You are seriously not going to believe this!

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Before I start with the next installment of the Lowcock family saga ………….. here are a couple more gorgeous cards I received in the mail last week. A Big THANK YOU TO MY WONDERFUL BLOG FRIENDS!!! Click card pics to visit Fiona & Lee-Anne’s blogs! 

Fiona H
Lee-Anne B

So … do you wanna know the latest??? You are seriously not going to believe this!!!! And … you are going to think that I must be making things up!!! But … I can tell you … this is really TRUE!!! Yesterday afternoon … Gav, Sandy & Skye went out for a motor bike ride on the farm. I can hear you all exclaiming “OH NO!” Yep … you guessed it! We now have another injury … Gav was “doubling” Skye … and the bike slid out from under them in a very slow turn … and Skye has broken her leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯 It was only a “soft” fall (as Gav described it) … but I think because she wasn’t wearing the strong bike boots … she copped the brunt! (All the boys have the proper gear … but Skye only rides very occasionally … so we haven’t seen the need to buy the gear for her … but … in hindsight … she could have been wearing Shane’s boots & very likely the break wouldn’t have happened.) 😦

It was rather dramatic … we ended up with 3 ambulances here … the first was a “special response” (single) car … and he realised because it was going to be a tricky “extracation” (due to being on a sloping paddock) … he called for back up … and for a “truck” to transport Skye to hospital. So … it was just as well … because they needed the 4 ambulance guys & Gav & Shane to carry her up the paddock and into the ambulance. She was in a lot of pain … it took about 1 1/2 hrs to get her settled and well enough medicated to allow for splinting etc. They had to be cautious about neck injury … even though Gav was pretty sure she hadn’t landed on her head. So … that all took extra time. It got quite dark & cold in the paddock but the ambo “SR” had big floodlights and all the right gear. They did a great job. 🙂 

Skye arrived at Wollongong hospital at around 6.30pm … and we left to come home 10 hours later at 4.30am!!! Gav & I had been through the starving phase 3 times having not eaten since 12.30pm when we had a sandwich for lunch. Anyway, after hours of waiting … the final diagnosis was an oblique fracture to the tibia. (Amazingly the fibula is still in tact!) The orthopaedic doc said it was “border line” for surgery … and left the decision to us. He said it would be 10 week plaster vs 3 weeks healing after the op. But … then proceeded to tell us the disadvantages of surgery which included a 25% chance of chronic pain in her knee for the rest of her life. We went for the plaster option … although … this needs to be monitored regulary over the next 6 weeks … to ensure that the bones don’t move. If they do … then surgery will then be necessary!

So … it is going to be a long road ahead … with lots of complications … like our week to Vanuatu in July … and Skye’s exams this week … and her prac sessions next session of uni … and her PE subjects (with physical components) for uni … and no driving for 10 weeks … and no work (no money) for 10 weeks … etc etc etc!!! She is still in quite a lot of pain … but we are managing that with “drugs”. She is still a little nauseous and dizzy when she gets up to go to the toilet … but for the next 2 weeks she has to have as little up time as possible. (At least until the back slab is replaced with the full (to the upper thigh) plaster. 

And … to top that all off … mum has gone into hospital tonight for her hip op tomorrow! 😯

Well … I like to finish on a positive note … after all that “high drama”. Sandra mentioned in a comment the other day … that I hadn’t shown you any photos of Bree lately. And … yes … she is growing soooo quickly. I don’t want to be one of those annoying nandys who keep bombarding you with photos … but am happy to share … particularly when requested. You can see the pics above that were taken today of Skye & Bree! (Thanks Sandra for your interest! You put a smile on my face … after a very sleepless night!) 😀 Take care everyone … I have to go and give Skye a sponge bath … and then I am hoping for an early night! (Although … sleeping on the lounge next to Skye may not be that refreshing!!!) After a morning yesterday STAMPING … I have heaps to share … but that will have to wait until I get organised! 🙂 Hugs xxaxx


  1. Jess says:

    wow! You guys aren’t having an easy time of it lately…. thoughts are with you though as always
    Andrea adds: Yes … I must admit to feeling a little overwhelmed this morning … but perhaps that is tiredness catching up after losing a night’s sleep on Saturday. Thanks for your kind thoughts! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Lynda says:

    Lordy girlfriend…the things ur family gets up to!!!!! I can see “the NANNY”…Dr Phil or some other behavioural expert is gunna have to come down…sit you Lowcock’s down 1 by 1 and give you all a severe talking to!!!!! Please send Skye my best….it was not really what you needed at all. Here’s a thought….NO MORE BIKES!!!!! I seriously worry about you my dear and exactly how many more “knocks’ you can take. I have everything crossed that all goes well for both you and your Mum tomorrow…and that smooth roads are ahead. MWAH…lotsa love and hugs to all of you. ooxx BTW…who wouldn’t die for Bree’s adorable smile…too cute!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: Oh Lynda! The tears are annoyingly flowing this morning … and half the time I don’t know what has prompted them. I think it is probably just overwhelming tiredness … and the stress of the last 3 months catching up. It does make me thankful … though … for the support and love of my friends. Thanks for your text message this morning! Much appreciated! And … thanks for the smile from reading your message here! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Gabbi says:

    What terrible news!! I do hope things go OK in organising her life around the broken leg (I hope she has almost finished Uni exams … I thought they went for another week yet at UOW…)
    I had to tell Mick about the bike story – he is obsessed with looking at bikes on ebay – … and I tell him to choose between the bike & the rest of us … as if his back could ever survive riding a bike (!!! – thankfully this will stop him ever going through with a purchase!!! … I hope) so, I just had to reinforce how dangerous riding a bike can be…..
    Skye is actually looking relatively comfortable lying on the lounge – although I can see the vomit bag on the table … brings back memories of morning/all day sickness for me …
    I’ve been thinking about you moving Jono, Stace & baby Bree – has the time come for them to move?, and have they found somewhere to go? Baby Bree has grown so much, and smiling 🙂 !! What a delight!
    Hope your week is relatively uneventful after a doosy of a weekend, although I dare say there will be extra things to do for your mum….. remember that God never gives you more than you can handle … lets just hope that you will be granted more sleep to get you through it all…
    Cheers, ♥ Gabbi ♥
    Andrea adds: Gav keeps reminding me that he has been riding bikes since he was 8 years old … and has only ever had 1 broken bone. I do think he is right … that Skye just didn’t have the right protection … and perhaps the break wouldn’t have happened if she had the boots on. But … then I think of Shane’s “seven second Shane” incident … and wonder if he is right? Then Gav says … “but Sandy broke his arm roller skating! You can’t wrap them up in cotton wool all their lives.” I think I have been very patient & tolerant about all the activities our kids have indulged in over the years … after living a very sheltered life as a child. But the bottom line is that this is all in God’s plan … no matter what the circumstance or the cause! I was reminding Skye this morning … when she was having a few tears … that the harder she fights this … the harder it will be to accept and deal with it! Perhaps I should be telling myself the same thing??? In fact … I think I DO need to remind myself of that! Thanks for your prayers … much needed today! Jono has his last exam today … and he & Stace are going to spend the rest of the week looking for a new unit. So … yes … soon I will have that to help with as well. Stace will need help. They have to be out by 7th Aug. Skye is supposed to do an exam tomorrow. She will have to sort “special consideration” out for that today. Ree will help her with that! It might mean a make up exam … during the “make up” week … but that presents more difficulties as it is the same week we are in Vanuatu. But … then … that is another thing in the “too hard” basket! At the moment … I don’t even feel like going to Vanuatu!!! Hugs xxaxx


  4. Oh Andrea, It just doesn’t stop!!!!! God is teaching you lots of patience and trust in Him. Hang in there. Make sure you look after yourself so you can care for all your family. What a blessing to have Bree.
    Sending you love and Hugs, (and sending Skye a Hug too!)
    Love Jenny xxxxooo
    Andrea adds: Yes … Jenny … it is good to focus on the blessings. Even in Skye’s accident we can see small blessings … the fact that it happened at a reasonably accessible spot … and the fact that the nurse caring or her was the mum of one of Stacey’s school friends … and the fact that the ED was fairly quiet when we arrived. Bree is such a joy … and Stace likes to bring her by to cheer us up! Hug xxaxx


  5. Sandra says:

    Oh no Andrea!!! The poor thing (and you). I hope Sky is feeling a bit better soon. I also hope you get some sleep tonight and everything goes OK with your Mum’s operation tomorrow.

    I am so happy that you showed off these gorgeous photo’s of Bree!!! I can just image those giggles! She has such a beautiful smileand she’s such a cutie!!! Even my DH said she was really cute 🙂

    Take care my friend,
    Andrea adds: Thanks Sandra for your caring thoughts. It is great to have my blog to pop by and get some encouragement from! Glad you liked the Bree photos … thank for asking about them. Sleep was better last night … but I think the lost night’s sleep is catching up with me this morning! 😯 My eyes look like this!!! Hugs xxaxx


  6. Mz Cookie says:

    Good grief my friend, you truly have more drama in your life than any 20 people combined….. I hope things calm down soon so you can take a deep breath and ty for sharing pics of the baby. She is just a little doll…. keep the pics coming….
    Andrea adds: Hi Cookie! Thanks for popping by again! Yes … I have had an over-abundance of dramas lately … but I just need to take one day at a time! Hugs xxaxx


  7. Kim S says:

    Wow! I really don’t know what to say at this point?!? I will definitely pray…obviously for Skye and for your mom, but also that you get some relief.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Kim. Prayers are the best thing at the moment. I definitely feel like I need them! (And for Skye & mum too!) Thanks for your kindness. Hugs xxaxx


  8. your cards are super adorable, luv the details… glad everyone is going to be ok, that is a blessing…those long roads ahead of us always make us stronger in some form! Have a super day!

    enjoy *~*
    Andrea adds: Thanks Teresa! It is so kind of you to pop by! I really appreciate the encouragement! Hugs xxaxx


  9. Jen W. says:

    Andrea, you are a drama magnet! So sorry to hear about poor Skye. Hang in there and love and hugs to you all (especially Skye and your mum!)
    Andrea adds: LOL … I am beginning to feel like that Jen! Thanks for the love & hugs … much needed and much appreciated! Hugs xxaxx


  10. Sonia G says:

    Wow – Honestly Skye and your Mum convalescing at the same time – you should put them in a room together to keep each other entertained! I hope you mum’s surgery goes well today!
    Bree is adorable! She’s grown so much!
    Off to check out other posts.
    Andrea adds: Hi Sonia! I have missed you … but understand that with a new job … you have been a little preoccupied. (Also makes me feel a little better about neglecting my blog friends lately!) Thanks for your thoughts for mum & Skye. And … yes … I do have the cutest granddaughter in the whole wide world! Hugs xxaxx


  11. Andrea!!!!
    You’re right, I was going ‘Oh no, oh no, oh no’ & half covering my eyes wondering what else could possibly have happened. Poor Skye, what a shocker. I think you might need to run away from home.
    I hope she & your Mum have miraculous recoveries, and, then some miraculous health and peace would be good.
    Big hugs,
    Fi x
    Andrea adds: Giggle … you just made me smile … Fi! After a very bad day yesterday (for me … that is) … I am feeling much better after a good night’s sleep. And … your “oh no oh no oh no” comment brought a big smile to my face! Thanks for being here … and for your lovely encouragement! Hugs xxaxx


  12. PS You will have to pray about if you’re meant to go to Vanuatu or if all this is God’s way of keeping you here. I pray for an absolute surety in your spirit as to what you should do, and the Peace that is beyond our understanding to flood your, heart, mind and home!!!!
    Andrea adds: Yes … you are sooooo right. I am quite happy to pull the plug on Vanuatu … but don’t want to spoil it for everyone else. I think Skye is coming to the realisation that it is not a good idea for her. The doc said she would need to have heparin injections for the flight. She is NOT good with needles!!! 😉 (She didn’t like the morphine injections at all!!!) But … I will follow your advice and pray for guidance. Hugs xxaxx


    1. One thing though, the heparin injections, or a drug called clexane which I think would be more likely, are weeny little needles and not nearly as bad as a morphine shot. Most people I give them to say ‘oh, was that it? Didn’t feel it’.
      Andrea adds: Thanks Fi! I think that this will only be 1 of a million difficulties with going to a hot humid climate with a heavy full cast on. But … thanks for the help! Hugs xxaxx


  13. Donna Zammit says:

    Andrea, you are so right I do not believe it! Sending lots more prayers your way. So glad to see, Bree cheering up Aunty Skye. The photos were too cute for words. The best of luck for your mum’s operation. Have loved the cards you have posted recently too! Cheers Donna Zammit
    Andrea adds: Hey Donna! Always so nice to have you stop by! Thanks for the prayers … I don’t know how I would have coped without them!!! And …yes … Bree is the best therapy in the world!!! She is such a sweetie! Hugs xxaxx


  14. Melissa says:

    Oh wow, Andrea, your poor family. Sending warm wishes your way for a speedy recovery for both Skye and your mum, but Andrea, thats your three, only terrific things now for the rest of your year. Lovely cards, and a cutie patootie Grand daughter too.
    Andrea adds: Now that’s wishful thinking, Melissa! Thanks for the lovely wishes! And … my cutie patootie is such a joy at the moment. Hugs xxaxx


  15. sharna says:

    Hi Andrea……all i can say is oh dear not again, poor Sky,
    if with everything you have been through in the past few months doesn’t break you it will make you a stronger person.

    but one question…why havent you run for the hills yet, i would have done so by now just for a breather.

    All the love to you all, your family, and to your mum for her operation and in the days ahead for her recovery.

    Andrea adds: Giggle … if only us mums / daughters could run for the hills!!! But … we are just too devoted for our own good! 🙂 Thanks for your lovely messages, Sharna! Hugs xxaxx


  16. I’ve been there, those moments where everything goes wrong…sorry! Hope everything gets better for you all. With love from the other side of the world, Madeline
    Andrea adds: I can imagine … especially with a dh who is serving overseas!!! Thanks for your concern, Madeline! Hugs xxaxx


  17. Michelle Yungbauer says:

    First, I hope Skye is doing OK!!! Many prayers are coming her way and very thankful it wasn’t worse. Lovely cards as usual!!! The lace I’m very drawn too. I’m finally doing some blog hoping tonight that is LONG over due… it’s been a few months. (Along with all the interruptions tonight on the computer!) But, I guess whatever time I can get I will take… It’s late and I’m off to bed soon. Have a wonderful day and keep the inspiration coming girl… SMILES!!!!! 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks for your kind thoughts for Skye! I have missed you, Michelle! So glad to hear from you! Thanks for taking the time to say hi! Hugs xxaxx


  18. Helen H says:

    Oh Andrea, life has certainly thrown you a lot of challenges lately. Best wishes to both Skye & your Mum, for speedy recoveries. Make sure you take care of yourself too. Big hugs 🙂
    How can you not smile at beautiful little Bree – keep the Nandy photos coming!!! Lovely cards from Fi & Lee-Anne too.
    Andrea adds: Thanks for admiring my little granddaughter … and allowing me an indulgent moment! Thanks for the best wishes for Skye & Mum. There is still a way to go for both … but they are coping reasonably well. Hugs xxaxx


  19. Oh my word, girlie, I’m so behind in blogging and I had no idea. You sure HAVE had a run of trials lately, haven’t you? Big hugs to all of you and I wish Skye a speedy recovery.
    Andrea adds: Hi Denise! I am a little behind again, too! I hope to check out some fav blogs today! Thanks for popping by! Hugs xxaxx


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