Christmas Pearls

Hello bloggies!

Well … for some reason my photos have decided to start loading. Yes … the upload is still as slow as a dinosaur … but … it is happening! So … I will hold my breath and hope that it continues to behave! I took a little time out yesterday afternoon to do some stamping and managed ONE card!!! It was one of “those” days … with lots of interruptions! But … I somehow seem to manage to squeeze in a little stamping … even in the busiest of times! The latest Simply Stampin’ Challenge #27 is “Swirls & Pearls”! What a great theme combo … I decided it was time to start on my Christmas cards …

So … the SWIRLS — Elegant Lines Dry Embossing & the PEARLS — are in the centre of the snowflakes. I did enjoy getting inky yesterday. In fact … with my work up to date … I might even do some more today!! 🙂

I am off to a 50th birthday party tonight. It feels a little sad that I am being invited to 50th parties — I got a 2nd invite in the mail this week for another! 😯 Funny … but I don’t feel that old!!! 😀 (FYI … I don’t turn 50 until next year!) See you all again soon! Hugs xx



  1. lisa808 says:

    Andrea, what a ‘stand-out’ card! Love the white embossed snowflakes on the green background.
    – Thanks Lisa! It was nice to do something for Christmas! I am looking forward to the INK4U! Chrissy session. Hugs xx


  2. Denise M. says:

    Ooooooooh how I love dark green and white cards!… rich looking!…especially with all the texture you added. Hope you enjoy your party!
    – Yes! I was imagining this one done in Cherry Cobbler & Night of Navy … as well. Might have to try them too! Hugs xxaxx


  3. Lynda says:

    Wow…what a GORJUS Chrissy card darl (insert jealous hmmmppfff…as I am still to even look sideways at anything festive!!) It’s as if the Elegant Lines are releasing the snowflakes and letting them fall gentley. I love it. Monochrome is so magical. Just lovely.
    Have fun at the party and embrace all that is 7 squared +1 (ie 50 for those mathematically challenged!!) Apparently 50 is the new 40…so u have the opp to relive the past decade, but with more style, flair and maturity (….yeah right!!) ooxx
    – Thanks for trying to make me feel okay about the 50 thing … I don’t think anything you can say will help, though! So … I am not going to think about it … I have another 5 mths before I have to do so! I am a little panicky about my Chrissy cards. I have a BIG LIST … and only 3 done! Usually … by this time I have done a few classes or stamp-a-stacks … and have a pile starting to build. Oh dear! I better get a move on! 😉 Hugs xx


  4. Kim S says:

    I knew we had a connection…I’m 50 next year also!!!

    I just love the mix of textures and shapes on this card…even in basic greens, it is so very festive!!
    – Well …. that has made my day, Kim!!! I feel so much better about it now! (Lynda couldn’t say the same … she is a baby … but it is nice to know I am in good company!) Hugs xx


    1. Lynda says:

      Pfffftttttt……waaaaa….waaaa….WAAAAAAAA….. I am SUCH a baby!!!!!! I’d like to point out however Miss Granny Andrea…that at least for the next 5 mths…we share the same decade!!!! We share the same gravitational pull on our body parts and skin…I refuse to feel old/demented.slow or saggy. Whilst the previous may provide an accurate description of some of me…it is NOT me inside!!! Theres a thought fot your day…tee hee hee!!! ooxx (I now have to wipe the drool off my mouth with my bib!!!!
      – LOL … you are a giggle, Lynda! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today! Funny how we feel so much younger on the inside … isn’t it! Hugs xx


  5. Melissa says:

    Wow, this looks fabbo, love the green, its something quite different, very festive.
    – Thanks Melissa! And … thanks for all the recent blog love! Hugs xx


  6. Gabbi says:

    I love this – it is so pretty!
    The snowflakes are just beautiful! What a beautiful Christmas card!
    Thanks for sharing, -Gabbi
    – It is nice to get a start on my Christmas cards … thanks Gabbi! Hugs xx


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