Gotta make this quick!

ADDED SUNDAY 3rd July  9:30 am: It is Skye’s birthday … and she is still in hospital!!! The physio finally came at 12.15pm yesterday … she hadn’t eaten since breakfast … she was due for pain relief … and of course … these were not the ideal circumstances for dealing with the assessment. We had to sit her in a wheel chair a couple of times because she felt dizzy and faint … on the way up to the 4th floor physio room where she practised with crutches on the steps. We were just about to make our way back … when Skye felt very faint … her face went totally white/grey … and she collapsed into the chair and blacked out. Total rag doll! 😦 So … the physio quickly wheeled her back to her bed … and took her blood pressure … and got some orange juice into her. She was fine again … after about 10 mins. But … yep … you guessed it … no PASS to come home! She cried!!! 😦 We had been told that discharge patients get priority for physio clearance when they are going home … but Gav has just rung the hospital this morning to be told that the physio will not be down until later in the day … because they are “flat out” in ICU! The discharge lounge (where Skye has been since yesterday morning) is meant to be a “transit” lounge … but there are 2 other ladies who also had surgery on Thursday … and also went to maternity … who are now in the lounge. One of the roomies is “mobile” … and she popped down to the kiosk to buy Skye a hazlenut latte & a cupcake this morning for her birthday! How kind! 🙂 So … we will go again and wait! And … hopefully Skye will pass the physio assessment today and be allowed home. I am tired … after spending 30 hours at the hospital over the last 3 days. And … I am sad that Skye is in hospital for her birthday … but I know that God has her in his hands … and she will come home at the right time. Hugs xxaxx 

Saturday 2nd July …

Hello bloggies!

I was hoping to post a card … but time it my enemy at the moment! I still haven’t made Skye’s birthday card … and her birthday is tomorrow. I thought I would share a VERY quick and limited update on Skye … and hopefully … if she comes home today … I might have time to show you her Birthday Card later this afternoon!!!????

Poor baby was scheduled for 10am surgery on Thursday … but … hospitals being the way they are … she went into pre-op at 12.45pm … and into surgery about 2.30pm!!!! She was back in recovery around 4.30pm. But … of course … we had to wait … and wait … and wait  for a bed to be available on a ward before we could see her. At 7.30pm … after several phone calls … they finally allowed Gav & I into recovery because they had yet to find a bed for her! At 2am Friday morning … she was sent to the Maternity ward!!! Now … I do want to add … the nurses in Maternity did what they could for Skye BUT … they are midwives … not orthopaedic nurses!!! Skye had some difficult experiences … such as being left on an overflowing bed pan for 15 mins … and vomiting and swallowing it back down (7 times) … because the nurses hadn’t brought a fresh sick bag for her. It has not been easy. And … no matter how much a mum can try and prepare her baby for the pain … I don’t think teenagers ever really know what to expect. Because she was in maternity … she didn’t get the hourly ice packs … or the exercises in bed. She was supposed to be assessed by a physio to come home … and we waited all day … and finally they came at 7.30pm last night. By this time she was sooo tired after a noisy night in recovery … her blood pressure dropped when they tried to “walk” her … and it was decided she had to stay another night. On the one hand … I am feeling let down by the health system … and on the other hand … I am so thankful for the health care that we do have in Australia! I felt like stamping my feet last night … but I know it is not the poor nurses fault … and I don’t want to take it out on them. The hospitals need more beds … and more nurses! (You all know what happened with Dad during his palliative care!) Anyway … we are trying to be positive for Skye … as she is struggling with the whole experience. I just had a message from Skye (just this minute) … to say they needed the bed in maternity … and she has been moved to the discharge unit! I wonder if the physio will find her there??? 😦 

Mum has also had a couple of hiccups … the latest is some infection in her wound … so she wasn’t able to come home yesterday. Hopefully she will be home on Monday! 

Well … now that Skye has messaged … I want to get going … to try and get to the hospital a little earlier. (I was aiming for 11am visiting hours.) I am hoping there won’t be any delays today … and Skye will soon be home again!

Take care … and THANKS SO MUCH for all your concern & thoughts for us! Big hugs to everyone of my bloggies!!! xxaxx


  1. I am so sorry to hear about all the troubles and worries you have had of late. What with your dear dad passing away then mum in for her op and now the infection. Poor little Skye. How dreadful for her.
    I just am concerned about you. I pray that you will be able to stand up to all of this stress.

    God Bless. from Betty from Bundaberg Qld
    Andrea adds: Hello Betty! It is so nice to have you pop by and leave some blog love! Thanks so much for all your kind thoughts and concern! It is so sweet to have so many hugs from my blog buddies! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Keryn says:

    Oh poor Skye, that’s terrible to not have the care she needed and to be left sick and in pain. Our hospital system certainly does leave a lot to be desired. I pray that she will now get the support that she needs to help her manage the after effects of surgery.

    Hope you have her home with you soon. Hugs Keryn x
    Andrea adds: Thanks Keryn! I do hope she comes home today (Sunday) … It would be the best b’day present for her! Hugs xxaxx


  3. What a shocker, and let me say, being a midwife is no excuse for giving poor care. Midwives deal with post surgical patients, ie caesar pts, who need vomit bags and even pans all the time, so they should’ve known to do that. Also, when I worked at a smaller hospital we used to get non-obstetric women all the time, so we found out what we should do for their care. If you put someone on a pan you just come back and check promptly, or at least leave the buzzer in reach. Sometimes using the buzzer til someone comes is the only answer. The need for ice packs etc should have been mentioned in the handover from Recovery or the post-op instructions. Why even do the op if there was no bed. Poor Skye, that is not good. I would write a letter of complaint to the Director of Nursing as it is the only way we will ever see change, especially if under-staffing was the problem.
    Not good for your poor Mum either. Hope they’re both out of hospital soon!
    Fi x
    Andrea adds: Hi Fi! Thanks for your message … an encouragement to me … because I am not usually a whinger … but truly … I do think that Skye has had to put up with more than she should have. But … like I said … I don’t blame the nurses! There are simply not enough beds … and not enough nurses!!! And … yes … you wonder … why do all that surgery … if there are no beds for the patients??? But … Skye’s needed to be done … so how do you NOT do the surgery??? It has been such an eye opener … after spending 3 months back & forward to hospitals. And … I know if Fi was on maternity on Thursday / Friday … Skye would have had the royal treatment … as I am sure you give all your patients!!! Thanks for being sympathetic … even though you would want to defend your fellow midwives! (And … truly … it is not the midwives that I want to stamp my feet at … it is those big wigs in government … who are so out of touch!!!) Thanks for being such a kind, listening ear for a mum who is a little fed up. 🙂 Hugs xxaxx


  4. Lee-Anne says:

    Oh my sweet, sweet friend…I am sending so many prayers for you and your family at the moment. I am so worried about you, as this must be taking it’s toll on you as well. I know that you are so positive and have faith that God will be with you, which is just so encouraging, but if you feel the need to have a mini breakdown I am just a phone call away and will happily listen if you feel the need to “rant”.
    Poor, poor Skye. I feel so much for her, what a horrible chain of events and to be dealing with all of that plus being in pain must be awful. I am sending so many hugs to all of you and hope that this season you are all in will soon pass.
    Sending a big happy birthday to Skye. Not the most wonderful place to be spending her special day, but I’m sure you will all make it special for her once she does come home.
    Take care, lovely lady…..hope you get some much needed rest soon.
    Andrea adds: We arrived at the hospital with some “Coke Zero” (Skye’s fav) decorated with happy birthday balloons and ribbons … and a vanilla cupcake from Michel’s! One of the other patients in her room had bought her a hazlenut latte and some black forest cake from the kiosk as a treat. And … then we got to take her home!!! So … although the first half of her b’day was spent at the hospital … she did get home to share it with all the family! 😀 Thanks for your sweet sweet message, Lee-Anne. I am okay … truly … and although it might take a few days to recover and rest … I will be fine! Thanks for the prayers & for all your lovely messages. Take care! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Sonia G says:

    Poor Skye! Not only having to deal with surgery, but understaffing/bedding and a birthday in hospital. I hope that this is the last hiccup in her recovery….
    I hope your mum is also allowed to come home too, tomorrow!
    I am wondering if you would be able to make your way through the hospital blindfolded, since you’ve spent so much time their lately?
    I hope Skye had lots of visitors and love today!
    We are thinking of you and your family as they battle through this current set of challenges.
    Andrea adds: It is amazing how much easier it is to smile … when you have all your babies home again! 😀 I am looking forward to a quiet couple of weeks … caring for Skye … and just chilling out a bit! (In between hospital visits for mum!) 😉 Hugs xxaxx


    1. chrissieah says:

      Don’t forget Louise and I have mum covered. you take as much time as you need away from hospitals and even when Louise has to go home I will look after it. You don’t have to do it all.
      Andrea adds: Yes … you are both life savers at the moment … but in a couple of days … I will probably be having hospital withdrawals … and will feel the need to visit mum!!! 😉 But … it is nice to know you have this covered! Hope you take some time to breathe too!? hugs xxaxx


  6. Lynda says:

    Sending you hugs all the way fm S’pore darl.I sm on Tracey’s computer ATM so the fontis V V small!!!! I am so devestated for all of the gals in ur life. Life is a contstant sucking vortex for you at the mo and I sincerely hope it stops SOON!!!! Please take care of you and I am getting e mails tru every so often. I am hoping to have the internet issues corrected tonight. LOVE, HUGS and lotsa warmth to you all. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Wow! You are a long way away!!! But … still managed to stop by and say hi! Please say thank you to Tracey! 😀 I am feeling much better now I have Skye at home. (See today’s post!) I do need to catch up on sleep … but it can only get better from here … can’t it???? 😀 Have a wonderful time with your bestie … hope you find some time to stamp! Hugs xxaxx


  7. Helen H says:

    Hi Andrea, fingers are crossed that you have Skye home today & that you have happy, albeit belated, birthday celebrations. It’s so hard to see you child go through surgery, let alone the extra difficulties Skye has faced within the hospital system. Hope everything is positive from here on in. Hope your Mum has improved also & is on her way home too. Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: It was a very noisy … but happy birthday here last night. (21 people)!!! But …Skye was very happy to be home and it was nice to have everyone here! She got some lovely pressies … and was very spoilt! Hugs xxaxx


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