JAI #73 & Skye update!

Hi bloggies!

Sigh … did you hear that latest interruption???? I have been trying to get here all afternoon … but it has been one interruption after another! 🙄 I thought I should give you a quick update about Skye’s doc visit yesterday … but for those who are bored before I even start (totally understandable) 😉 … then scroll past the next paragraph!!!

I have to say … it has been a “big” 24 hours … of emotional ups & downs. Our visit to the orthopaedic specialist yesterday was not great news. (I need to give you the reader’s digest version … because the novel is a mammoth one!) We were told that Skye had two options … 1. Full leg plaster for 8 weeks followed by another 4 – 6 weeks in half leg plaster. NO SPORT for 4 months until full recovery.  OR … 2. Surgery … a “nail” inserted down through the centre of the tibia … with screws just under the knee and just above the ankle. 2 – 3 weeks on crutches (no weight bearing at all) … then 2 more weeks “careful” before she can drive. NO SPORT for 4 months until full recovery. This was not an easy decision … the surgery option means that Skye will have restrictions — ie. no high impact/speed type sports such as motor bike riding, sky diving etc. She runs the risk of more serious injury to her knee if she breaks her leg under high impact (ie. the leg wouldn’t break due to the nail being there … so the impact would be taken by the knee.) As a mum … I wanted the “safer” option (plaster) … which would give an outcome of “completely back to normal”. But … I am a mum! And … I am NOT  a risk taker … it is not in my nature or personality. After ringing the uni about outcomes with courses … and weighing all things up … Skye decided that she couldn’t bear the thought of 14 weeks in plaster … and with such a quick recovery after surgery decided this was what she wanted. We went off to book her into the hospital for surgery TOMORROW! And … then went home to “second guess” the decision. Yes! The mum wanted to make sure it was the right decision!!! (I know … I am hopeless!) Long story short … after phoning the doc today to get a few answers to questions … he assured Gav that this was a perfectly reasonable decision. That it won’t impact her career (physical education teaching) … in fact her leg will be stronger with the nail inside. It is only more of a risk with the high impact type sports. He commented that surgery was the more common decision for younger people … and he felt it would be fine. So … Skye has decided to go ahead with the surgery tomorrow. I am okay about this … but if I was honest … I would do anything … including 14 weeks of toilet stops … including driving her to uni each day (& waiting) to have her back to normal. But … this is not about me … I am looking at it from a “mum perspective” … and Skye is a different personality than me — able to cope with risks more … and willing to do this to enable her life to get back to normal again more quickly. I have to accept that! There is no “right & wrong” here … it is a decision that is a personal one. So … off to the hospital tomorrow! We have to be there by 8am and she is first on the list … but that … of course could change. It is usually an overnight stay … unless the patient is coping extremely well with the pain. You can imagine how drained I am feeling … another major decision … and another difficult day tomorrow. Sometimes it is so hard being a mum! 😦

So … I do have a card to share! I spent a few moments this morning (well … a little more than a few moments …) doing the Just Add Ink Sketch challenge for this week. It is a great one! And … again … even a tiny bit of stamping … is GREAT THERAPY for a busy mind!!! Don’t forget to pop by the JAI site (click sketch pic to visit) … and check out all the other gorgeous creations for this challenge! I haven’t had time to leave any blog love this week for any of the entries … but I hope the girls will understand! Life just can’t get any more crazy for me … can it??? I think I am going to just squeak in with this entry … the deadline is 2 1/2 hours!!! 😀

I was kind tickled with this one … considering my head was anywhere BUT with my stamping! I did a mask across the top section and it turned out rather nice … didn’t it! 😀 Being a male card … I decided to go with the crimped card rather than some ribbon. And … a jumbo brad & twine to make it a little more “nautical”! This is a fab colour combo that I have used before … and had to add it as a fav to my Colour Coach blanks. I love it! Pear Pizzazz / Not Quite Navy & Basic Black! 😀

Mum is doing well … although a couple of slight hiccups have meant she has not yet made it to rehab. But … it seems that because the physio has been working with her in the hospital instead … she may end up going straight home … even as early as this Friday! My sis (Louise) & niece (Tahnee) arrive from Queensland tomorrow … and will stay with her for the next week or so. Then Tahnee will stay on for a couple of weeks more. It is a huge relief to me at the moment … to know that someone will be with mum … while I continue to care for Skye! School holidays begin on Friday … 3 weeks of minimal routine. I hope that we might manage to get a week down the coast … especially seeing we won’t be getting to Vanuatu to visit Gav’s sister’s family now. 

Well … Gav is out at a medical dinner … Ree has just left for Bible Study … Sandy is out at soccer training … and Shane is in bed sleeping before night shift at the nursing home tonight. So … it is just me & Skye … and I need to go and help her with her “bath” … and wash her hair before she goes for surgery tomorrow. How funny … we sat down tonight to watch an episode of “Packed to the Rafters” (season 3 on DVD) with Skye … while we ate dinner. We were up to the episode where Nathan gives his kidney to his g’ma! A surgery / hospital episode. I did turn to the girls at one point and ask “Why are we watching this tonight?????”!!!!! 😉 Yes … like Julie Rafter (Nathan’s mum) … I am nervous about tomorrow. But … I am trusting that Skye is in God’s hands … and the outcome will be fine! Take care, everyone! And … if I am not back for a couple of days … you will know why!!! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  1. Lynda says:

    Forget Rafter’s Andrea…..the Life and Times of the Lowcocks is much more drama than Rafter’s EVER was. I was sooooooooooo close to phoning you y’day and today but sadly patients were abundant!!! I will have everything crossed for you and Skye 2moro. All of your prayers have been heralded and answered so far, so do not stop now. I do know what more I can add, but know that all the hugs and support I can muster are there for you all…MWAH’s incl!!
    I love the challenge card. Fabbo way of squeezing as many stamps sets as you can onto one card!! If I recall, this is v v close to the colour challenge we did on Ink4U yes?? It looks so well and I am also v v glad that you have found some time to just unwind and just get inky. Please take care of you all tomorrow. Ur always in my thoughts. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Yes!!! You are right … I had forgotten where I got the colour combo from … it was an INK4U! challenge! Thanks for all the beautiful thoughts and encouragements you have been sending my way! And … yes … we have had an abnormal amount of dramas lately … haven’t we! Giggle! Hugs xxaxx


  2. lisa808 says:

    Hi Andrea,

    I wish all the best for Skye’s surgery. I hope she has a speedy recovery and that she will be up and about soon.

    Also wishing for a smooth rehab for your mom.

    Andrea adds: Thanks Lisa! It is so nice to have so much encouragement! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Hi Andrea,
    Big decision. I pray all goes beyond expectation tomorrow.
    That card is just lovely, great job. Glad you got a little ‘you time’ to help with the stress.
    Fi x
    Andrea adds: Hi Fi! Yes … it seemed huge! But … it is after all just a broken leg. I don’t know why I am blowing this all out of proportion! I guess it is just hard when it is your own daughter … and so much of her life revolves around sport! The DEstress was so important today! 😉 Hugs xxaxx


  4. Helen H says:

    Hi Andrea
    Yes, definitely a big decision, but great the surgery has been scheduled so quickly & therefore you won’t have to agonise over the decision for an extended period. Skye will be recuperating immediately & back to “normal life” quickly.
    Love your JAI card. Looks like you might be on a little “masking” kick at the moment? That is a brilliant background & a lovely colour combo, just perfect for your nautical theme. Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks for the encouragement. Surgery is over … Skye was looking sad & sore last night … but I will wait until I see her today before I give an update! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  5. Kim S says:

    Skye IS in God’s hands and, lucky her, she has you also!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Kim! And … with God looking after her … we know she is in GOOD hands! 🙂


  6. Kim Badelt says:

    Hi Andrea,
    its amazing you found the time to make such a lovely guy card with all the turmoil and trauma going on!! (I especially like the crimped strip). I can so understand your worry and concern about Skye’s surgery – best wishes for it all and thanks so much for playing along with us at JAI.
    Andrea adds: I just sneak a break here and there … and manage to do a little stamping … and a little blogging! I can’t go anywhere … stuck at home with Skye … so it is nice to do a little stamping and not feel guilty! Hugs xxaxx


  7. nikki spencer says:

    Hi Andrea, l so hope all goes well tomorrow for Skye. I fully believe that these challenges are sent to those that are strong enough to cope with them….:0) Thinking of you.
    Love the clever use of extreme elements, a fabulous take on the JAI sketch, a great masculine card!
    Andrea adds: So kind of you to say so, Nikki! But … I am not feeling so strong at the moment! thanks for popping by! I tried the JAI blog hop to your blog this morning … but the link wasn’t working. I will try again later! (I didn’t really have time to do the blog hop justice … so will try and get back with a coffee and enjoy it properly!) Hugs xxaxx


  8. Jen W. says:

    Thinking of you all and hoping that Skye’s surgery goes off without a hitch. Glad to hear you have some help with your mum for a bit and that she seems to be doing well. 🙂

    And as for your card I love it! That masked section is brilliant and the crimped “ribbon” is perfect. 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks Jen. All is okay with Skye … (see Helen’s comment) … more to follow as soon as I get a chance! Hugs xxaxx


  9. Keryn says:

    Why does everything have to happen all at once …. you are really being hit with the lot hey. So pleased to hear that your mum is doing well with her recovery. I pray that Skye’s operation will be successful and her recovery will go well too. Hugs, Keryn x
    Andrea adds: So many beautiful messages … I don’t know what I would do without my blog friends! Hugs xxaxx


  10. Leslee says:

    1) I LOVE this card! You know me and my use of the elements…love what you did with them!
    2) You’ve got a lot ahead of you. I will continue to send prayers your way.
    Hugs ~Leslee~
    Andrea adds: All the lovely prayers are such a help and encouragement … thanks Leslee!


  11. Mz Cookie says:

    best of luck with the surgery tomorrow… fingers and toes are crossed for you and lemme tell you, that makes it hard to walk….lol. Good luck!!!!!
    Andrea adds: Yes … a small smile flickered as I read your comment. I am keen to see Skye this morning … after leaving her in recovery last night looking very sad! 😦 I will let you all know how she is going asap! Hugs xxaxx


  12. Glad you ‘squeaked in’ with this cute card and used our challenge for therapy!! 😉
    Andrea adds: Yes … definitely a last minute “squeak” … but it was so lovely to spend a little time at my craft/computer desk. Thanks for the great sketch! Hugs xxaxx


  13. That is MOST DEFINITELY a hard decision. I would probably want to go the longer/safer route myself, but I understand her wanting to heal quicker. I hope the surgery goes well. {{big big BIG hugs to you, Andrea}}

    Your sailboat card is ADORABLE! Love the colors and it’s such a BEAUTIFUL clean and simple design. 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks Denise for your sweet message. It is nice to touch base with my friends … and know that they are thinking of me! Thanks for the hugs! Hugs xxaxx


  14. Sonia G says:

    Well let me first start with saying, I love your card. This subtle masking is great!

    I will be thinking of Skye as she undergoes her surgery and recovery. I can understand that 14 weeks is a long time to ‘sit around’.

    Good to hear that your mum is progressing along slowly….I hope that her recovery continues in an onward and upward direction.

    HI gorjuss! Thanks for your messages … they are very special! Mum has had another hiccup … infection in the wound. She won’t be coming home today! (More later!) Hugs xxaxx


  15. Sandra says:

    This is a fantastic male card, Andrea! I love the crimped drop banner with the string and button.
    I know from experience that watching a child,in pain,in recovery,is absolutley heart breaking. I’ll tell you that story another day. I hope Skye has a speedy recovery and is feeling better soon!
    Andrea adds: I think Skye might have underestimated how sore she would be. She is struggling a little. I did try to prepare her for this … but ??? Happy to be a listening ear sometime! 🙂 Hugs xxaxx


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