It’s a GIRL!!!


Hello bloggies!

This will be a quick one! Stacey has had a loooooong hard labour … hasn’t slept for over 36 hours (since 4 am yesterday) … but our darling little grandchild is finally here! We are thrilled beyond words. And … mum & bub (& dad) are doing well. We are going to give Stace a little time to sleep and then we are off to the hospital! I can’t wait to see them all!


  • Name: Bree Melissa
  • Weight: 2.635kg (5lb 13oz)
  • Height: 47cm
  • Hair: yes!
  • Born: Thurs 21st Apr 3:43pm

I have a pic on my phone … she is tiny but beautiful.

I will be back asap to post some photos HERE! So … keep watching for an update!

Added Fri 22nd … finally some photos for you! …..

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I finally got a cuddle today! (Friday) Last night she was in a crib under lights … because her temp was a bit low. There is no fat on the girl!!! She is a tiny little princess … and so settled and sweet!  I can’t begin to describe that instant “connection” … but somehow it is just the best feeling! 😀

Lotsa hugs to all my friends who have been with me all the way! 😀 From “Nandy” xxx


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special nanna cuddles very soon!
    Andrea adds: Finally I got some today (Friday). She was under lights last night … because her temp was down. There is no fat on her! But … she is doing well. Hugs xxaxx


  2. Mz Cookie says:

    congratulations!!!!!!! nothing better than a grandbaby… the voice of experience…..
    Andrea adds: It is such a special feeling! Thanks Cookie! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Gabbi says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Praise God for this news of the safe arrival of baby Bree. We are thrilled for you all – especially proud Nandy!
    Enjoy every moment of meeting this precious gift!
    Love Gabbi 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Andrea adds: I am just in awe! She is the most special little thing! And … we are sooo blessed! Thanks for all your prayers! Hugs xxaxx


  4. Sam says:

    What lovely blog news!

    Congratulations Nandy!! Can’t wait to see a pic or 10 :o)

    Best wishes to Mum, Dad and bubby Bree too.

    Andrea adds: LOL … You know the feeling oh so well, Sam! Hope your little one is doing well! 😀 thanks for popping by! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Jess Doyle says:

    congrats on becoming a granma… Bree is the name my sister has picked out for her little one (due in May). She is such a lil one at 5lb! I will pop a card in the mail for you guys asap 🙂
    Andrea addds: Oh … thanks Jess … you are sweet! Funny story … The mum in the bed next to Stacey has a 2 year old daughter called Bree … and her new baby girl is called Skye! (My no. 3 daughter!) How weird is that! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  6. Lynda says:

    Oh Andrea I am wrapped beyond words. Please pass on my congrats to Stacey and Jono and BIG G’parent hugs to you and Gav. I know how tiny 5lb 13oz is….Dylan was 5lb 9oz!!!!! Can’t wait to see the pic and I hope the giant smile on ur dial last a LONG time yet!!!! luv and hugs too to all the aunts and uncles!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: It is such an exciting time … and I am over the moon. Will pass on the congrats for sure! I want to bring her home and play with her! 😀 Thanks for all your messages of encouragement. Hugs xxaxx


    1. Lynda says:

      PS…ADORE the name…..Bree is gentle and soft…like our Braelea. May she fill your lives with joy and love. ooxx
      Andrea adds: Yes! I was worried I would have to pretend to like the name … but I just LOVE IT!!!!! And … you are right … it does sound soft and gentle. If she is anything like her mother, though … she will be a little chatterbox! Hugs xxaxx


      1. Lynda says:

        Forgive me for all the ‘adds…but you didn’t have the pics before!!! She is devine. Man it brings back memories for me too…will drop e mail to explain…will not bore all with deets!! Congrats again…and expect many more teary moments to come!! ooxx (Welling with happiness and joy for you.) ooxx
        Andrea adds: It is so sweet that you are sharing in the happiness, Lynda! Feel free to comment as much as you like! 😉 Will look forward to your email! Hugs xxaxx


  7. Ingrid says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Yay it’s a girl!!! CONGRATULATIONS of being a grandparent. Best wishes with your grandaughter with lots of joys and fun ahead of you
    Take Care
    Andrea adds: Hi Ingrid! Yes … a girl!!! It is wonderful. The best feeling in the world. Hugs xxaxx


  8. Monique says:

    CONGRATULATIONS what lovely news, and such a beautiful name. You must be all so happy.
    Andrea adds: Isn’t it pretty … I just love it. We are all very happy. Stace has a big smile on her face … and Jono looks 10 feet tall! Hugs xxaxx


  9. Kasey says:

    CONGRATULATIONS NANA / GRANNY / GRANDMA / NANNY The joys of having a grand child are many. So happy for you and your family that Bree arrived safely. Cheers, Kasey
    Andrea adds: giggle … it is “Nandy” … short for “Nana Andy”! (My sis suggested it … and the kids liked it … so it has stuck!) Hugs xxaxx


  10. Donna Zammit says:

    Congratulations to you all, especially the very proud mum, who did all the hard work. What a tiny bundle too and a gorgeous name to boot! Andrea, I’m sure you have lots of photos by now and I can’t wait to see one soon on your blog. A new baby what a joy for the whole family. Cheers Donna Zammit
    Andrea adds: It is so lovely to share my special news with all my blog friends … and I am so tickled that everyone is so happy for me! Hugs xxaxx


  11. Sonia G says:

    Woohoo – yeahah – yippee!

    Congratulations to Stace and Jono. She is absolutely gorgeous! So tiny and so perfect! Definitely a gift from God!

    Congratulations to Sheree, Skye, Shane and Sandy on becoming aunts and uncles! How exciting for them!

    And of course, to Gav and yourself, for entering grandparenthood!

    Bree is going to fill your lives with so many more wonderful memories!

    Andrea adds: Thanks Sonia … for all your wonderful encouragement along the way … and for sharing in my special moment with such beautiful comments! All the aunts and uncles (esp. Sandy) wanted to bring Bree home with them! Hugs xxaxx


  12. Aaaaaaaah that’s just AWESOME news Andrea – when I saw you had posted I HAD to stop by and see if there was news – Oh I’m sooooo excited for you! Sorry Stacey had a tough time but I’m sure little Bree will make her forget it all in no time with one little gurgle! Am just OVERJOYED for you all!
    Lotsaluv Granny / Nan – enjoy your beautiful new life!
    Andrea adds: Isn’t it fantastic! I am so thrilled … and it is so nice to share it with all my friends. I am “Nandy” (see Kasey’s comment for explanation.) Hugs xxaxx


  13. lisa808 says:

    Andrea adds: Thanks Lisa! It is so exciting! Hugs xxaxx


  14. Congratulations Nandy, that is fabulous news. I am so glad they are both well. It has been a sad day at work so very glad to hear your wonderful news. She’s a weeny one but the littlies stay ‘babies’ longer. Keen to see pics,
    Sleep well,
    Fi x
    Andrea adds: Oh … feeling for you … I hope it is not a sad baby story??? I wish I could give you a hug … I will have to settle for a cyber hug! ((((((((((((Fiona)))))))))))))) Hope your day is brighter! Hugs xxaxx


    1. Bree is absolutely gorgeous,lovely pic of the 2 of you together.
      Ta for cyber hug. It was a sad baby story and a very sad family. Makes us so grateful for the healthy babies!
      Enjoy every minute Nandy,
      Fi x
      Andrea adds: Oh! I do hate sad baby stories … I feel so much for the family … especially with our little pink blessing who is so healthy and gorgeous! Hugs xxaxx


  15. Leslee says:

    That is wonderful news! Congratulations to you and the entire family!
    Andrea adds: This is so great … to have so many congrats to read! Thanks, Leslee! Hugs xxaxx


  16. Sally Williams says:

    Congratulations to you all Andrea, welcome to little Bree.
    Andrea adds: Oooh … thanks so much Sally! So nice of you to share in my joy! Hugs xxaxx


  17. sharna says:

    Hi Andrea,
    a very big congratulations to you all,
    of course to the new mum and dad also to the new grandy’s, uncles and aunties.

    such a precious blessing
    Andrea adds: Bree is the first great grandchild for my mum & dad … and Gav’s mum & dad. A very much anticipated and much loved baby! hugs xxaxx


  18. Candy Abernathy says:

    Andrea adds: Thanks heaps Candy … it is a special feeling! Hugs xxaxx


  19. Denise says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to the world, sweet Bree!
    Andrea adds: It is just the best thing in the whole wide world, Denise! Thanks for popping by to share in the excitement! Hugs xxaxx


  20. Sam says:

    She is a beautiful little bub Andrea. You all look radiant! Congrats again.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Sam … she is gorgeous … but … I do think I am a little biased!!! Hugs xxaxx


  21. Sonia G says:

    Oh those photo’s are just adorable… is she smiling at you already???? How cute!

    I’ve been checking all day to see if you’d managed to pull yourself away from the hospital. 😉 I remember not wanting to leave either!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Andrea adds: And … now I am just killing time until I can go back again tonight! (Gav couldn’t go this morning … so I offered to keep him company tonight!! 😉 ) Isn’t she a sweetie … and YES! I am sure that is a smile! She is a clever little girl! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  22. Kez says:

    Congratulations Nandy! What wonderful joy a baby brings to a household! I know you will have so many more lovely cuddles but that very first one will always stay in your mind and heart, I am sure. Hope mum and Bree continue well and strong.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Kez … yes … I am sure that will be a moment I will never forget! I actually “teared up” (just a little) when I first held her. Such an overwhelming feeling of love! Hugs xxaxx


  23. Donna Zammit says:

    What beautiful photos Nandy! Cheers Donna Zammit
    Andrea adds: Giggle … that name is going to take a little getting used to!!! Thanks for popping by again, Donna! Hugs xxaxx


  24. What a gorgeous little girl Andrea. You look so proud! I can see lots of cuddles happening. (Nice you can hand them back though!)
    Thanks for sharing them. I hope I get a cuddle one day soon!!
    Congrats to you all! What a happy time.
    Lots of love,
    Jenny xxxoooo
    Andrea adds: It is a happy time … and we are thrilled. More cuddles tonight … it was soooo lovely! I asked “why did I have 5 kids”??? (because I was having to share Bree with far too many new aunts & uncles) … but then Stacey reminded me that would mean I would have lots of grandkids!!! 😀 Now that brought a smile to my face! Hugs xxaxx


  25. Erin says:

    hi Andrea

    Congratulations on the arrival of baby Bree. Hope everthing goes well with your father and he settles into the care alright. If you need anything just give me call. Will talk soon Erin
    Andrea adds: Thanks Erin … you are so kind! I am looking forward to seeing you soon. I have missed you, hunny! Hugs xxaxx


  26. Julie R says:

    Congratulations to your whole family. She is such a beautiful little girl. I was really happy to read your special news of her arrival.
    Andrea adds: Hi Julie! Thanks for popping by! Hugs xxaxx


  27. Simone says:

    oh oh oh! she’s beautiful!!! Congratulations to all of you on the safe arrival of little Bree. Isn’t she gorgeous?! What a wonderful event in the midst of all the stress you’ve been under (I’ve been catching up on all your news after being away for a while). Big hugs to you Andrea. WOW!
    Simone xx
    Andrea adds: Yes … Bree is a little moment of joy in the middle of a stressful couple of weeks. But … it is just so wonderful to sit and cuddle … and feel at peacel. Thanks for popping by!Hugs xxaxx


  28. Paula Dobson says:

    Congratulation Granma!! Wonderful to have some great news to celebrate after all the bad you have had to endure lately. Looking forward to seeing a photo of your new Grandaughter!! ♥
    Andrea adds: Hope you have popped by again to see the photos I have added. She is just the sweetest little thing! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  29. Gabbi says:

    The photos are so sweet – what a gorgeous bubba!!
    Congratulations, again – enjoy every minute 🙂 !
    Love Gabbi
    Andrea adds: You are such a hunny to be enjoying the excitement so much with us! 😀 Joys shared are definitely doubled. 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  30. Reva says:

    Oh she is beautiful! Congrats to all of you. Wishing everyone fun filled hours as you watch Bree grow.
    What a special gift for Great Grand Dad and Mom at this difficult time of their lives. Thanks for sharing the pictures, loved all of them.
    Andrea adds: I feel sad that Great Grandad hasn’t been able to see Bree yet. The nurses wouldn’t let us take him to the maternity ward in a wheel chair. He is just not strong enough. But … perhaps Stace & Jono & Bree can pop up to the cardiac ward on their way home from the hospital today? We sure are going to enjoy watching Bree grow up! Hugs xxaxx


  31. Keesh Byl says:

    OH WOW Congratulations Nandy! I am so excited to hear your first lil grandchild has arrived safe and sound! She is just an adorable lil vegemite too! Love the photos and you look proud as punch too. Welcome to another new and exciting chapter of your lives being Grandparents and May God truly bless her life. With much love, Keesh x
    Andrea adds: This new and exciting chapter that I was resisting to begin with … is just the most amazing thing! What on earth was I worried about. So what if I am now a Nandy … this precious little bundle is soooo worth feeling a little ancient for! 😉 Hope your pregnancy is going well … and that soon you will be welcoming your own little bundle into the world. Stacey really enjoyed her labour pack from Fi! I hope you enjoy yours too! Hugs xxaxx


  32. bronheslop says:

    Congratulations, Nandy! She is a stunner! (Like her grandmother! 🙂 ) So thrilled to read of Bree’s safe arrival, and also great to read of your Dad’s acceptance of care. Girl, you’ve sure had a FULL-ON time of it, haven’t you? But you’re well equipped to deal with it all… just make sure you get a rest occasionally too, OK? You don’t have to be super woman! BIG hugs, beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news with us. xxoo
    Andrea adds: REST???? It almost seems like a four letter word!!! 😉 … but it is definitely on my “wish list”. Just need to hang in a little longer. I wish you could all see our beautiful Bree! She is just the prettiest baby in the whole wide world. Thanks for your encouraging comment! Hugs xxaxx


  33. Oh Andrea – she is just totally precious!!!! Congratualtions again – the smile on your face says it all!
    Andrea adds: Oooh … Debbie … it is just the bestest feeling! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  34. Melissa says:

    Woo hoo, congratulations to you Nandy, its a beautiful thing when a brand new baby comes into the world, I am sure there is going to be lots of spoiling to come for your little princess. Glad everyone is doing well, and its fabulous that your dad is accepting of his situation, albeit reluctantly, will make your mums life a little easier, and will most doubtedly have more quality time to spend with him. Congratulations to your family on gorgeous Bree 🙂
    Andrea adds: Do you think that she will be spoiled???? Hhhmmm … 8 great grandparents … 4 grandparents … 6 aunts … 3 uncles … you think????? 😀 😉 Thanks for your lovely congrats … Hugs xxaxx


  35. Congratutations to you and your family and she is so beautiful.
    Andrea adds: Hi Rachel! So nice to see you … thanks for the congrats! Hugs xxaxx


  36. Lee-Anne says:

    Hey there sweetie

    Congratulations Nandy!! She is just beautiful, such a tiny little princess. You look radiant in the photo with her, I think this new chapter in your life is agreeing with you already. Love and hugs to all your family too, I know they must all be so excited.

    I hope things are going well for Stacey and Jono since they took little Bree home. I’ll be praying that the weeks ahead bring lots of joy and hopefully not too much stress for them. I’m sure there will be lots of helping hands 🙂

    I am also so happy that your Dad has come to terms with going into care, I’ll be continuing prayer for all of you and hope especially the weeks ahead get a litte easier for you dear friend.

    Hope to chat again soon. Enjoy your week.

    Andrea adds: I probably should have mentioned that Stacey and Bree went home on Sunday afternoon. She is feeding well … and settling into her new home. Now they have to get back into a routine after a lovely break over the holiday weekend! It was so lovely to have a chat last Monday … and I hope that the cool weather today is a nice respite for you after all the heat of summer. Take care … and don’t work too hard! Hope you get to do some stamping soon! Hugs xxaxx


  37. Hi Andrea, congratulations on becoming a nanna, she is just so cute. I bet lots and lots of cuddies and hugs.
    Andrea adds: I am looking forward to all my kids going back to school / uni … and Gav going back to work … so I can have MORE cuddles!!! There are far too many doting relatives sharing the cuddles at the moment! (grin) 😀 She is s a little sweetie! Love her to bits! hugs xxaxx


  38. Monika/buzsy says:

    Congratulations to your daughter and to your! What a perfect little gir! So beautiful! Wishing mommy and baby the best!
    Andrea adds: She is a perfect little girl … just like a tiny doll. Thanks for the congrats! We are tickled pink. (literally!) Hugs xxaxx


  39. liamp says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Congratulations. I have been away for a little while so just catching up too with your big news. Ohhh how exciting. She is beautiful. You will have lots of fun with her and spoiling her too. Wishing your daughter the best and I am sure I will see more pics along the way. Oh I noticed you were having withdrawals from stamping so was I when I went away. I was reading my crafty mags while away for some inspiration but it killed me I had no craft stuff to use. Hopefully you have enjoyed some quality time to yourself. School holidays in now over thank goodness and I can’t wait to get back to normality for a whille. Doesn’t that sound terrible. Anyway take care of yourself and I will be back to see more of your creations.

    Andrea adds: I don’t think it sounds terrible at all Liam! As much as I love having Sandy at home (& the older kids home from uni) … it is still nice to have that routine that works our stamping time in! Holidays definitely don’t allow time for much stamping here either. Then … top it off with a heart attack & a new baby in the family … and definitely NO time at all. Life will continue to be busy for a while yet … but I am so excited about our new little bundle of joy … that everything else seems to pale into insignificance! Hugs xxaxx


  40. Congratulations, Nandy! The photos are brilliant, thank you for sharing – sweet Bree is soooo little! I love the pic of Stacey holding her, it looks like Bree is looking up at her mum.. even though she probably can’t see that far yet, it is so cute 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks Genelle! A special little blessing in our lives! 😀 Oh … and I am amazed how Bree seems to be wanting that eye contact. I know she probably can’t focus yet … but she does really look at you for long periods of time. Hugs xxaxx


  41. Helen H says:

    Congratulations Andrea (Nandy) to you & all your family! What a beautiful little lady Bree is. Absolutely gorgeous photos – Mum, Dad & Nanna all look very proud & excited. How wonderful for you all. Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks Helen. It is so nice to have so many lovely congrats from all my friends! Hugs xxaxx


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