Happy Dancing!

ADDED: WED 31ST AUG – I am doing ANOTHER happy dance! This card won a “Top 3” pick over at Simply Stampin’ Challenge! What a thrill! 😀  Thank you so much to the team over at SSC! 

Hi bloggies!

It has been a GOOD DAY today … good all around!!! Skye was freaking out last night about 2 presentations she had at uni today … and both went really well. Sheree has been applying for jobs for next year as she finishes her teaching degree at the end of this year. Two positions were advertised today at our own school (a small Christian school) and she is so excited at those opportunities. Stace popped into her work today to discuss her maternity leave and has the ok for another 6 months … so she is happy! 😀 And … BIG NEWS!!! My mum saw the orthopaedic specialist today … and got a really good report. Infection markers are reducing … haemoglobin levels are back over normal … fracture is healing well … and she can “ditch” the walker and start to manage on a stick … full weight bearing & beginning physio to get her strength back! So … this means … we can start to “wean” her off the 24 hour care … and begin to have our own lives back again!!! 😀 😀 😀 So … here is a visual for you all … of me doing a “happy dance” around the house!!! 😀 😀 😀 

Today’s card is for the current “Simply Stampin'” Challenge … PUNCH IT UP! I have been itching to try this idea for weeks after discovering a tutorial online for some FABULOUS punched frames. Check this punched frame out … isn’t it sensational!!!??? ……

This Elegant Eggplant punched frame is punched using ONLY a Pinking Hearts CORNER punch! It is all ONE piece! 😯 Yes … I can see you all frowning … wondering how on earth it is done??? 😉 Well … you will be amazed at this great tutorial … “Amazing Paper Grace” – Right Angle Punching (no. 2).  Becca also has 2 other tutorials showing smaller and bigger frames. Did you also notice the NEW “Wisteria Wonder” card??? I have been missing our lavender colours since SU! did their colour review … so it is nice to have a new purple to play with! And … it is here for 2 years … so that is super fab!!! 😀 (Avail: Sept 1)

Mum’s care will still be ongoing in the sense that after losing Dad so recently, she will still need company. She is still unable to do some tasks that involve “reaching” or “bending” … so I will still be popping down for 2 – 3 hours each day … but at least it won’t be 8 – 9 hour shifts like I have been doing for the last 10 days. Hopefully that will mean I can find some time to visit YOU!!! Thanks for all your ongoing support, encouragement and prayers … it feels like there finally is “light at the end of the tunnel”! 😀 See you all soon … Hugs xxaxx



  1. Yay for the happy dance, am joining in! So glad life is looking brighter.
    Fi x
    Andrea adds: I can always count on my blog friends to dance with me!!! 😀 Thanks Fi! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Lynda says:

    Ok….biggest wow factor EVER Andrea…this is magnificent. I have already checked out the video(s) and am hooked. Yes…the ‘gunna’ file is peaking to capacity….LOL!! The card is magnificent and I can see this idea sparking lots of creativity all over the joint.
    Sooooooooo happy re your mum…for want of a better expression…head in leaps and bounds so to speak. Baby steps are the key. Love and hugs to you all ooxx
    Andrea adds: Yes … a little hiccup this morning … I think from trying to do to much in one go … but we will get there one day at a time! Thanks for the lovely enthusiasm for the card. Isn’t that frame fantastic!!!??? Can’t wait to see it on your blog! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Jess Doyle says:

    oooh I like this… pretty!
    Andrea adds: Hi Jess! Isn’t it just …!!! Hugs xxaxx


  4. Gabbi says:

    Like WOW – this punchwork is amazing! I haven’t seen anything like this, and all with a corner punch!! Thanks for passing on the link! Your card is also amazing – so much for the eyes to take in! Just beautiful!:)
    So glad you have had such a good day! Many blessings all on the one day – makes up for few trying days in recent weeks, I hope.
    Thanks for sharing!
    ♥ Gabbi ♥
    Andrea adds: Like THANKS! I am amazed too … it is so clever. Check out the other tutorials Becca has on her blog … there is some super WOW stuff there! Hugs xxaxx


  5. Jen W. says:

    Boy, have I missed a lot! I’m gonna go get a cup of tea and then settle in for a catch-up! Glad to hear that things are going well for everyone at the moment and that mum is coming along in her recovery. Big hugs to you!
    Andrea adds: Jen … you have outdone yourself!!! Wow!!! 12 comments in one day!!! You are such a sweetie to take the time to leave all this blog love for me!!! Thanks so much! Hugs xxaxx
    PS: Hoping to take my puter to bed tonight … and return the favour! xx


  6. Sonia G says:

    That is one super unusual punched background. Off to check the link out next.
    I am so glad that the Lowcock/Boyes families have had such a happy news day! Especially your Mum. No doubt, that this incapacitation is frustrating her more than anyone else.
    Sunshine is just around the corner for you and your family…. after such a miserable period.
    Andrea adds: I am soooo thankful to know that there is an easing of our care. I was so tired this morning … that I slept in much too late!!! 😀 But … it was such a nice feeling … to wake feeling a little refreshed! Hugs xxaxx


  7. chrissieah says:

    This is lovely… and the new wisteria colour really fills a void now! Which reminds me…. really have to check out your new catalogue! I too am having stamping withdrawals!
    Andrea adds: Yes! I have been wanting to show you … but with all that we have had to think about … I kept forgetting! Lots to love! Hugs xxaxx


  8. Monika/buzsy says:

    What a lovely card Andrea. I am in love with butterflies and this one is just so pretty. Love the lilac colors. Crossing my fingers that you get more stamping time! Thanks for your sweet comments. I am so behind with commenting… I am trying to get things done in a hurry, because there’s a big hurricane headed our way this weekend… hope it will calm down by the time it hits our state!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Monika! So nice to have you pop by. I do hope you will be kept safe in the storm … and that there is not too much damage! Hugs xxaxx


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