More “P-INK4U!”

Hi bloggies!

SATURDAY MORNING: THIS IS THE POST I WAS TRYING TO GET UP ALL DAY YESTERDAY! MY INTERNET WAS BUGGING ME BIG TIME! Every time I tried to upload a photo the loading stopped halfway with an error message. “IO error”. I got up early to beat the internet congestion, this morning … but 2 1/2 hours later I was still tearing my hair out! If anyone with a WordPress blog can help … I would appreciate it. I have reinstalled the Adobe Flash Driver … I have cleared my cache & cookies … I have done a virus scan … I have rebooted the computer … I have switched off the modem. I have tried everything the support forum has suggested! 

Started Friday Morning: Well … clearly I didn’t get back yesterday with a card … so I am going to give you TWO today!!! Yay! 😉 The first is an INKspiration challenge from INK4U! using this pic. Isn’t it a sweetie!

Added Saturday: So … I kinda took this pic a little too literally!!! And INKspiration challenge … could mean all you use is the colours or some single element (like dots) … but I went for the literal interpretation! It is great to see what the girls are doing with this challenge over at INK4U!

My second card today is a sketch challenge … and I did have fun creating these! Next session Madeline is doing the challenges … so they can all be created with MDS for those who are in the US. But … that is okay! It means I can prepare a project tutorial … and I already have an idea in my little head!

Another pink one … sorry Lynda! 😉 But … these were made at different times … I just happen to be uploading them together! I have included card recipes for both of these cards at the end of this post … hope you are enjoying my challenge creations.

Well … THIS POST HAS JUST TAKEN ME 3 HOURS AND 20  MINS TO POST!!! And … I still don’t think the problem is fixed!!! it is the Labour Day long weekend this weekend … and the boys are all out on their motorbikes this morning. I am going to pick up mum to come up here for lunch … and then this arvo the kids & Gav want to go to “Hang Dog Rock Climbing”. I want to go with them … but … I am also hoping to find some time to stamp!!??? I do need to clean up my craft room first! It has been over-run with bookwork lately. No room for stamping at the moment!!! So … I will see you again … hhhhmmm … not sure when!!! It depends on this stupid upload prob!!! Please forgive me if I am MIA … you can imagine the tears & frustration if it continues to happen. After my Facebook probs this week … I am so TOTALLY OVER internet issues!!! 😯 Hope you all have a nice weekend. I am going to make myself a coffee now … to help de-stress!!! 😉 (I am fine … truly!)  Hugs xx



  1. Gabbi says:

    LOVE the PINK! Especially the bling on the first, and the ribbon on the second!
    These are so pretty! Great baby cards!
    Sorry to hear your internet is giving you grief – so frustrating!
    Hope you enjoy your long weekend & find some time to play!
    Thanks for sharing,
    ♥ Gabbi ♥
    – I am very grumpy about my internet!!! I just didn’t feel like fighting with it this morning. And … I don’t even know if I have fixed the prob! Thnx for the sweet comments! Hugs xx


  2. Lynda says:

    Ok Andrea….besides the obvious….hee hee hee….I love both of thse card hunni!!!!! Esp the attention to the smallest details!!! On the 1st card…..1/2 pearls on bambi’s butt, the chunki glitter and subtle hearts stamped in the background!! LURVE the ribbon whispering on the 2nd card and the tulip frame. So well done darl!!
    Gunna bunker down for the AFL footy now. Take care of u!! ooxx
    – As always you notice the tiny details! Hope you enjoyed Geelong’s win??? We were at Hangdog … so missed it all. Got home in time for the presentation. But … the kids had a fabbo fun time … and I think Gav will be paying for it for the next few days. He is far too competitive for an old guy!!! 😉 Hugs xx


  3. Kim S says:

    I would NOT survive your Internet headaches…blogging, reading blogs and commenting has become such an important part of my day.

    The cards, as usual, are fabulous. I particularly love the mass of pink flowers!
    – Was over on your blog last night … but very frustrated because I couldn’t get the comments to load. Kinda ironic … cos I was reading about how to solve the prob on your blog!!! But … I actually think it was my internet … not your blog that was the prob! 😀 Thanks for popping by! Hugs xx


  4. Monika/buzsy says:

    Oh, these are so pretty Andrea. Especially love the sweet deer with the pearls. Just perfect. Internet, and computer… it’s a hate and love relationship… isn’t it?
    – Definitely a LOVE/HATE relationship, Monika. More hate than love lately! Thanks for popping by to brighten my day! 🙂 Hugsxx


  5. Melissa says:

    These cards are gorgeous, loving that deer, its far too cute for words, will have to put that in the memory bank lol. Great job.
    – Hey Melissa! It is so nice of you to pop by and leave some blog love! I have been a little lonely of late! Thanks for the encouragement! Hugs xx


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