JAI #66 – Just Add a Flower

Hi friends!

Today’s card is for the latest JAI challenge … “Just Add a Flower”! I can tell you … THIS CARD was definitely a challenge! 🙄 I was visiting a lovely blog the other day … and Karen mentioned that the card she was sharing had taken 4 hours to make! I remember thinking … I would have given up 3 hours earlier!!! That is until I made this card today. Now I understand Karen’s dilemma. Do I keep pursuing this … when clearly it is just not working … or should I persevere and finish it??? Well … I decided to persevere … and here is the result …

Firstly the rose took several attempts to get the colour right. I had an attempt at Donna’s copying Copics tutorial (see product helps page) … BUT … I think I might need a personal class … because for some reason I just could not get the colour to blend the way Donna did in her video! So … after 4 attempts … I gave up and went back to my usual aqua painter/ink combo for doing watercolouring. I was trying to achieve a really soft colour like the Peace rose (shown above). All the details for creating the distressed look for this card are on my card recipe … step by step. I hope this is a help … because … this card was a bit of a marathon!!! 😉 Anyway …

I actually was happy with the final result. It is something completely out of my comfort zone … including the square card … but I think it was worth the effort and time! Of course … as happens with all “stubborn” cards … photographing it was also a challenge!!! Go figure! 🙄 Sometimes … it doesn’t matter how hard you try … you just can’t capture the “essence” of a card in a photo. IRL (in real life) this is a beauty … but the photo just doesn’t do it justice! And … it also doesn’t show the prettiness of the colours of the rose. The photo of the watercolour rose is a little “shadowed” … but I was trying to capture how glittery and pretty the Champagne Mist shimmer paint is. It gives a beautiful finish!

Card for Bree

Here is another sweet, sweet card that I received today … from my stamping buddy sister! Isn’t this just the cutest ever image? It is a Penny Black stamp … one of Christine’s favourites! I just love it! I am super spoilt! And … loving it!!! 😉 Have a great day! Hugs xxaxx


  1. Glad you finished your card as the flower is beautifully framed. Thanks for playing along at Just Add Ink.
    Andrea adds: It was definitely a challenge … but I am glad I finished it too! hugs xxaxx


  2. Gabbi says:

    This is rose looks so special! Well done. 🙂 Lovely card!

    I would have given up long before the 4 hours! 😯 I try to make several of the same card in bulk for maximum product!:P

    Hope all is well with you!
    Love Gabbi
    (I’m getting ready for work at Tong. tomorrow – I have 7 days work booked for over the next 2.5 weeks 😉 )
    Andrea adds: I would have never thought I would take 4 hours to do a card … but I just didn’t want to let it get the better of me!!! 😀 Tongarra??? … well … that will be a challenge for you, Gabbi! (I mean — that you will be busy … I don’t mean that you aren’t perfectly capable!!!) 😉 I do hope it all works well for you. Which teacher are you replacing? I wonder if you will have Sandy at all? I had better tell him to be on his best behaviour!!! We are planning to bring him up to your church for youth group this Friday. I do hope he enjoys it! 😀 He is looking forward to going. Hugs xxaxx


    1. Gabbi says:

      I had a busy day! I did some classes for Mrs Evans, Mr Imisisdes & some work in the library – I didn’t see Sandy, but I’ll be back there on Monday again!
      I do hope he has a fabulous time at Youth Group tomorrow! I’ll tell my nieces (Jessica & Emily) to be especially welcoming to him! 😉
      Love Gabbi
      Andrea adds: Thanks Gabbi! I am sure he will be fine … he is pretty “social”! So glad you enjoyed your work. Sandy was inducted onto Student Council today … so I was at the school this morning. (2nd time in 3 years … and you aren’t allowed to do it in between!!) He did the Bible reading … so I was pretty “chuffed”! 🙂 Proud mum moment! If you get some free time while at Tongarra and feel like a cuppa … feel free to drop up to my place! (Just around the corner!) 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  3. chrissieah says:

    ha ha you beat me to it! haven’t even put this on my blog yet! better get it scheduled! glad you liked it. i love having the chance to do lots of “cutepie” cards!
    Andrea adds: It has been fun … hasn’t it! Sorry to beat you to the blog!!! Didn’t even think to check! Hugs xxaxx


  4. Melissa says:

    this looks just beautiful
    Andrea adds: Thanks Melissa! I am sooo far behind with my blog hopping … yet again! Will pop by soon! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Delys says:

    Wow Andrea that frame and flower is gorgeous. You have more patience than me!
    Andrea adds: LOL! Not usually, Delys! But … for some reason it was important to me to finish this one! 😀 Thanks for the lovely compliments! Hugs xxaxx


  6. Lynda says:

    For some odd (imagine that word and me associated??) reason I thought I had commented!! great minds darl!! I love 5th Ave Floral and it is a bewdiful card for Mother’s Day!! This card is a wk of art and I can just imagine how it sparkles and glistens!!! I am LOVING the frame and will ass this to the vault!! The colouring on the rose is FAB!
    Christines card is WAY cute! (must pop by her blog again!!) Did she handwrite the g’parents part of the sentiment?? Take care. ooxx
    Andrea adds: For some odd reason … I don’t remember seeing it … but perhaps you did and it disappeared into cyberspace??? I’m not sure it is a work of art … but my mum loved it … and so I gave it to her to send to a very dear friend who is not very well at the moment! I hope a few of my blog buddies might visit Christine’s blog … she doesn’t get many visitors and it would be a lovely surprise for her! Hugs xxaxx


    1. Lynda says:

      I know I did reply b4 this one….piy it went to cyberspace…hee hee hee….so much mischief around. Oh well…no harm done. Take care ooxx 😉
      Andrea adds: LOL … but at least this way I get another to read!!! More love all around! Hugs xxaxx


  7. Sonia G says:

    Sorry for not being about lately… been busy with babies 🙂

    This card is sweet, even if the pic isn’t showing all it’s wonderful attributes off. I am glad that you perservered – you’ve churned out a beauty.

    Am off to check older posts now.

    Andrea adds: A flood of messages from Sonia today! Thanks for taking the time to encourage me on each one! Off to reply to all the others! 😉 Hugs xxaxx


  8. Amy Fleming says:

    Hi Andrea!!! well your card was definitely worth the time it took!!! And I think that the shimmer looks so sensational!! I love that stamp set thanks for reminding me that I have it stashed somewhere hehe
    Amy xxx
    Andrea adds: Yes … I hadn’t used it in ages, either! thanks for the lovely comments! Hugs xxaxx


  9. Hi Andrea,

    Bet it is gorgeous IRL as it is pretty on here. Frustrating when photos don’t quite capture the reality. Love the curled frame too.
    Cute Grandparent card, that little critter is adorable.
    Fi x
    Andrea adds: Thanks for popping by, again! I love having you visit! Hugs xxaxx


  10. Helen H says:

    This card is very pretty Andrea & I can see the all work (& determination) that went into creating it. I struggle with the photography too & can’t always “capture” the card the way it actually looks. (For some reason I can never get blue cardstock to photograph true to colour either – why is that?) The curled frame looks amazing – you sure would have given your crimper a workout with this. Beautiful result for all your time. 🙂
    Christine’s hedgie card is adorable too.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Helen! We must be online at the same time! It’s so nice to have your lovely feedback. Hugs xxaxx


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