On a more positive note …

Hi there bloggies!

Skye is home!!! Yayayayaya! (As Leonie N would say!) I wanted to do something special for her b’day so we arrived at the hospital with some “Coke Zero” (Skye’s fav) decorated with happy birthday balloons and ribbons … and a vanilla cupcake from Michel’s! One of the other patients in her room had also bought her a hazlenut latte and some black forest cake from the kiosk as a treat! (Thanks Menka!) 😀 The nurses and patients in the discharge lounge had all sung “Happy Birthday” to her when she woke up! So … even though she woke up in hospital for her b’day … she was still made to feel special. After being told on the phone at 9am that Skye would have to wait to see the “ONE” physio that was rostered on yesterday because they were “flat out” with ICU patients … it was such a surprise to arrive at the hospital at 11am to find that the physio had had a few moments to spare while doctors were seeing their ICU patients and had managed to get up and do Skye’s assessment after all! Within 15 mins we had all her stuff packed up … the discharge notice signed … and we were on our way! 😀

Friday (Maternity Ward): After a bad night ... it was lovely to have a smile from Bree!

What a difference a day makes … Skye is doing so well now … she is even getting really brave about the weight bearing … and can TAKE HERSELF to the toilet!!! It is amazing … after helping her with this for 2 weeks … what a relief it is to know she is able to start getting back to normal! I think I am going to be amazed at how quickly she bounces back now! (How quickly the mother bounces back … is still to be seen!) 😉 She has colour in her face … and is smiling again!

Saturday (Discharge Lounge): After getting over the disappointment of not coming home ... it was nice to have a few visitors!

Mum is not doing so well … she has been really struggling with a lack of energy … and the wound infection has been making her feel really ill. The doc today has finally recommended a blood transfusion to help. I am sure this will make a huge difference … and soon she will be feeling a lot better. He has also suggested that she spend a couple more days in hospital … and then a couple more in rehab to “catch up” on what she hasn’t had the energy to do. So … she probably won’t be home for another week. But … I do think a couple of days … and she will also start to bounce back!

Sunday (at home!!!): A birthday BBQ with ALL the family (21 people) ... even my sis & niece from Q'ld. 19 candles!!!

So … I have a special card to share today … it is the card that my sis Christine made for Skye for her birthday. Skye loved this one! (My card for Skye is a creation for the next INK4U! session challenges … so I wanted to keep it to show you later … once the new INK4U! session is running! — More details soon!) So … I don’t have a card recipe for this one … I could have made one … but I didn’t want you to think that this was my card!!! 😉

Well … I am determined to have a quiet day at home today! It is the first day of school holidays for Sandy but he is happily playing the Wii (Stace & Jono kindly lent it to Skye while she was stuck on the lounge!) The thought of a whole day at home is soooooo lovely! And … you never know … I might even get some stamping done!!! 😀 But … first … I am off to help Skye have a shower!

Thanks for all the lovely messages you have all been sending. Another thing on my “to do” list … is return the favour and catch up on some blog hopping! C U all soon! Hugs xxaxx


  1. Lynda says:

    Have finally gotthe i’net thingy whatsit wk’g and I am on my lappy at Tracey’s now!!! I feel helpless enough being in Syd…but now with all that has transpired lately…and me being here….arrrggghhhhh!!! I am so v v glad that Skye has found her way hm. She will not forget this b’day in a hurry….will she??? That pic of Bree and her is worth 1000 words…best medicine ever!!!
    How unusual for Chrissy to do a blue card….NOT!!! (wink). The bling is GORJUS and I sure it lifted Skye’s spirits!! I really must let this set see some ink!!! (blush!!)
    Tracey adn I are going to get inky today and we are hitting the craft shops in S’pore….so watch out I guess….LOL!!! Please take care of you and I hope that when you do “bounce back” is is softly and with not much rebound!!!! Love and hugs to all……esp ur beautiful Mum…I hope the blood Trx does the trick. MWAH ooxx
    Andrea adds: Thanks gorjuss! Always here to cheer me up … and spur me on! Enjoy your holiday … and look after yourself!!! And … buy something special for yourself from those craft shops!!! How excitement! Hugs xxaxx PS … Thanks for the email … just replied!


    1. chrissieah says:

      ha ha Lynda, have you checked lately? I have done quite a lot of non blue cards lately… well maybe not lately but in my latest batch!
      Andrea adds: Well … she will have to go and check out all your lovely creations to see!!! Might have to wait until she gets back from Singapore! Hugs xxaxx


      1. chrissieah says:

        thanks for sharing my card by the way! I have been meaning to put some more cards on my site but today was my first day off and all I did was bludge (in between Organising two broken down cars to get fixed… all good though -mum’s is fixed and ours went in this arvo). Have to work tomorrow but after that I might get back to my blog and even do some cards if I can!
        Andrea adds: I hope your work day is nice and relaxed and quiet! Hope you enjoy your break over the school hols … even with mum in hospital! I will look for your new cards on your blog! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Sonia G says:

    I am glad that Skye was able to come home for her birthday and was probably treated like double royalty – since she can’t get around and it was her birthday. I can imagine everyone did everything they could for her!
    Sorry to hear that your mum’s recovery is taking a little longer than expected. I hope the transfusion does the trick.
    Christines card is gorgeous….. and I look forward to seeing your card for Skye too 😉
    Talking about I4U, I really must get on with my next project.
    Andrea adds: Hi Sonia! Hope work is going well … and it is so nice to have you pop by! I can’t wait to see what you have for us for next session of INK4U! I am looking forward to being a little less preoccupied for the next session! Hugsxxaxx


  3. Hi Andrea,
    Happy birthday to you Skye. i have been tuning in to hear all, but haven’t had to time to stop and comment…
    Skye i’m sorry to hear about your hospital mishaps, but glad to hear that you are now home and on the mend…wishing you the speediest of recovery’s.

    Andrea, please pass on a big smile and hug to your mum, i hope she is feeling better soon.

    Boy i too love Christine’s card,it is so pretty….loving the bling…what girl doesn’t enjoy a bit of bling

    Again Happy birthday Skye
    Andrea adds: Sharna … if anyone knows how hard it is to find time for blog comments … it is definitely ME!!! 😀 So … please don’t apologise! Thanks for all your warm messages and hugs. I will certainly pass them on! Hope to pop by and say hi soon! Hugs xxaxx


  4. Helen H says:

    Oh, what wonderful news Andrea! Glad you got to have Skye home for her birthday after all. Skye looks pretty impressed to be home! The first shot of Skye & Bree is priceless. 🙂
    Hope your Mum improves with the transfusion & is bouncing back soon.
    Christine’s card is gorgeous – love all those blue flowers.
    Take care. 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks Helen. Yes … we were all thrilled to have her home … and even though I was dog tired … I was glad we had the “crowd” over to help her celebrate her birthday! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Hi Andrea, It’s so nice to see a smile on Skye’s face. It sounds like she had a lovely birthday surrounded by lots of special people. I hope she makes a quick recovery now. It will be so much easier that she can get to the toilet herself!!!
    I hope things are much easier for you the next half of this year. You have had enough to deal with already. Glad your Mum is on the mend.
    We will have to get together to stamp very soon. Missed today. With school holidays it threw me out. I hope you can get some stamping time in soon.
    Take care and BIG hugs,
    Love Jenny xxxxOOOO
    Andrea adds: Yes … stamping day asap … pretty please!!! But … perhaps it will have to wait until after the hols! Hope you are having a break over the next two weeks? Thanks for your lovely messages. Hugs xxaxx


  6. Monika/buzsy says:

    Oh, boy… it never ends, does it? Hope Skye is getting better by the day… no surgery is fun (never had any myself, but can image)… glad she can at leat do her business now! How is Mum doing? Hope everything is going well… Happy Belated Birthday to Skye!
    Andrea adds: Thankfully Skye is doing much better. Still has to spend most of the day on the lounge … as her knee is very sore. But … she is managing to get around when she needs to! I will pass on your birthday wishes! Hugs xxaxx


  7. Jen W. says:

    I feel so behind on everything! What a nightmare experience for you guys at the hospital especially poor Skye. 😦 So glad to hear that she’s finally home and so many people stepped in with little moments to help make her birthday better. 🙂

    Hope your mum is doing better – will have to read on for an update.
    Andrea adds: Hi Jen! It is such a long involved story … but probably only interesting to me!!! Sometimes I wonder why I share all the sorry details of my life???? But … thanks for your lovely thoughts and care! Hugs xxaxx


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