True Love Sparkles and Shines!

Hi bloggies!

Added Fri 12th: Yippee! I scored a “Mashup Glammette” Award for this card! Thanks so much Lisa for your encouragement! I was thrilled to get this acknowledgement. 

I have to be quick today … things to do for mum! (See end of post for update … if you are interested!) This is a card I made for the latest Friday Mashup Challenge “True Love Sparkles and Shines”. What a gorgeous challenge! Make sure you pop over to the Friday Mashup to check out the other gorgeous samples! I would love to be able to leave comments on each … but as you all know … my time is so limited at the moment. The Challenge … “Use Glitter and / or Make an Anniversary Card”. Here is my creation ….

All the details for this card are on my card recipe below. Don’t be scared of the back


ground … it is super easy to do! I have been sitting in bed doing this post … before mum wakes … but now I need to get up and have my shower before the community care lady comes to shower mum … so I had better keep moving! Take care! Hugs xxaxx

PS: Will try and respond to your lovely comments asap! xx

Mum Update: Well … mum is home … FINALLY!!! 😀 But … she still has a long way to go and will be on antibiotics to deal with this ongoing “super bug” until 2012 … including a pump feed antibiotic for 6 weeks. She will have a nurse come each day to change the infuser … and for the next 6 weeks one of the community carers will come and help her with showering etc. I spent the night at her house last night … and … well … let’s just say I’ve had better sleeps!!! 😉 She is very nervous about being home. Happy but nervous. She needs to use her crutches for the next two weeks (still partial weight bearing due to hip fracture) … but hopefully it won’t be too long before she will be doing more for herself. In the meantime … we will do what we can to help. 



  1. LisaJ says:

    Oh my, what a pretty card! Love the owls and the chunky sprinkles are awesome, I love the blue! Beautiful job on the background!

    Glad to hear your mom is home and I hope all goes well!

    Thanks so much for playing along with us at The Friday Mashup!
    Andrea adds: I am so glad you like it, Lisa! It was such a fun “mashup”!!! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  2. Kasey says:


    Where you find the time amazes me. You’ve had one hell of a year my sweet, but here you are posting the cutest pair of owls in our Friday Mashup challenge. Power to you!
    Love that glittered background.
    Kasey ~ in Oz
    Andrea adds: I surprise myself, Kasey … I really don’t know how I find the time … we are now over 4 months since Dad’s heart attack … and all the family crisies began! But … there is light at the end of the tunnel. I guess I make the time … because stamping is my “therapy”! Thanks for the sweet comments! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Gabbi says:

    I so love all that bling – it is just so special!! 🙂
    I also love how you have dressed up your owls (I recently made a Dr & nurse owl – inspired from somewhere on the net – I can’t believe how many ways you can change an owl!! 😉 ). I especially love the pearl necklace, lacey skirt & matching bows.
    I also admire your brayering (I’ve never tried it) – your blends are so subtle.
    Hope you had a lovely day!
    Thanks for sharing Mr & Mrs Owl.
    ♥ Gabbi ♥
    Andrea adds: There are endless variations of the owls on the internet. This punch is very versatile … for penguins, winnie the pooh, kokeshi dolls etc etc. It does take a little patience … but it is well worth the effort! The brayering looks much more impressive than it really is. Truly … my ‘blends’ are just a fluke! 😀 Thanks for popping by again! Hugs xxaxx


  4. chrissieah says:

    This is gorgeous! so cute! Love the colours of course… I think you have done more blue cards than me lately!
    Andrea adds: Well … that’s a change!!! So glad you like it! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Sandra says:

    Your owls are so cute, Andrea! I love the string of pearls and the little lacey dress 🙂

    I’m so happy to hear that your Mum is at home. I’m also happy to hear that you are all getting help to look after her too.

    Thank you for the lovely card that I recieved today and the beautiful message that you wrote. Is the photo of Wollongong? Did you take it?
    Andrea adds: I don’t think I could have managed looking after mum without the care. Definitely … the nurse needs to come and change the antibiotic that is feeding through the “pick line”. But … I also don’t know how I would have managed showering her. But … even though she probably wasn’t quite ready to come home … she is so happy to be home. I guess 7 1/2 weeks in hospital would make anyone homesick! 😀 I’m glad you liked the card … the photo was taken by my sister when she was visiting us from Q’ld. It is taken at Kiama … which is about 15 mins south of where we live. Isn’t it gorgeous?! We live in such a pretty part of the world. Hugs xxaxx


    1. Sandra says:

      When they sent my Dad home from hospital (he had a terminal illness and had already spent 5 months in and out of ICU), they promised my Mum home care to help him shower etc. While the community nurse did come to check meds, Mum had a REALLY hard time getting anyone out to help for showering and to look after him while she went shopping or her own doctors appointments like they promised. I was 6 months pregnant and working with 2 kids to look after at the time, so there was limited things that I could do to help. I’m really happy that you are getting that help without having to battle them.

      My uncle lives in Kiama near the little blow hole. I haven’t been there for about 14 years (wow, I didn’t think it was that long!) but we use to spend a couple of weeks there every summer as kids. You’re right …… it’s a very beautiful part of the world indeed 🙂
      Andrea adds: I am so sorry, Sandra, that your mum had such struggles with caring for your Dad. That is stress that shouldn’t be allowed! Even though Mum was a private patient … had her surgery in a private hospital … did her rehab in a private hospital … and ended up in Wollongong (public) hospital for a 2nd op to drain the infection … she chose to stay at Wollongong rather than go back to the private hospital because for some inconceivable reason … she wouldn’t have had access to the community care if she had gone home via the private hospital.Go figure!!! Red Tape!!! I think they need more women running our hospitals!!! 😀 I bet you have some lovely memories of your holidays at Kiama. We are very blessed to live so close … and can pop down at any time! Hugs xxaxx


  6. Kim S says:

    My inbox is pinging at me as you are leaving comments on my blog – thank you so much!! All I have been doing lately is super simple. Then I pop over to yours and I see this spectacular card. Every detail is perfect – the brayered background, the branches in which they sit, the glittered moon, their charming apparel…just perfect!

    Hope you get some sleep tonight.
    Andrea adds: I was doing some blog hopping last night … grabbing precious moments in between caring for mum. It keeps me sane … just having that nice opportunity to escape … even if it is only for a few minutes at a time! And … thanks for your generous feedback. Funny … but I would love to master YOUR style … and yet … you are loving this one!!! 😀 You’re a sweetie! Thanks! Hugs xxaxx


  7. Monika/buzsy says:

    What a fabulous card Andrea. Love the cute couple. The colors are perfect and the sparkly moon is perfect! Can you believe that I have that punch, but never used it… got to get it out. :o)
    Andrea adds: I resisted buying it for a long time … but finally caved! I don’t use it a lot … but whenever I do I am really satisfied with the result. Hugs xxaxx


  8. Kim P says:

    Your card is absolutely adorable! Love the way the owls are gazing at each other! Thanks for playingg the Friday Mashup! Hope your mom gets better soon!
    Andrea adds: Thanks for your kind thoughts for mum … and your lovely feedback about my card! Hugs xxaxx


  9. Holly says:

    Wow oh my this is absolutely adorable! I love that glittery moon and the owls are just too cute! Glad to hear your mum is home and on the mend… Keep stamping Andrea! It’s great therapy and stress reliever. Thanks for joining us at the Friday Mashup this week.
    Andrea adds: Yes … stamping is the perfect therapy … and is what keeps me going at the moment. Just stealing away from responsibilities for a brief moment to stamp or blog is the perfect remedy for a tired, busy gal. Thanks for your sweet comment! Hugs xxaxx


  10. Jen Mitchell says:

    I love how the owls are gazing adoringly at each other! That’s one special couple! Your glitterly moon really gives this card a magical quality. Thanks for playing along at the Friday Mashup!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Jen! It is so nice when someone notices those fine details! Thanks for the lovely feedback! Hugs xxaxx


  11. Lynda says:

    Awwwwwww….tugs at the heart strings this one Andrea!!!! Luv the mega BLING too!! (Even got eyelashes on Mrs owl!!!) I am so glad you are geting such wonderful luvin thru the comments on this card…all of them are so well deserved!!
    Woo hoo…ur mum is hm…and now starts phase 2 of the challenge. Managing a PIC line is fun and I am so v v glad there is a nurse there to do the hard yards. She will find hm a wee alien after that amt of time in hosp, but hopefully her mood will ease and soften as the days pass and she gets familiar with her comfortable surroundings again. Take care lovely. MWAH ooxx
    Andrea adds: Funny … but she even had motion sickness travelling home in the car! 😀 And … she is worrying about all sorts of little things … like how to thread the pic line through her nightie! Go figure!!! I tried to tell her … to stop worrying! If we can’t remember … I have a brain … and I CAN work it out! She is worrying about the nausea … about the meds … about not feeling like eating … etc etc But … the community nurses are absolutely fantastic … and I think she is in really good hands. They are so encouraging and supportive and kind … and reassuring her that she will be so much better now she can have a decent night’s sleep (away from the noisy wards and the early mornings) … and they are helping her to cope. I am very thankful. Thanks for your sweet comments about the card. Isn’t that bling great!!! Hugs xxaxx


  12. Jean says:

    Andrea, How beautiful is your card and how creative you are!! I love your soft background and the glitter moon! Cute little owls! So sorry to hear your Mum is not well – I have just spent seven weeks sitting beside my Mum in hospital – she had open heart surgery and she is 85! The time is so stressful and yes, stamping is such good therapy!
    Andrea adds: Oh Jean … thanks so much for your sympathetic message. I do hope your mum is recovering well. Thanks for your kind thoughts! Hugs xxaxx


  13. Sonia G says:

    Congrats on your mum finally coming home! She is so lucky to have three wonderful daughters who are assisting in her care and also just being there.
    I love the pearl necklace on your gal owl! Just cute! You deserve to win again….
    Andrea adds: Thanks for the thumbs up! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  14. Jen W. says:

    This is gorgeous! Those owls are adorable and that chunky glitter is fabulous!
    Andrea adds: Yes … I am a little disappointed SU! got rid of the chunky glitter. I made sure I stocked up on it … though! Hugs xxaxx


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