Chocolates anyone???

Hello bloggies!

Sorry … I have been a little pre-occupied … actually … to be totally honest … my MOJO HAS DISAPPEARED. Isn’t it just the weirdest feeling … no inspiration … no inclination! Sigh!!! 😦 It may have something to do with the fact that I pulled a muscle in my neck on Wednesday morning (& spent the next 24 hours “resting it”) … or perhaps that this week has been a little “out of the ordinary”. But … NOPE … no mojo!!!! I really need to find it … though … because I was planning to prepare my next INK4U project tomorrow … and I sooo don’t want it to be a “dud”! 😉 What better way to find some INK4U mojo … than to show you one of the projects from the most recent session. How is this for a fabulous idea as a gift … you could easily fill it with Lindt Chocolates or Ferrero Roche chocolate balls. This is perfect!

And … I just had a great thought … this would make a super party favour for a sweet 16th. For the record … NO … I did NOT eat the chocolates! I have yet to purchase these and fill the box! (Truly! 😉 ) However you decide to use it … this tutorial is so quick to make! And … it is super easy! If you would like the tutorial (+ 13 more) … then just make sure you register at INK4U! This tutorial was part of the Valentine’s/Birthday session. Here is the link …

Well … this goober (anyone who can “kink” their neck just by putting their head back to wash out the hair conditioner … can only be described as a goober!!!) … has to go get dinner organised. Then Sandy and I are going to get a DVD … and Gav & Skye are going to the movies with Stacey & Jono to see the new Russell Crowe movie. Sheree & her boyfriend, Murray are in Sydney having dinner with Murray’s sister & hubby … and of course … Shane is in BORNEO!!! 😀 He is such a good boy … you know … I have had 3 emails via facebook … and they are so newsy and chatty! He is doing well … making mud bricks in 36C heat + 96% humidity … and can still call if “fun”! I will try and pop back tomorrow … and show you MY project for the last session of INK4U! xxaxx


  1. Lynda says:

    Hey there Goober Gal…LOL!! Perfect pair we are!! I am still yet to try ANY of the projects that ink4U put out this round…it’s a time thing, a physio thing, a heat thing…etc etc, etc…..I doff my cap to Shane for his endurance!!
    This box is so v v fun and cute. believe it or not I have 7 b’days in 4 days in early March….most of them gals…so this is looking good…or the combo one we did with the card!!! LURVE the look of pink and choc together. (you “stole my thought” abt the whereabouts of the chocs….LOL!!) ooxx
    Andrea adds: Giggle … you are just tooooo predicatable Lynda! I knew you would ask where they were! I do soooo love this box … am keen to make some more! Thanks for your lovely email reply! Will respond soon! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Sonia G says:

    Oh no, Andrea you can’t have lost your mojo…. did it go down the drain with that nasty neck pain inducing conditioner?

    You will not be a dud! Never have and never will be! All your projects are great!

    I loved this particular project from Inkspirations 4U Valentines and Birthday class! It was super easy!

    Well done Shane for smiling through the heat and humidity! And keeping your mum updated! Which in turn means we are updated! 🙂

    Getting ready for another stinker! Bring on winter! Or Autumn at least!

    Andrea adds: Soooo hot … so no blogging today. Stace & Jono came over to make use of the air con! Thanks for being such a fan! I appreciate the support! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  3. chrissieah says:

    I haven’t had much mojo since the day I spent at your place!! I did manage a couple of new cards this afternoon though! And I have been finally able to sit and schedule some new posts for my blog! So stay tuned!! Thanks for all the encouragement you leave for me in my blog by the way! You and Lynda are just great for my ego!
    Andrea adds: I am sure that mojo is related to time. Busy … no mojo! But … this week looks a little easier … so fingers crossed! I am happy with the INK4U project that I managed to complete on Saturday. Now just need to get the tutorial done! Hugs xxaxx


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