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Hi bloggies!

I am feeling a little frustrated  … cos I have NOT done any stamping this week. Between computer probs & catching up on lost work I just haven’t had the time! I feel like my life has been so up and down lately! But … hopefully … with 3 kids on uni holidays next week … I might find some down time to do some card  making! It is just as well I have a few cards ‘up my sleeve’ to share with you. This one is another sketch challenge from INK4U!

I wasn’t entirely sure of this one … lacking something … but I can’t put my finger on it??? Just doesn’t seem balanced for some reason. But … I do love the crisp white with the embossed border. I must go blog surfing to check out ideas for this stamp set. I love it … but I struggle a little knowing how to use it!

Well … it is the end of the week … and after another malfunction (my 2 yr old washing machine has seized up) I am beginning to wonder what will go next??? My computer, Gav’s Phone, Tractor (leaking hydraulics), Ride on Mower (stripped something or other), Washing Machine, Shredder, Printer, Kettle … all gone in the last 2 weeks!!! Not only is this super frustrating … it has also ended up super expensive!!! 😦 So … I am looking forward to a relaxing, stress free weekend. Do you think that is at all possible!? See you all again soon! Hugs xx



  1. Lynda says:

    You must have inside info….because I cannot find this sketch up yet….LOL!! I do like it, but perhaps a narrow 2mm sparkling silver border around the stamped image?? That way it would also tie in with the rhinestones. Just spit-ballin’ really….but perhaps may work.
    As for the Lowcock lowdown…wasn’t abt a similar time last year the fridge went on the blink and Gave got the DUCK tape out??? I certainly hope that your luck takes a turn for the best soon. I have everything crossed for you. ooxx MWAH ooxx
    – SSSShhhh … don’t tell anyone … cos I uploaded the wrong card & recipe … and didn’t realise until you pointed it out!! I’m not sure that Maddy is going to post this one … cos she had given it to me as sketch no. 3! I hope I don’t get into trouble for posting this one!!! 😉 Oh well … you have the heads up … in case she does post it! 🙂 Hugs xx


  2. Helen H says:

    Love the crispness of the purples on the white & the sponged aura looks great.
    Goodness Andrea, you have had electrical gremlins!!! Hope for your sanity (& bank balance) that that’s the end of them. 🙂
    – Definitely had gremlins … we just discovered out hard drive set top box (HD) has died, too!!!! Can you believe it??? Hugs xx


  3. Annette says:

    Andrea this card is so pretty. I love the color combination for Christmas!
    – Can’t really go wrong with white as a feature colour!!! Thanks Annette. Will pop by and say hi asap! Hugs xx


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