Hi bloggies!

I have been trying to get a post up this morning … but my internet is mucking up … and I can’t seem to get photos to load. I will keep working on it … and hopefully it will be here soon! I wanted to let you know too … that Facebook has removed the FAKE Andrea … so hopefully that prob is now all sorted. And … MOST ANNOYINGLY … we have run out of internet downloads 5 days before our month ends so we are making do with Shane’s prepaid card! (Very limited!) 😦 😦 So … I am sorry … I would like to be sharing something creative … but just can’t get it working at the moment. Still lots of work to do … so I may as well go and be productive somewhere else! See you soon! Hugs xx


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  1. Gabbi says:

    So glad that Facebook has sorted out the mess – hope no long-term damage was done!
    Hope your day gets better – it does sound frustrating!
    Enjoy the sunshine between the gusts of wind! I do hope you get some things done off your “to do” list before the weekend kicks in.
    – I see there are no ♥ !! 😦 But … get that it is annoying to get it right! I am just OCD … impatient to get things in order … systems working … and me understanding what needs to be done! I need to be more patient with myself, I think? 🙄 Definitely plan to have the LONG weekend OFF! 😀 Hugs xx


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