Facebook Account Hacked!

Hi bloggies!

I just thought I would let you know that my Facebook account has been hacked by someone claiming to know a solicitor who can get YOU $70,000. This solicitor is apparently a friend of Barak Obama!!!!! Anyway … this FAKE account looks identical to my real account … but as yet only has about 20 friends. I have just changed my profile pic to one with Gav, me & Bree – I am wearing a green cardigan. The FAKE account at the moment still has the photo of me with Bree when she was born. They have been sending ‘friend requests’ … and some of you have said yes! Please can you check if you have 2 x “Andrea Lowcock” friends … and REPORT THE FAKE to Facebook. This will be the one with the least no. of friends. (I think around 20 at present! I – the REAL Andrea – have 199 at the moment.) Then after reporting them … please DELETE them from your friend list. I haven’t been able to access my account for several days … but finally was able to get in this morning. This FAKE Andrea has also tried “chatting” with a few of my friends.

I have done all the “change your password” & “secure your account” stuff … but the FAKE one is still there! Does anyone know how to get rid of this FRAUD??? I wish Facebook had a help desk … with a REAL PERSON able to help step you through the process of fixing this! I have gone around and around in circles trying to secure my account! And … although now I can get access … the FAKE one is still there! Sigh … what a waste of time!!! I could have been stamping!!! 😦

Well … I will leave you with an amazing photo …

This is one of the projects that Madeline has added this week to the INKspirations 4U! forum. There is a printable downloadable PDF tutorial for this great table centrepiece. I guess it is more applicable to the US for Thanksgiving … but … hey … the ideas you could do with this!!! I am imagining a FAT SANTA!!!

It is not too late to sign up for this session of INK4U! You will have access to the whole session of projects and tutorials. Click this button to register —>

Hope you all have a nice day. I am determined to take some time out today … and Skye, Sandy , Grandy (Gav’s mum) & I are off to the movies! It is school holidays after all … and I have been working so hard for the last few days! See you again soon! (Will be back with a card later … if time allows!) Hugs xx



  1. Denise says:

    Good Grief, Darlin’!!! What an awful thing for anyone to do!!! I do hope you can get rid of the FAKE Andrea…Just……….I can’t find any words!!! Take Care!!! Loves & Hugs
    – What a sympathetic message, Denise! Thanks heaps for your concern! Hugs xx


  2. Lynda says:

    Maddy is a total marvel ain’t she…this owl is hypnotic!!!
    I rejected the friend req I got fm you and I reported it as a scam….but I am TOTALLY with you as wishing FB had a real person!!! You can soooooo go round and round….drive you NUTS. Will only pay notice to the new pic Andrea!! Happy smiles and luvin to you!! ooxx
    – Very thankful for help from friends in sorting the problem. And … glad that the fake is now gone! Thanks for being here again for me! 😀 (kisses & hugs) xxxxx


  3. Sandra says:

    Hi Andrea!

    It’s so good to finally get a bit of time to blog surf again 🙂 I don’t have facebook but best of luck getting it all fixed. I wonder what these people get from hacking others accounts? They must have too much spare time on their hands!

    Madeline’s owl is just too cute! I would love to see a santa version or maybe even a snowman….not that would be cool!

    Take care,

    P.S. I love your new blog look! Very pretty
    – I am a very infrequent Facebook user … perhaps that is why I was such a good target for hacking??? Perhaps they thought I wouldn’t notice??? But … they made the mistake of trying to befriend my friends … who picked it up straight away. Thanks for your concern. And thanks for noticing the new blog look. Hugs xx PS trying to get to blog hopping … hopefully over the weekend!


  4. Gabbi says:

    That owl is amazing! Too cute, & looks like alot of work 🙂

    I don’t have a facebook account, and so understand very little about what you were talking about – but I do understand your shock, frustration & how annoyed you must be for some twit to try and hack your account !!! I do hope it gets sorted soon!

    I hope you are enjoying your holidays!

    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous owl!

    ♥ Gabbi & hearts;
    – Most of the hols so far have been “working” … streamlining seems to take lots of time to set up … but in the long run it will be great! (Just bad timing with hols this week!) But … I am trying to have some downtime too! Hope yours is fun! The owl is really actually quite simple to make … it just looks tricky! Hugs xx


  5. Gabbi says:

    I give up on the hearts!!! – I re-read the comment twice to pick up any typos!!
    – Oh … don’t give up … I love them! Hugs xx


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