A Little Cutie!!!

Hi bloggies!

Today’s card is a little cutie … inspired by the latest Stamping 411 Sketch Challenge #221. This sketch is such a sweet and simple design … and I am sure that some of the entries are going to be quite amazing … but I decided to go for CAS.

I don’t get my decorative punches out often enough. I tend to use my border & frame punches quite often … but the others sit quietly on my shelf begging to be used! So … I was inspired to pull out my Bird Builder punch and USE IT!!! A little soft sponging around the edges of the punched “bits” added a little depth to the card … and I was quite tickled with the result! Another thing I was pleased with is a newly discovered colour combo. I think this one is fab!

An unexpected day “off” today … as one of mum’s appts was re-scheduled back to yesterday. BUT … Gav & I have decided that we need to streamline his medication review process … and we have decided to “officially” put MOI on the payroll to help out with invoicing, patient records & appointments. I expect this will mean about 2 hours of “official” working hours per day … and this should free up some of Gav’s time to be able to get more reviews done. He has a mountain of work at the moment and is keen to give good service. So … I am no longer a lady of leisure! (YEAH RIGHT!!! When in the last 6 months have I had time for leisure???) 🙄 I guess this will impact my stamping & blogging time … particularly in the initial “setup” period. I do hope you will be patient with me if I am MIA from time to time!??? So … I am off to start organising myself today! 😀
See you all again soon! Hugs xxaxx



  1. Lynda says:

    This is def a bright card Andrea. love the fact that u got ur punches out for an airing!!! The card for me has a touch of whimsy to it. Love it.
    Congrats on ur “job”. I am sure Gav will be v v thankful for the help….just make sure he doesn’t get too BOSSY….hee hee hee.
    I will concede on the “behave” and long as the “breathe” is maintained!! ooxx
    : Yes … definitely “whimsy” … and I am already snowed with “set up” as Gav’s PA! I am far too obsessively organised for my own good! And … I will TRY to behave!!! 😉


  2. Gabbi says:

    Another beautiful card – love the colour combo – very striking! Love the way you have done the bird too – very cute!
    Hope all is going well 🙂
    Thanks for sharing,
    ♥ Gabbi ♥
    : The bird is sooooo simple! These punches are great! Hugs xx


  3. Tammy Fite says:

    Love this card! And, I really love your supply list pop up–what a great idea!!
    : Thanks for noticing the recipe, Tammy! It does take a little while … but I think my blog buddies enjoy how easy it is to enlarge and print out! Hugs xx


  4. Sonia G says:

    What a cute card…. I normally don’t find those colours appealling… or the bird for that matter, yet somehow I like this card. Go figure!
    Hmmm…. that working can put the brakes on stamping….althought you seem to be able to get a little done no matter how much is going on in your life. Go you (paid) working woman!
    : I don’t feel like a “paid” working woman … cos Gav brings in the money … it just means he is able to spread the tax & have the time to bring in a little more!!! So … in reality … I am not the one earning it!!! 🙂 But … it is nice to know that at least I am helping with the cash flow … which is a killer when you still have 3 adult / 1 teenage kids in the house! 😀 But … I wouldn’t have it any other way! 😉 I’m glad this card took your fancy! I feel a bit the same about the colours and the bird! But … it did kinda work! Hugs xx


  5. Kim S says:

    This is so simple and sweet.

    I hope you don’t plan on shirking on your blogging responsibilities!! After all what’s more important in the long run – gainful employment and helping your husband OR creating beautiful works of art just for the rest of us cardmakers to copy??!!
    – I am sooooooo totally in agreement, Kim! I MUST remember my priorities! I think I will be a little busy during the initial setup … but hopefully it won’t impact tooo greatly. I imagine there will be less time for blog hopping … but … you blog is on the top of my list so … I won’t be neglecting you … I hope! Hugs xx


  6. What a cute card! I love that you used the builder wheels — I don’t see these used much — Great Idea and great use of this week’s sketch. Thanks so much for playing along at Stamping 411! Blessings, Gretchen
    – Thanks Gretchen. Yes! I don’t pull my wheel stamps out often enough … and especially the builder wheels! Thanks for noticing! Hugs xx


  7. Patti Chesky says:

    I love that you used those builder wheels! So cute!
    – Thanks Patti! Yes … and I wished I had 1 more wheel … so I could have done a triple design. Better add that to my wish list! 😀 Thanks for your lovely comment. Hugs xx


  8. Never a dull moment in the Lowcock family!!!! Nothing like a bit of variety in your day – and now adding book-keeping. Your a woman of many talents!!!! 😉
    I do hope Gav doesn’t work you too hard so you can get some stamping time in Andrea. It is “very” important!!!

    Take care (BTW: Cute card too!)

    Love and hugs Jenny xx
    – I know, Jenny! He better not dump too much on me! I still wanna find time to play! 😉 Thanks for popping by! Hugs xx


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