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Hello bloggies!

I am starting my Christmas cards sooooo late … that I am beginning to think that I am going to have to steal all my designs from my fav blog friends to make the process a little quicker. This is one that I made a week or so ago … on our stamping day (after Jenny left to go home!) I was keen to do something more than the one card we achieved that day … but with very little time left that afternoon … I went scrolling for some inspiration. This card is almost a direct CASE from Amanda Reddicliffe.

This is a different stamp … and I have added a layer of card & a sponged edge … but basically it is just the same as Amanda’s! The snowflakes are embossed using white embossing powder. Don’t be afraid to heat emboss … it really is a quick technique … and sooooo effective! This one came together really quickly. (It helps when you don’t have to think too much!)

I am sorry I didn’t get here yesterday! After a day out at my m-i-l’s with Stace & Bree … I came home feeling like this little “cold” that I have was beginning to freshen up … and I was feeling a little miserable & self indulgent! So … instead of blogging … I lay down on the lounge and watched the 2 hr final of the Renovators (I had taped it when I was out on Thurs night) … and then the 2 hr episode of SYTYCD (US). I just couldn’t get myself off that lounge! The 3 youngest kids went out to the movies … so Gav, Shane (who was doing uni assignments) & I fossicked in the freezer and found 3 “left over” meals … and so I didn’t even get up to make dinner. Even though this is very out of character for me … I did enjoy being totally lazy for an afternoon/evening. 😀 😉

Well … Gav & I are off tomorrow to use the gift voucher that Stacey & Jono gave me for my birthday / mother’s day pressie! It is a 2 night stay at a nice little resort on the Hawkesbury River. A perfect escape … at a perfect time! I won’t be back here until Tuesday night … but am hoping to do a couple of scheduled posts for while I am away! See you all soon! Please pop back over the weekend to check for those posts! Hugs xx



  1. Lynda says:

    Sweetie…if ur late with ur Chrissy cards….then what the heck am I???? I have 3 in the bag…and I started Thurs….LOL!!!!
    This is so pretty. I guess we shd all heat emboss a wee more, but by the time I organise my powder, heat gun, versa and all…..pfffft….LOL!!!
    I love the white sponging….gives such a frosty feel. You have done such a brilliant job as always hunni. I note the ribbon whisperer has been at it again too….LOL!!!
    Have a ball on ur mini break. R n R all the way (and NOT Rock n Roll…hee hee hee). I am SUCH a massice SYTYCD fan. Drive J nuts…LOL…but the dancing is sooooooo goood. Have fun. ooxx
    – Thanks Lynda … It was so relaxing … and such an escape from reality and responsibility! 😀 I wish it was longer … but am very grateful for the time we did have! Hugs xx


  2. Monika/buzsy says:

    So pretty Andrea. Love the white embossing… that ribbon is lovely! The sponging looks great!
    – Thanks Monika! Always a compliment coming from you! 😀 Thanks for popping by! Hugs xx


  3. Jen W. says:

    Gorgeous! I love those snowflakes and that big, fabulous bow! I cannot wait for my white embossing powder to arrive – I had no idea how much I’d miss it.

    Lazy sofa days are good for the soul – we all need one once in a while! 🙂

    Hope you two lovebirds have a wonderful weekend! 😉
    – Well … that last comment made me smile! Yes … we did have a wonderful time … even though we both forgot to pack our swimmers and it was nice enough for swimming! 🙄 I guess it has taken so long for spring to arrive … and it has been so cool and miserable at home over the last week … that it didn’t even occur to me to pack swimmers! 😦 But … it was a lovely relax and a wonderful escape! Hugs xx


  4. Melissa says:

    ohh noice, and love the embossed snowflakes, they are just gorgeous.
    – Yes … embossing always gives such a professional look … doesn’t it! Hugs xx


  5. Jenny M says:

    Just love this colour combo for Christmas time and that bow is amazing 🙂
    Jenny x
    – Hi Jenny! It is so nice to see you again! Thanks for popping by! Hugs xx


  6. Gabbi says:

    I love everything about this card – and can imagine it in so many difference colours. It is just so pretty – especially that gorgeous bow!
    I hope you had a relaxing time away – sounds like a great place to holiday!
    Thanks for sharing, -Gabbi ♥
    – It was lovely, Gabbi … but you do feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. I imagine in summer it is pretty busy … because all along the river there is van park after van park … with boat ramps for the water ski enthusiastis! Thanks for popping by! Hugs xx


    1. Gabbi says:

      ‘difference’ should read different … you know what I meant!
      – LOL … thanks Gabbi! I am good at reading mistypes! 😉 😀 Hugs xx


  7. Helen H says:

    Love it! Marina is a beautiful blue & looks fab with the white embossed snowflakes & that gorgeous big bow. Hope you enjoyed your “lazy” day. 🙂
    – Must do some big bows more often! Everyone seems to like it!!! 😀 Hugs xx


  8. Amanda R says:

    Such a cool CASE Andrea! I’m just about to get started on some new designs for Christmas, but this one is certainly my fave fall-to design! 😀
    – I’m glad you like it Amanda! After all … the inspiration was from YOU! 😀 Can’t wait to check out your new designs. (Once I catch up on my computer work … after the nasty crash!) Hugs xx


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