure! We are happy that he is recovering well. Thanks for your thoughts! Hugs xxaxx


  14. Donna says:

    oh my goodness Andrea…I am so glad I stopped in. Is Shane okay today! That sounds terirbly serious to me. I am going to say a prayer for you guys. How are you doing. Your post was sounding a little comical as I read it but it is serious stuff girlie. Take care I’ll be checking in. PS Your card is beautiful! Hugs~Donna
    Andrea adds: Thanks so much for your prayers, Donna … all very much appreciated. Shane is doing well … even if a little vague! 😀 And … you read it right … it was pretty comical … until we realised that it was serious! And … then it was comical again … once we knew he would be ok. Thanks for checking in! You are a special friend! Hugs xxaxx


  15. Karen Thomas says:

    Holy byjingo Andrea – I am SO GLAD your boys are ok! That whole experience would have been very scary I’m sure!

    Your card is just beautiful and I love that beautiful green layer you created with the punch! You’re way too clever whipping up master pieces like this! lol

    Andrea adds: You made me smile with your “byjingo” comment! 😀 Thanks for your lovely compliments! And … thanks for popping by … will be blurfing again as soon as I catch up on things here! Hugs xxaxx


  16. Sandra says:

    Oh my Andrea!!! I go away for a week and look what happens!!! I hope that Shane is feeling better soon. How scary for all of you!
    Andrea adds: Oh … Shane is almost completely recovered … apart from the “odd” occasion of forgetting a conversation … he is doing really well. Hugs xxaxx


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