Computer Probs … again!

I needed to take a moment to let you know … my computer may be offline on Monday / Tuesday. My hard drive is being replaced … and it will take some time to re-load all that needs to be re-loaded. Please bear with me … I will be back asap.

Please take the time to comment on my BIG MILESTONE: “Thanks SO MUCH” post … from yesterday … and scroll down below this post to view today’s card using a brand new stamp set! I love it! 😉 Hugs xx



  1. Hope you get it sorted soon and it STAYS sorted – gotta love computer problems!
    – I do hope it won’t be a long “downtime”. But … I do need my dh’s help to get it running again. So … it all depends on him being busy! Hugs xx


  2. Helen H says:

    Grrrr! How annoying. Both my lappy & our desktop died a couple of months ago – it’s very frustrating having no computer at all! Hope it’s sorted & you’re good to go soon. 🙂
    – I always fell lost without my computer … but it might mean some time to stamp??? Oooh! Now there’s a pleasant thought! Hugs xx


  3. Lynda says:

    AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH. I feel ur frustration. However, I hope this brief stint to the computer repairer will ease ur frustrations. Sending u happy thoughts. Think of all the extra time you’ll have to ink up!!! ooxx
    – Hoping to get a scheduled post done for Mon & Tue … but with all the family here today … not sure it will happen! Hopefully I won’t lose too much important info in the changeover, either!? Hugs xx


  4. Gabbi says:

    Sorry to hear that your computer is giving you grief!! How frustrating! Hope all is well again soon!!
    – I am sad to say … 2 weeks of computer work for Gav has gone missing in the change over!!!!!! So … that will take a little time to catch up! Obviously our intermittent internet is responsible for backups not working as they should! Rather frustrating! Hugs xx


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