Something amazing ….

Hi bloggies!

I managed to get a little blog hopping done last night … and look what I happened upon …..

Can you believe this!!! I hadn’t seen these before … but they are the newest range for SU! in the US!!! I imagine it may be some time before these are available in Australia … (if ever)! 🙄 Sometimes I wonder why I blog hop in the US!??? I get so envious of the goodies they have access to! 😉 I found this promo on Kelly’s blog … but I am sure it will be appearing on a lot of US blogs soon! Anyway … time for a card …

So … this was a card created from one of the tutorial ideas from INKspirations 4U! Early Fall session. This funky dude was created by Kim Score … who is just a star when it comes to punch art! I did have fun putting him together. Kim had done a Halloween themed project … but I changed the colours and made mine into a Twilight theme … with “Edward” as the star! 😀 Here is another of the sweet little boxes we also learnt how to make … this time my friend Sonia was the creator.

This was such a Q&E box … and is a great size for just a few choccies. I love the twisted ends. Once I got the hang of them … they were quite easy to do. Well … look what arrived in my driveway last night!!! …

Andrea's Car

We have finally managed to downsize from 3 cars to 2 … and smaller & more economical than my previous V8 Commodore SS wagon. We just had to find a way to cut our car costs … running 3 cars was such a strain on the budget!!! Now that Shane has his own little Barina … we were able to trade our Forrester & SS for this little beauty! Yes … it is MINE … but with 4 drivers sharing 2 cars (Sheree, Skye, Gav & I sharing Gav’s Swift & my new Mazda 3 SP25) … I imagine I won’t have access to it too often!!! 😦 But … I do feel very blessed with such a lovely new car! Sis … was planning to drop by this arvo when Gav gets home from work to show you! Yes … it has disappeared down my driveway already today!!! 😀 Anyway … off to work I go! (Isn’t it nice I don’t even have to move desks to do this!!!) See you all again soon!

PS: Uploads still causing me grief! I am going grey by the minute! Hugs xx

PPS: I know that this is unusual to add to a craft blog … but … I just had to mention the fantastic service that we received at Dwyers Mazda (Wollongong). Seriously … this is the best experience we have ever had at buying a new car (and we have bought a few over the years!) We cannot fault their professional, friendly, helpful and positive approach. They weren’t pushy. They weren’t “sleezy”. They didn’t once inquire what other dealers would do for us … they just did their BEST deal … and gave their BEST service & advice. Very customer focussed and the experience was such a pleasant one. Jaime-lea (our sales person) was such a delight to deal with … the smallest detail wasn’t overlooked. We would definitely recommend Dwyers if you are thinking of a new car! You should see their BEAUTIFUL showroom! 🙂 



  1. Lynda says:

    I so love ur “Team Edward” effort Andrea!!! I hope I wrote the right side….given that I have not read any of the books or seen any of the movies!!!! This wee drac-man is gunna get done and re-done me thingst!!! Perfect for boys cards.
    I saw the cookie stamps on Dawn Griffith’s blog and was left scratching my noggin!!! What will they think of next huh??
    Woot Woot on the flash new wheels darl’n…sassy gal in rockin’ red wheels!!! (when u do get behind the wheel that is…hee hee hee) So glad you had a brilliant exp with the dealership. Not always the way. Drive safe.BTW…is the car’s shade RHR or real red…don’t look like Cobbler…hee hee hee) ooxx
    – Definitely NOT Real Red … and not quite as deep as Cherry Cobbler … but sort of in between. I am not a red fan … but I actually quite like this red … it is not TOO bright! 😀 Thanks for your lovely comments … and yes … “Team Edward” is the correct lingo. I am between “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob”. I like the romantic nature of Edward … but I like the body and looks of Jacob! (Very shallow … aren’t I!?) Cookie stamps … like you … I wonder what will they think of next!!! Definitely a new direction for SU! Hugs xx


  2. Loving the punch art, and the little box, how cute.

    Oh gosh, i had to laugh as i too have just traded my car in for a new one, i have gone from a real cool bright yellow Mazda SP20, to a even cooler(and much much newer) Mazda 6 sports, i had to trade up as i needed a bit more room, with the teenagers getting too big for the old one
    – What a coincidence, Sharna … and I got a giggle out of it too! We had a look at the “6” … but because we wanted “fuel economy” … being we live no where near public transport … so we are running up huge K’s … we ended up going for the “3”! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Monika/buzsy says:

    What a handsome vamp guy! Love it Andrea. You used such great colors… also love the trees in the background… just perfect. Enjoy your new car. :o)
    – I am definitely enjoying my new car … when I can get my hands on it! I am not such a great “dracula” fan … but this guy is kinda cute … isn’t he! Hugs xx


  4. Gabbi says:

    Love your gorgeous box – this would suit so many things, just beautiful! … , and your snazzy new car! How special! Hope you are enjoying driving in style!
    Thanks for sharing!
    – It is just the sweetest little box! Great for Q&E … and for those little “thank you” gifts! I am soooooo loving the new car! Hugs xxaxx


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