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Hello bloggies!

I am in a hurry (when am I not???) So … gotta make this quick! Another sketch challenge for INK4U! fall edition (that ends today!) Check the INK4U! Christmas 2011 post to check out the winners of the free passes and to see the lovely projects my blog friends shared with me!

So … a pretty white card. I do so love to do these CAS cards … and find them very much my “style”. Sometimes I wonder what my style is … cos I seem to dabble in everything … but CAS is definitely on the top of the list!


Well … it was the last day of school holidays today … and I was keen to do something with Sandy (some mum/son time) before he went back to school for the last term of his first year at high school. I treasure this time … because I know that soon it won’t be cool to spend time with mum. He and I went to the movies to see “Real Steel”. No! Not my favourite movie genre … but I knew Sandy would love it … and he was keen to see it. I have to admit … it was REALLY good! I am sooooo not a boxing fan … but I think because it was robots … I managed to cope with the fight scenes quite okay! And … it was such a lovely story … and … of course … with Hugh Jackman … I knew it would be a winner!!! 😉 Sandy really enjoyed it … and I am so thankful to have had that time with him.

Well … off to feed the boys pizza! Yes … Bathurst party at our place tonight. Gav always tapes the race … and watches it with friends on the Monday afternoon/evenings. He tries to avoid every news item during the whole of Monday … so he doesn’t find out the winner! Success today! 😀 See you all again soon! Hugs xx


  1. Kim S says:

    Once again, you have inspired me! I love the subtle colors on the embossing and the bling on the sentiment really makes it stand out. And…you have given me something to do with my youngest who is home on fall break for 2 weeks…Real Steel, really?
    – Real Steel??? Absolutely! I even shed a tear!!! 😀 (Ssshh … don’t tell Sandy!) I have to admit that I did enjoy it. And Sandy (13yrs) thought it was ‘GREAT’! I am so glad to help out with an idea for an outing. Hugs xx


  2. Lynda says:

    I do like so much abt this card Andrea. Your mojo is firing so v v fluidly (if that makes any sense???)
    Ooooo Hunky Hugh…and of course the Robots….yummo (the Hugh part!!). We did Spy Kids 4D…good fun…so nice to have time with the kids…..ain’t it?? ooxx
    – Yes … it is nice to take that “time out” for some quality mum/kid time~! I did enjoy! And … totally enjoyed the movie! And … yes … Hugh took his shirt off … and I remember thinking … “of course … they had to have a scene where Hugh takes his shirt off!” hugs xxx


  3. Jen W. says:

    Wow! I love how you inked over that embossed image – it gives it such a pretty, soft look.
    And I didn’t realise how much I missed hearing about your gang! Glad you got some good time with Sandy. 🙂
    – Thanks for being interested! I often wonder if I rabbit on too much! Hugs xx


  4. chrissieah says:

    This is my kind of card too! Love it! Wonder if 17 yr old would like to go see a movie with his old mum, just the two of us! ….. doubt it, so enjoy it while Sandy is still young!
    – Yep! I am treasuring every minute! Thanks for popping by! Hugs xx


  5. Helen H says:

    This card is beautiful Andrea, so soft & delicate. I don’t have this EF, but you are making it very tempting! 🙂
    Well, I would love to stay & admire some more of your work, but I better go do some stuff. Have a great week. Hugs Helen xo
    – Well … a marathon replying to 13 of your comments left here today! But … thanks soooooooo much … because I just LOVE getting responses to my posts! You are a hunny! Hugs xx


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