A busy weekend!

Hi there bloggies!

Did you miss me over the weekend? I just wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments. It was nice to pop in here this morning and find so much blog love left for me. It always brings a happy smile to my face! 😀 It WAS a busy weekend. We spent most of Saturday out at Appin … at the paintball place. The kids and Gav were part of a group of 18 that joined in the fun. (Not my idea of fun … but they all loved it!) I was there to mind Bree … along with Sandy who was too young to join in. (You have to be 16!) It was a hot dusty day … but Bree was an angel for the most part. She was a tad hungry at one point and refused to take the bottle Stace had left for her … so we had to wait until the game was finished before Stace could come and feed her, herself. You should see the bruises all the kids came home with! (Esp the boys!) Then … yesterday was Bree’s baptism at church … and we had a crowd back here to our place for lunch afterwards. It was so lovely to catch up with Jono’s family and spend some relaxing time sitting outside in the beautiful spring afternoon breeze. Well … I will stop rabbiting … before I bore you to tears!

INK4U! I#1 Xmas11 picToday’s card is for an INKspiration challenge over at INK4U! It was quite delicious! So many ideas … but I went pretty “literal” … with colours, snowflakes & a Christmas tree! Here is my card …

All the details for the sponging etc are on my card recipe. I was a bit heavy handed with my new “Vanilla Shimmer Smooch Spritz” … but I am sure with a little practice this will be one of my new best friends! 😉 I do love it! Sorry … I am going to fly now … cos this has taken a couple of hours with 2 phone calls in between so I had better keep moving. Thanks again for your lovely comments … I am off to reply to those now … and then I had better put my head down and do some “real work”! Hugs xx


  1. Gabbi says:

    I’m hearing you … life is busy & will probably get busier before Christmas!
    Glad to hear you had a great weekend – and were able celebrate baby Bree’s baptism – what a special time!
    Love the colours on this card – another gorgeous design!
    Thnaks for sharing and have a great week!
    -Gabbi & hearts;
    – Hi Gabbi! We had a lovely time … and it was nice to share it with family and friends! Bree is such a delight … and we are so blessed in so many ways. Hugs xx


  2. Lee-Anne says:

    Hey lovely lady….so, so sorry for the long long time between comments. I have a few things to share, but will call you sometime to have a chat, it’s been too long. I’m off to spend nine days with my sister on Wednesday, so will try to call when I get back.

    I so hope you are doing okay, it was lovely to see this post and glimpse your gorgeous family once again. Baptism’s are just so wonderful and precious and I hope it was a wonderful, blessed day for you all.

    Your card is lovely, love the colours and the clever background. Love the spritz too 🙂 I am way behind in christmas cards and am even thinking of giving handmade ones a miss this year. I know, that’s terrible, isn’t it?

    Well, you take care…thanks for the beautiful inspiration as always.

    Love and hugs
    – Was just thinking about you last night … and was planning to text today! Hope you enjoy the time with your sister … I know how much you miss her. And … her little angels. I think … if hand made cards are not possible … then don’t beat yourself up. It is the thought that counts … after all! Take care … and keep in touch! Hugs xx


  3. Kim S says:

    I absolutely love your card. Shockingly…I have never purchased Snow Swirled but you might have pushed me over the edge!

    I almost didn’t get to the card as I was so admiring your family photo! What a lovely group!
    – Yes, Kim! I am soooooooooo blessed with a wonderful family! Thanks for taking a moment to enjoy them with me! Hugs xx


  4. Lynda says:

    Firstly, thanks so v v much for sharing the GORJUS family pic of your family with us. What a wonderful memory. So many happy, beaming faces. Mind you…with a cutie like Bree around…be hard not to beam!!!
    I do like this card a lot. Still maintain that you are v v similar to Chrissy with her passion for blues….given some of ur last posts!!!
    I have had a concept for this card bouncing around in my brain, but with all going on here….time is so v v sparse. Your challenge cards are very inspirational. ooxx
    – I should have included a photo of mum … so you can see how much better she is doing. I do seem to be doing a lot of blue lately … which is surprising … because I am soooo NOT a blue girl! Hugs xx


  5. Helen H says:

    Love your literal take on the challenge Andrea. The sahara section gives great depth to the image & the smooch sheen is veeery pretty!
    Great family shot. 🙂
    – I do love the Glossy Card for sponging colour onto! Always give a beautiful finish. Hugs xx


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