A Simple Sympathy!

Hi bloggies!

Isn’t it funny how you can go months without making a sympathy card (no need for one) and suddenly you have 2 or 3 to make. I had to sit down last week and make this card for a long time friend at church … whose Dad had passed away. And … I have just had news of the death of another friend’s dad … so will have to make another sometime very soon! But … with all the absolutely stunning cards that I have received lately … I have plenty of inspiration! 🙂 I have a funny story to tell … but … first … the card …

Now … I did two versions of this … my first one didn’t have the bakers twine … and I felt it was a little “awkward”??? Here is the original … what do you think???

I got the idea for the framed stamping from a Less is More challenge entry that I saw recently! Laura  had used a mask to create a frame for the challenge … make sure you check out her creation … cos it is really pretty! I am keen to do a bright coloured version of this idea asap! These images are stamped with Early Espresso, Soft Suede & Crumb Cake inks. A great combo for a “serious” card!

Although Skye is still coping with some pain … she is a little more comfortable. (Her knee is really sore at the moment!) We have had quite a few giggles at times … just with little mishaps or funny moments. I thought I would share a couple with you all …

We are managing to give Skye sponge baths and hair washes using a big tub. She gets (with effort) into her swimmers and manages to give herself a sponge bath (I have to do her good leg and her back.) Then she swivels over the edge of the lounge … and hangs her head over the tub so I can wash her hair. (Not an easy job … because her hair is soooo long!!!) It is a bit of an undertaking to get this task done. After doing all this the other night … I was so tired … I said to Skye “So … what do you want first your undies or your shorts?” Her quick reply????? …… “I dunno, mum. Do I WANT to look like a superhero?” 😀 😀 😀 We laughed our heads off! Another moment … I always need to support her “damaged” leg while she balances herself and gets settled on the crutches … to go off to the toilet. Then when she comes back to the lounge I do the same … while she discards her crutches … and I help her swivel back onto the lounge. Last night … (again … too tired to think straight) I stood there watching (without thinking) while she discarded her crutches. There she was … on one leg … aimlessly waving her arms around to get her balance!!! 😀 😀 😀 I hadn’t clicked my brain into gear … and I had forgotten to support the leg before she dropped the crutches!!! 😀 It is okay … I give you all permission to laugh at my expense!!! We certainly did. 

Sheree and I are going to duck up to the shops this morning … for an hour or so. (Shane is home with Skye this morning.) I NEED to buy Skye’s birthday present … her birthday is suddenly coming so quickly (next Sunday!) What a rotten way to spend your birthday … stuck on a lounge (for the 14th day in a row!) I hope we can think of a way to make it a little special for her! ❓ Any ideas?????? Perhaps I could book a clown??? But … at 19 … I don’t think she will appreciate that??? Better go … I have a little window in between toilet visits … to get to the shops.


  1. Maryanne says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Always enjoy reading your blog posts!! Here’s an idea about something to do for Skye’s birthday where she doesn’t need to be up… a Singstar night…. We’ve done a “Curry -eoke” night for New Years Eve .. yummy food…then Singstar till the wee hours… heaps of fun…so much fun we forgot to watch for midnight!!! love the card too… one to add to the sympathy folder – they’re the hardest to think up…
    take care
    Andrea adds: What a great idea! Skye is a singer (& composer) … and this is a fab idea. Now … just need to source one somewhere!!! Am happy to receive any other ideas any of my blog readers might have??? Hugs xxaxx


  2. Jen W. says:

    Glad you can both still laugh! Love Skye’s superhero comment. 🙂
    Hi Jen! Yes … it gave us a good giggle! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Vicky says:

    What wonderful sympathy cards Andrea! Love the masking and the striped ribbon is the perfect embellishment. I don’t have any bright ideas for the upcoming birthday but I’m glad you and Skye are keeping cheerful!
    Andrea adds: Hi Vicky! So nice to have you pop by! Thanks for the lovely comments! Hugs xxaxx


  4. Lynda says:

    You may have to hold over my idea until she gets her proper cast…LOL (given that I thought she already had it!!) So luvin’ Maryanne’s idea…..and knowing Skye’s love for anything musical!!!
    Love the sympathy cards and the whole idea of the ‘white space’ . I like both the twine and the knot. May have to stick that idea in the memory box somewhere. The brown tones are lovely. So well done darl. ooxx
    Andrea adds: We are keen to decorate Skye’s cast (as you suggested in your text message) … but a back slab with bandages is not as easy. I have all sorts of ideas such as stamping and pom poms (if I had some) and lots of Dazzling Diamonds!!! After our visit to the docs yesterday … I am not sure what to do??? (More later) Sadly, my kids (not Skye — I didn’t ask her) didn’t think Sing Star was such a great idea. They didn’t think the aunties, uncles or cousins would “get into it”. Back to the drawing board! 😦 I did like this card … but have a fancy to do a bright one like Laura did! Thanks for the encouragement! Hugs xxaxx


    1. Maryanne says:

      mmmm.. that’s a shame that the kids didn’t think sing star was a good idea… it’s amazing how eager people are when they are singing in teams and after a few drinks!!! what about the playstation “buzz” game – sort of like a trivia game with hand buzzers… I know in Perth you can hire the playstation stuff from video stores..
      Andrea adds: What a hunny you are Maryanne … to take the time to help me out with ideas! 😀 Thanks so much for your kindness! I think my son-in-law’s mum has the buzz game. I might try and get hold of it! Thanks for popping back to help again! 😀 Big hugs xxaxx


  5. Helen H says:

    The baker’s twine version of your card is absolutely perfect Andrea. The extra ribbon is a little heavy for that beautiful stamped frame around the quote. This is a great technique – must give it try. TFS
    Poor Skye, at least you can all find the fun in the awkward moments. Maybe you could all wear your undies on the outside to celebrate her birthday – “Karaoke-ing” superheros might give her a really good laugh! 🙂
    Andrea adds: Helen … you successfully put a grin on my face this morning … after reading the end of this comment! Thanks for brightening my day! And … I agree … the baker’s twine was a good “fix” for the original. Hugs xxaxx


  6. Monika/buzsy says:

    So pretty Andrea. Love the masking technique and the colors. The twine and ribbon look awesome. Sorry to hear that you needed to use the card (no fun making sympathy cards).
    Mom’s job never ends…
    Andrea adds: Ain’t that the truth! 😀 I am definitely feeling a little that way at the moment! If only I had a $ for every toilet trip I have done with Skye over the last week & a half! 🙄 Not that I begrudge a single minute … I just wish she didn’t have to struggle so much! Hugs xxaxx


  7. Laura says:

    Your card is really pretty! Love those muted colours.

    Thanks for the link. 🙂
    Andrea adds: You are very welcome, Laura! It was such lovely inspiration! I am itching to do a colourful one … just like yours! Hugs xxaxx


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