Soften the Edges!


Hi Bloggies!

I was visiting someone’s (can’t remember who) blog on Saturday … and they had done the recent Pals Paper Arts challenge … and it prompted me to pop over to the site. I couldn’t remember the last time I did a PPA challenge … so I did a search and found my last entry was way back in April 2010! It has been far too long!!! 😀 So … I knew that I really wanted to play along this week. The challenge this week is to “Soften the Edges” and the girls have suggested a CAS card with rounded corners. So … I went with that suggestion PLUS I thought I would “soften the images” and used my Stampin’ Pastels to dust the Versamark images to just add some soft colour …

So … you can see that the images are really soft and pretty! I finally got around to using my Ice Cream Parlour buttons and ribbon on this card! I have been itching to use them for ages! Aren’t they just the sweetest!!!

I actually had this card ready to post yesterday afternoon … but I ended up with a really bad headache … and didn’t get back to my computer! I am okay today … though … so I think I was just really tired … because a long nap did seem to help! So … now I have to do this really quickly to meet the deadline … and before I run down to mum’s & take her to a doc appt. So … I had better keep moving! See you all soon! (I will do that draw for the free passes for INK4U! asap!) Hugs xxaxx



  1. Lynda says:

    Gentle, soft and a breeze-like whimsy….wonderful card darl. Well done on getting back onto a challenge site that you have missed. I can never get this techy to wk for me…dunno what I am doing wrong…but obviously something (DAH!!) I have not cracked open my buttons or ribbons yet….like this idea tho….clunking cogs…hee hee hee. ooxx PS…hope the headache resolved itself. ooxx (BTW…YEAH Sandy’s team!!)
    Andrea adds: Yes … thanks for noticing, my wonderful friend … the headache was fine after an hour and a half nap … and then an early night! Felt much better today. And … thanks for the “breeze-like whimsy” comment. You always seem to find the right words to describe a card! Ok … the trick to the pastels??? Stamp with Versamark … then add the chalk by BOUNCING or tapping lightly with your sponge dauber. Better to use a sponge dauber … as a normal sponge doesn’t have the concentrated amount of chalk needed. DO NOT wipe your sponge dauber across the image … because all you will do is smudge the stamped image! Is that a help??? Hugs xxaxx


  2. Kim S says:

    It’s doubly soft! Your card really is so sweet…I love the colors- that ribbon and those buttons are wonderful! And you have used them perfectly with you butterfly and flowers! Somebody will definitely smile over this one!
    Andrea adds: Hi Kim! Thanks for the lovely comment. Am dying to pop by your blog!!! Hopefully soon! xxaxx


  3. Pam Giudici says:

    Such a happy, make you feel good card! Adore your colors and butterflies! Thanks for joining in the fun at Pals Paper Arts!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Pam! It was a nice “feel good” challenge! Soft is always sweet! Hugs xxaxx


  4. Gabbi says:

    Gorgeous card Andrea – lovely ‘soft’ edges! 🙂
    Hope you had a better day after your headache wiped you out!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ♥ Gabbi ♥
    Andrea adds: Thanks Gabbi! A much better day … and good news from the Infectious Diseases Doc … so I was smiling! And … mum was too! (Well … almost!!!) 😉 Hugs xxaxx


  5. Sonia G says:

    This is a very busy card, yet it’s not overwhelming! Congratulations on getting it just perfect, again!
    Andrea adds: You are so good for my ego, Sonia! All these lovely comments … all in one go! Thanks so much hunny … for taking the time to add so much blog love to my blog! Big hugs xxaxx


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