A Birthday Cupcake!

Hello bloggies!

Well … you know what they say … sometimes the best of intentions …. go astray! 😀 😉

I was all set to pop by yesterday morning to do a blog post … but WordPress was having issues. 🙄 I couldn’t get in to reply to comments or do a new post. So … instead of wasting more time … I decided that I needed to “bite the bullet” … and finally get my grocery list onto online shopping. (A big job that I have been procrastinating about.) I already do my mum’s groceries online for her every 2 weeks … and without a car most days I thought it might be helpful & more efficient to do this for my shopping also.  You probably won’t believe this … but … the first 3 items took 1 hour to list!!!!!!! That is NO EXAGGERATION. And … to submit the whole list … took 5 hours! It was taking several attempts & a very long time to “refresh” each time I added an item. You can imagine the tears & the frustration by the end of the task! So … long story short … (I’m not very good at keeping a long story short 🙄 ) I ran out of time yesterday to do my post.

INK4U! Mar11 - Inkspiration #10 picIt has however prompted Gav to once again test and retest different settings … positions … network issues etc etc … and with a few changes … it does seem to be behaving much more postively today. Poor Gav! We have lost track of the number of hours he has spent on trying to maximise out internet performance! But … fingers crossed … it will be stable for a little while! I promised the girls over at INK4U! that I would get the details for this card posted asap! This was an INKspiration challenge … using this photo for the inkspiration! Talk about taking an INK challenge literally!!! 😉 Here is my card …

I really enjoyed this challenge … just the whole idea of trying to carefully copy the whole picture was fun! These INKspiration challenges are completely FREE … ie. you can take all or just one element of a pic (eg. colour / images / theme etc) to base your card around. I decided to go with the lot! 😀 Nothing like a real challenge! 😀

I also thought I would enter this for the current SUO (Stampin’ Up! Only) challenge – which is to create a birthday card! I think that this one qualifies! My card recipe for this card (at the end of this post) is quite detailed … including a template for cutting the base of the card. I hope this is a help if you decide you would like to CASE this one!? 😀 You might want to click on the recipe to view the template better? And … once the image is open … you should be able to click on “CTRL +” (together) … to enlarge the pic as much as you wish! 😀

And … I also wanted to pop this on Shelli’s latest challenge … too! “Crazy for Cupcakes Creative Challenge”! It seems birthday challenges are a little “hip” at the moment! I am pretty sure this qualifies as a cupcake card!!!!! 😀 :wik:

I wanted to show you this pic … so you can see the gorgeous shimmer paint spray (a mix of Champagne Mist Shimmer Paint +some isocol). It really does add such a sparkle to the icing and the cupcake “paper” base … and is a really pretty finish!  Click on this pic to open … the shimmer really does look a treat when this pic is enlarged!

Well … I have been out this morning with my mum … stocking up on a few baby shower goodies for Stacey’s party on Saturday. It was fun … and we are looking forward to a girly morning tea at the Cliffhanger Restaurant, Bulli … with gorgeous views down the escarpment to Wollongong! Stace is getting quite excited now. She only has one more week of work … and it is 4 weeks today until the baby is due. I must admit … now I am getting a little excited too! Another new stage in our life adventure!

The last two days have been glorious sunshine … and today there is a gorgeous breeze blowing. It is a beautiful day. Apart from looking out on an overfull pool … you wouldn’t know that we had been through such a downpour on Monday! I hope it is a lovely day in your little part of the world! 😀 If only I could get rid of this cough!!! 😀 C U all soon! Hugs xxaxx


  1. Lynda says:

    I love you take on this challenge Andrea. I (finally got my take up….and yes…there IS PINK!!). The shimmer is devine…and realistically…it is the BEST cupcake…cause it looks FAB…but no calories or guilt!!!! I can’t believe you replicated the darn cake as well!!! Glad you had a FAB AM with your Mum…and yes…May is looming ever closer…gunna be a bubba month!! Hope the cough buzzes off real soon!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: Actually … the due date is 21st Apr … but if this baby is stubborn like it’s dad (I say that in a most affectionate way! 😉 ) … then I am sure it won’t bother to appear until May!!!! I am starting to think it is a boy. The heart rate at this week’s ultrasound was around 127 (again!) I have a theory … a heart rate under 150 … it’s a boy … over 150 … it’s a girl. I guess we will have to wait and see! 😉 I must admit … this card looks almost good enough to eat. Hugs xxaxx


  2. Sonia G says:

    I love the little image of how you felt about your computer! LOL!

    This card is super cute – I’ve just been off to buy some isocol to see if I can recreate this beautiful shimmer you have!

    You are going to have a ball on Saturday! The next stage of your life is about to be embarked upon! Enjoy!

    Andrea adds: Hi Sonia! I do hope you are recovering from your coldy/fluey thing???? Yes tomorrow will be fun! And … I have made some cute pouches as “thank yous” for Stacey’s guests! I have a few things to organise today … but this is a nice easy baby shower … at a lovely cafe! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Kim S says:

    Oh my gosh – I LOVE the cartoon!! I couldn’t live without this stupid machine – but it gives me headaches!! And I LOVE the card. You got EVERY detail of that inspiration pix.
    Andrea adds: I sure did feel like shooting my computer on Wednesday!!! 🙄 But … things have improved … so I am a little calmer today! 😉 It is amazing how much we rely on our puters!!!! Hugs xxaxx


  4. Paula Dobson says:

    OMG – Your card looks good enough to eat Andrea! I love that you pratically copied the original cake to a T!!
    Andrea adds: Hi Paula! It was fun trying to get all the different elements! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Gabbi says:

    I love this card (and I love cupcakes!). Almost good enough to eat!!
    I can’t believe how much like the inspiration photo it looks like! Great job!
    Hope you are feeling well after a CRAZY week, and a late night. Take it easy today!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Andrea adds: Hi Gabbi! It was so nice to catch up with you last night! Thanks for the lovely chat. And … it was good to hear that your dh is doing well after his surgery. Hope he continues to improve. Thanks for all your lovely encouragement. Your comments always bring a smile to my day! Hugs xxaxx


  6. Monika/buzsy says:

    Such a pretty cupcake card Andrea. Love the shape and the flower topping. :o)
    Andrea adds: Hi Monika! Thanks for the lovely compliments! You always brighten my day! Hugs xxaxx


  7. Denise says:

    Bwahahahahaha!…rofl laughing at that picture of the lady pointing a gun at her computer. Toooo funny!.

    Love that cupcake!!
    Andrea adds: So glad I put a smile on your face! I am smiling now … too … because my computer is behaving at the moment! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  8. liamp says:

    Very cute cupcake. Your visuals with regards to your computer are hilarious. Computer behaving that is a good sign that things will start to improve.

    Andrea adds: Puter is still temperamental … but definitely better than last week! Thanks for popping by! Hugs xxaxx


  9. Jen Timko says:

    What a stunner!! I love that you made the cupcake in the picture…looks good enough to eat. Glad to see you at SUO Challenges this week!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Jen! It does look good enough to eat … doesn’t it! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  10. Heidi Baks says:

    Wow, a lot of interest and details! I love the shading you did on the bottom layer! Thanks for playing SUO Challenges.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Heidi! It was fun to play along! Hugs xxaxx


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