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It is the weekend … and it is cool again! Don’t you just hate it when you get that blast of sunny spring weather … and then the chill returns again! Just when you start to get excited that summer is on the way … you have to drag out the hoodies and trackies again!!! Bring on Summer, I say!!! Here I was wanting to go down to the beach last night for a BBQ tea … and today it is “stay at home” weather again! Anyway … good weather for stamping … so perhaps … if the family allow me … I might just do some!!! (Haven’t touched my stamps since last Saturday!) Here is another of my INKSpiration challenges for INK4U!

I hope you can see the pretty shimmer spray that I have added to this card??? It is quite elegant and sparkly! Sorry … the photo is a little dark. The heart in the centre is popped up on some dimensionals. And … I just love this seam binding that is new in the  catalogue. I have all the colours on my wish list … but this is a little Cherry Cobbler seam binding that my friend Fi gave me a while ago. I have been hoarding it like crazy … but now that I know it is available … I can use it to my heart’s content! 😀 Well … off to … ???? I’m not really sure … but now that I am a WORKING WOMAN … I am going to appreciate my weekends even more!!! 😉 Hope yours is a good one! Hugs xxaxx



  1. Gabbi says:

    Love the vibrant red cherry cobbler – and all that sparkle! Very pretty, and very formal colours.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend! Enjoy every minute of it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing,
    ♥ Gabbi ♥
    – You too, Gabbi! You are up early for the 1st day of the hols!!! 😀 Haven’t heard if Tongarra or Cordeaux won yesterday … cos Sandy went straight to a friend’s house for a sleep over last night. Guess we will wait and see??? 😀 Hugs xx


  2. Denise M. says:

    Oh yeah,I hate those little “teases” of nice weather in the spring and pulling the hoodies back out, like you said. Hang in there though and the warm weather will be there to stay. Gorgeous heart card!
    – Hi Denise! Now it is even raining … and as the day has gone on … it has got cooler and cooler! But … I did get some stamping done … so I am happy! 😀 Hugs xx


  3. Lynda says:

    Am SOOOOO over the darn chill…all the wind etc is playing havoc with my asthma and allergies!!! Brrrrrrrrr…..was freezing at baseball at Wahroonga this AM…but o’shadowed by Mast 11 hitting his 1st HOME RUN!!! I was so proud it warmed me to the core!!!
    I so love this card sweetie. The shimmer is v v classy. I am loving the seam binding too….however, I have not physically touched it….just seen LOT of it used!! It looks fairlly soft yes??? Either way….divine!!!! ooxx
    – Ooooh! How excitement! You must have been so proud!!! Congrats to the little man! Well worth the shivering! And … yes … the seam binding is very soft! Just lovely to play with! Hugs xx


  4. I must say I was quite pleased to see a rainy morning, but only cause it makes daytime sleep better.
    I really like this card, a great take on the pic, and the seam binding ribbon looks lovely 😉 I was so glad to see it turn up in the catty, I also like the ruffly in-colour ribbons and the new denim, am thinking good for boys, men & teens. Cherry Cobbler is my favourite red.
    I have 21 more shifts to work before my hols, (not that I’m counting) which I hope will be rather crafty (not to mention my spontaneous booking of a week in Hawaii!!!!!), and only 2 weeks til my brother & his family are coming home for a visit. Can’t wait.
    Love Fi x
    – Any room in your suitcase for me? We spent 3 days in Hawaii on our way back from Disneyland 8 years ago. It was just my most fav place to visit … and I said to Gav I soooo could just pick up and live there! I loved it! How wonderful that you get to go. Are you going alone … or with a friend? I hope you find some stamping time too! I’m with you … the ruffly ribbons look fab … but I am waiting to Oct to put an order in. CC is also my fav red! Hugs xx


    1. Going solo, too hard to organise around other people. Don’t mind travelling alone as I spent a lot of my time off by myself pottering. Have booked a few tours and activities so I get some people time as well. Sooo looking fwd to it. xox
      – You are braver than me, Fi … but good on you for doing it! I am sure you are going to love it!!! Honestly … it is just like in the movies … Paradise! I can’t wait to see your photos! Hugs xx


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