My Make & Take for pretend Convention


Hello blog friends!

MEDICAL UPDATE: There is not much change with Dad’s situation at the moment. He was not responding to the 2 antibiotics that he has been on since Friday … and the doc is now trying another one. He has basically said that if we don’t see an improvement within 48 hours … he is unlikely to improve at all. So … we wait … for another 48 hours and pray that one way or the other we will know what to do! We are being realistic … but not giving up hope just yet. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! xxxxxxxxxxx

I have just popped by quickly … because I had this post sitting in my draft box from last week … and thought I could at least share a CARD with you during my 5 minutes at the computer. I am really tired … after spending the last 4 days pretty much full time at the hospital … so my plan is for an early night … but because I already had this ready … I thought I would hit the “publish” button for you all!  

This card is the Make & Take that I designed for our Clayton’s Convention (CC) weekend. I wanted to show the girls the new Faux Mother of Pearl technique that I showed you all recently … Bliss – Faux Mother of Pearl

The girls were very excited to try something new … and were really impressed how pretty the effect is … and how super EASY it is! They all decided to add the “Frost White Shimmer Paint” to their “wish lists” immediately! 😀 I think I have managed to capture the lovely shimmery mother of pearl look in the two “close up” photos. I hope you can see how gorgeous it is. And … super easy! Technique Details are on my card recipe below! I prefer to do this on glossy cardstock … but apparently it works quite well on Whisper White, too! 😀

Well … I promised myself that I would make this a quick stop. My kids need some TLC and I am home tonight to do that … so I don’t want to get distracted here! Take care everyone!  Hugs xxaxx


  1. Gabbi says:

    What a gorgeous card – so, so pretty!! 😉

    Thanks for taking the time to share this today – is surely was worth sharing! 🙂

    I pray that God will give you strength for each day – and that you can rest in His love. ♥

    Gabbi ♥
    Andrea adds: Thanks Gabbi … we do feel the comfort and strength that comes from God … and are very thankful for the support and love of all our friends. Hugs xxaxx


  2. Leonie says:

    This is so pretty, hope you get a bit of rest soon xx
    Andrea adds: Thanks Leonie! I did sleep well last night … a blessing! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Donna Zammit says:

    Andrea, praying the next 48 hrs give you some better news. Take care of yourself and family….please don’t reply to this message (spend your reply time with your family), just know that your blog friends care. Care and special hugs Donna Zammit
    Andrea adds: Thanks Donna. I had a little time this morning … waiting for my mum to be ready to go to hospital … and I am so thankful for all the special thoughts and prayers that have been sent my way … that I just felt compelled to reply. I am soooo very thankful for your love and care … and hugs and prayers. Hugs xxaxx


  4. Jen W. says:

    Thank you for taking a moment to share this stunning card! I’ll be checking out that earlier post on the technique.
    Lots more love and hugs to you all.
    Andrea adds: Hi Jen … thanks for being here so often! I always enjoy seeing my bloggies here regularly! Please try the technique … it is soooo “WOW” but soooo easy! Hugs xxaxx


  5. This is a gorgeous card Andrea. Thanks for sharing it with us. It IS so easy too!! I ordered some white shimmer paint today so I am looking forward to playing around more with it.

    Thinking of you. I hope you can get some rest. My Love and prayers are with you all. Take care of yourself. Love Jenny xxxoxoooxxxooooxxxoooo


  6. Richelle says:

    Hi Andrea,
    What a stressful time for you and your family!! My thoughts are with you…
    Thank you for sharing this gorgeous card with us! I must try that technique it’s fabulous!!
    Take care,
    Andrea adds: Hi Richelle. I am so overwhelmed by all the love that has been poured out here on my blog! Thank you! Try this techie … it is super! Hugs xxaxx


  7. sharna says:

    hi Andrea,

    My deepest thoughts are with you all, i am sending you hugs and lots of prayers, i praying your dad finds the strength to fight this battle.

    Tis card is *super* stunning, i love love it
    Andrea adds: I can feel all the love and care from my bloggies! Thanks Sharna! Not much change today with Dad … but he is still hanging in there! Hugs xxaxx


  8. Amy Fleming says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I am praying that in the “waiting” that God gives you the strength and grace to persevere the weeks ahead!! May God comfort you and may his face shine on you!
    I am sorry that this has been a hard year already for you. lots of hugs and prayers.
    Amy xxxx
    Andrea adds: Oh … Amy … sometimes I wonder just “how much more” (for Dad’s sake) … but I know that God’s plans are perfect … and His timing is perfect. And … He does give us the strength. Thanks for your sweet message! Hugs xxaxx


  9. Lynda says:

    You know how much I love this card darl. Ain’t the Tulip frame a blast….only downside is that it is made for the US size cards…not us!!!! I didn’t realise how much smaller until I finally used it today….but I digress…..
    The black and PP are so striking. I can u’stand why all the gals wanted to get the frosted white ASAP. Beautiful card fm a beautiful soul. So very well done. ooxx
    Andrea adds: I get frustrated with the different size frame. We just have to learn to adjust … and I think Aussies are very adaptable people! (Just as well for SU!’s sake!) 😀 Hugs xxaxx


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