Hi Bloggies!

Do you ever have one of those days where you sit and sit in your craft corner … and just can’t think of anything to do??? If ever I get to that point … I like to open my ‘to CASE’ file and find something to inspire me. But … another great resource is the SU! Idea Book (& catalogue). Which is exactly where I found the inspiration for this card.

Yeah … okay … it wasn’t just inspiration … it is a TOTAL CASE!!! 😉 I actually flipped through the IB&C and found heaps of cards that I want to CASE. Plenty of future projects there! Between my ‘to CASE’ file … and the IB&C … I won’t be stuck in forever! So … this was my first inking of my Triple Treat Flower stamp! Isn’t it a sweetie! And … I would never have thought to put these colours together … another advantage of CASE-ing … you discover new ideas! Well … off to do some bookwork … and watch the 1st season of 7th Heaven. Yeah … I know … corny! But … I actually think it is a great parenting manual! If  only others realised the good stuff that is in these series. I have never seen the early seasons … and my bestie has lent them to me to watch! C U again soon! Hugs xx



  1. Lynda says:

    This is so v v sweet Andrea. I had to laff abt you CASE comment….I am fm the opp end…I CASE most everything and not much is original…LOL!!! This card has a wonderful innocence about it. So purdy too. ooxx
    – Isn’t it a sweetie! I was amazed how lovely these colours were together! Don’t feel bad about CASE-ing! Even the most professional stampers do it from time to time! Hugs xx


  2. Helen H says:

    Yes, definitely lots of CASE-worthy material in the IB&C AND definitely lots here on your site too Andrea! Your work is always inspirational! This is one sweet little card. 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed your series – can’t say I’ve heard of that one – might need to chase it up. Hugs 🙂
    – What a beautiful comment, Helen! (The cheque is in the mail!!!) 😀 😀 😀 I did enjoy ‘listening to’ my dvd! When I am working … it is just nice to have the “company” … even if I am not paying too close attention to the TV. Hugs xx


  3. Donna says:

    hi Andrea we so often forget to use the IB&C for ideas and casing….it is such a valuable resource for workshops…..I loved your take on 7th Heaven I myself am a Walton’s girl and found myself disagreeing with John sr. until John Boy helped hiom understand his mistake….LOVED it and cried of course. Have a good day…it feels like spring here today…must be the last dance for us until May!!!!! Hugs~Donna
    – Oh … what a ‘blast from the past’ … the Waltons! We used to watch it when we were kids. My mum has a DVD with several episodes … but my kids thought it was really corny! They tolerate “7th Heaven” … and do agree that there are lots of moments when the parenting advice is very well done. But … it wouldn’t be their ‘go to’ DVD series! Hugs xx


  4. Cute card. Must have a closer look at the IB&C. I like 7th Heaven but loved the Waltons. They showed the entire series one year when I was on uni hols (yes, a long time ago lol). Have one of the dvds. Have watched quite a lot of the old 7th Heavens too. Enjoy!
    – Hi Fi! When do you leave for Hawaii??? Must be soon??? Have a fabulous time! Hugs xx


  5. Denise M. says:

    Beautiful CASE!
    – Thanks Denise! Thanks for popping by! Hugs xx


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