Helloooooo … are you still there?????

Hello bloggies! … I am FINALLY back! 😀

Computer update … feel free to skip this bit! 🙂

Well … it has been a more than frustrating week! My computer is running again … BUT … there are still lots of things to “tweak”. The events in my calendar had been bumped back 5 hours & when Gav tried to restore … I lost EVERYTHING in  my calendar! I have lost all my internet bookmarks … my extra fonts have disappeared. I don’t have access to any of my past emails! I have lost all my regular task reminders. For a while I didn’t have access to the hard drive where (thankfully) all my photos had been stored (just in case!) I lost 2 1/2 weeks of Gav’s bookwork … and spent about 10 hours just re-entering all those records … and still have a pile of work on my desk … that I haven’t been able to touch in the last week! You can imagine my SAD FACE!!! 😦 😦 Being an organised kinda person … this was really testing my patience. Gav has spent hours trying to get things working again. (I can’t complain … he has been so determined & diligent – 5 nights til after midnight and then more hours on Saturday!) But … finally we are getting there! I felt so sorry for Gav … so many hours & so much frustration! I was trying really hard to be patient … so as not to put any pressure on him!

I did manage to do some stamping during my “try to distract yourself” crafting time! I got 3 challenges done … only to miss the deadlines because I couldn’t blog them! I also did a CASE of a gorgeous card … made by Maureen Merritt! (One of my blog favs!)

As much as I LURVE this new “Precious Butterflies” stamp set … I think perhaps it is not the best choice for this design. The butterflies kinda got a little “lost”. Maureen used a leaf stamp … and it was much more striking! But … even so … I kinda like this one … so I thought I would share it! You can see … more seam binding! I am so addicted to this ribbon at the moment! Love it! 🙂

Well … I really need to get going. I have so much to do after my computer crash! It will take a little while to set up my calendar again … re-find my bookmarks (yes … I can’t blog hop until I sit down and try to remember all my blog friends!!!) 😦 AND … I do have a heap of bookwork to catch up on! So … I know you will all understand if blurfing doesn’t happen for a few days yet! Take care … everyone! And … thanks for being so patient! Hugs xx

PS: Sorry the photos are a little dark! At least I didn’t lose all my photos! 🙂



  1. Kim S says:

    Do you realize that even in the midst of this disaster, you still write with lots of “!!!!!!”? It’s great to see you back!
    – LOL! You know me tooooo well, Kim!!!!!! Hugs xx


  2. bronheslop says:

    Welcome back, beautiful! After we moved house, we were 10 days without landline AND Internet… it sucked! So I SOOOOO feel your pain! Hope you get it all sorted pronto, babe. And thanks for sharing all your beautiful creations in the meantime. Hugs and BIG blessings, Bron xxoxoxxoooxxo
    Hi Bron! It is so nice to have you pop by! And … nice to know … that you have felt the frustration. Hugs xx


  3. Helen H says:

    How frustrating for both yourself & Gav. Hope he’s got it sorted for you now & you can get re-organised. Lucky those photos were safe!!!!!
    Brilliant card Andrea – the colours are stunning! There’s been no stamping here for a few days & you are making my fingers itchy!! 🙂
    – Nice to know I am encouraging stamping … hope you treat that itch … in the only way that will satisfy! Thanks for popping by again. I will be blog hopping again … once I have put my list together. It is taking a little time … because my memory is so bad!!! Hugs xx


  4. Lynda says:

    So good to see you back darl’n. Living under the same roof as a computer geek….I did have more than a wee giggle at the pic you have, but prob for a whole lotta diff reasons…LOL!!!
    I must need my eyes tested, because when I first saw the central image, I saw a geranium leaf (like DER what set has that) and took me a couple of looks to get the b’flies!! Not really looked at the alphabet block, but it does give a wonderful crisp image….doesn’t it??
    Fingers crossed that there are smooth technological highways ahead for you. Take care. ooxx
    LOL … Had to laugh (as per usual) at your comment. Gav is a wonderful computer geek for a pharmacist!!!! (That was not sarcastic … it is just his knowledge is from trial and error … and that tends to be rather limited.) I’m glad I told you this was a butterfly image … It is a lovely image … but did get a bit lost! My backups are still NOT WORKING (which is why I lost so much work) … but Gav is working on that problem My printer has just “carked it” as well! But … sigh … I am sad to say … I am getting used to this! (Saturday was a nightmare!) Hugs xx


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