Punch Art Animals

Hello again friends!

This is going to be another quick one … it has been another day of distractions … nice ones … but still distracting! 😀 I took my mum to see “The King’s Speech”. She has wanted to see it for ages … and finally we managed to get there! What a wonderful movie! It was so moving and just fabulous! You do have to see it if you haven’t managed to see it yet! 😀 It is a drama / chick flick … but … really worth seeing!

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I thought I would share some of the adorable Punch Art Animals that we created on Monday for our stamping day. Leonie has sourced all these punch art animals from the internet. I have seen them around on various sites … but I am not sure where Leonie actually found each one. So … please … if you would like acknowledgement for any of these images … let me know and I will add a link here! 😀 You can find a printable PDF tutorial with all the punched pieces to create each of these animals by clicking on the picture below. I’m sure you will see some of these popping up on cards that I make from time to time! These are super for kids’ cards! Have a great day … C U soon! Hugs xx


  1. chrissieah says:

    hmmm wonder why when i asked in the holidays if she wanted to go and see the kings speech, mum said no!!?? i didn’t realise it was still on. i’d like to see it too!
    Andrea adds: Probably not a good time … cos she jumped at it yesterday. It was FAB! Skye & Stace want to see it … and I would go again … but it is only on in the mornings now! I guess you will have to wait until it comes out on DVD!? Hugs xxaxx


  2. liamp says:

    love all the punch art ideas. Thanks for sharing. Love your baby shower cards too.

    Andrea adds: Thanks Liam! So nice to see you! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Gabbi says:

    These punch art items are sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing them!
    Hope you are going well!
    Andrea adds: I am going okay! Thanks Gabbi! I have a nasty chest cold … but am keen to spend my first FREE day in 2 weeks doing some stamping! Thank you Thank you for my gorgeous birthday card … arrived yesterday! You are such a sweet and kind friend! Hope that hubby is improving after his hospital stay! Take care … and thanks for taking the time to send me a card … when you are so busy! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  4. Sandra says:

    What great ideas. Punch art is one of my favorite techs. Thank you so much for sharing, Your work is always wonderful and very inspiring.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Sandra! Thanks for popping by to say hi! I’m glad you enjoyed these ideas! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Paula Dobson says:

    These wee animals are too cute Andrea! At least I know where to come to get some ideas now – thanks!!!
    Andrea adds: Yes … it’s great to have so many ideas in one place (thank you to all those who created these ideas originally — I have just put them together!) … I hope it is a help! Hugs xxaxx


  6. Lynda says:

    I have heard that the King’s Speech is indeed brilliant fm a lot of my patients. A lot of the staff….well they just like Colin!!!
    The aninals are just devine Andrea. I esp love the Turtle and the wee bear holding the heart. Too cute and guarenteed to tug at the heart strings of anyone who receives it. I get the feeling that these Monday get togethers for you are going to be v v productive. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Giggle … sometimes we do more chatting and giggling than stamping … but we usually get something done! 😀 But … lotsa fun! “Happiness is stamping with Friends”! 😀 You do have to see “The Kings Speech”. Don’t expect a fast paced movie … it is a slow (but moving) story! I cried! But … then … I do have a habit of doing that in movies!!! (Not as bad as I used to be, though!) 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  7. Rene Stansell says:

    Thank you soooo much for the tutorials they are great.
    Rene from OZ xo
    Andrea adds: You are very welcome Rene! Hope you can try some out! Hugs xxaxx


  8. Denise says:

    I love punchart like that….tooooooo cute!
    Andrea adds: It is really cute … isn’t it! Can’t wait to try some out on a card! Hugs xxaxx


  9. Very cute, I really love the tractor.
    Sorry that you’ve been sick, hope you’re on the mend. And also hope you had a Happy Birthday. Didn’t realise it had been, not much time to blurf of late.
    I LOVED The King’s Speech, a great movie, and Colin was an asset, I love Colin!
    Fi x
    Andrea adds: LOL … yes … Colin is THE BEST! Well deserved Academy Award! Thanks for your lovely concern and b’day wishes! The cold is still hanging on and on … but hopefully it will ease soon! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  10. Sonia G says:

    Wow – These are too cute – I really love the tractor… just need to find myself a little boy…lol!
    Thanks Leonie, for showing all these to Andrea, who in turn has shown them to us!
    Andrea adds: Yes … THANKS LEONIE!!!! You are a star! And … I’m glad that they are inspiring others, too! I think you have a little boy in mind!!! 😉 Hugs xxaxx


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